Monday, 14 March 2011

Looking at the Future, Today.

"Right at the start," he said, "written in huge letters, as it were, was 'Corruption Here', yet no one would accept it, no one would listen, there was this blanket of denial." And because the police refused to accept that there were lies and cover-ups in train, the vital moments passed. It was the arrogance of power, written in huge letters.

No, we’re not here anticipating the future, although we’re confident that in the future something very similar will be written about the McCann Affair.

We are quoting the present. From the article “Daniel Morgan was murdered. Now it seems justice is dead too” by journalist Duncan Campbell from The Observer.

The direct speech are words of Alastair Morgan, brother of slain Daniel, of which we’ve spoken about in the posts National Habits and National Habits II.

But, as you must agree with us, a carbon-copy of that paragraph is completely applicable to the McCann case.

But it’s not the only paragraph from that article that seems to fit like a glove to the Maddie Affair: "The Metropolitan police were silent, evasive, dishonest, arrogant, nonchalant, patronising and insolent towards both myself and my mother as we expressed our profound alarm at what was becoming clear to us." (Alastair Morgan) “(…) For a while the inquiry headquarters was abuzz with optimism and diligence. (…) But over the past two years the case has gradually fallen apart.”

And this one that really hits every single one of us right in the heart: Alastair Morgan remarked laconically on Friday that the only hope now for the murderers to end up in jail would be if one of them "finds God". No investigation of a murder which was bursting with clues and motives should ever need divine intervention.”


  1. LOL!

    A minha 1ª reacção ao sinal de trânsito.......

    Ainda não li o post.

    Hei-de voltar aqui.

    Bem.................. se estiver de acordo com o dito sinal....

  2. So sad ! Poor Morgan Family!

    Terrible,terrible. So unfair.

    Thank You by the post and the links,also.

    How can happen all these with so many people ?

    But only with serious persons............. why ?

    I ask, but i know. We know why.............

  3. Text by post that wrote, I read the articles ... Guardian .
    This article about dead justice had links also.

    And here:

    because the difference:

    " For 19 years Howell lived with what he had done but, eventually, was so tormented by it that he confessed."

    So, when arrive the torment and guilty to the Mcs?

    19 years......... or never ?

    ( with google translator)

  4. As EFEs, as LUSAs............

    so, They say that the daughter might be alive because the police failed to investigate the case?

    Estas agências e similares andam já a " contar " isto.

    So, they finally admitted Maddie is not alive.

    Once more, the guilty is not from them.

    Com que então a justiça portuguesa mandou parar a investigação....!!!!!!

    Que estranho, pois o Marinho Pinto gosta tanto deles e do padrasto e da mãe da J.

    É porque não falaram ao ouvido deste senhor, tão prestimoso.

  5. "No doubt Kate will include in her writings the countless sleepless nights she experiences on a regular basis.

    The lying awake, thinking.

    Doubts, fears? Remorse. Guilt? Perhaps."

  6. This post lifts our spirits because it implies that justice will be done, but also says that in the case of this poor chap, the evidence has been so much eroded that its now impossible to determine th truth.
    This seems what the McCanns seem to want. For the evidence to become faint and undefined. But they're forgetting that it will be something that will turn against them, because when the accusations will start to fly, and there will be clear evidence besides the fact that they're lying, all of them will be considered guilty by the public. They'll accuse one another, and for example, it will do no good for Mrs Fenn to then say she "just" agreed at the time to help some friends out. History will put her in the exact same unsorted bag as all the others. And I'm not saying that about only Mrs Fenn, but about many others, like the 4 hymn singers, Jez Wilkins, Najoua, Gaspars and all others that Textusa and her team have yet to reveal. I still haven't forgotten, Textusa, that you've raised something suspicious about Smith and have not yet explained what. Information is power, and information is now available to all, and all are able to make their own avaliation about what blogs and forums are serious and treat information seriously. Lastly, as a fellow Portuguese, I would like to thank the big effort that some readers of this blog make to write comments here in English. Please do continue because, you, like me, may not write perfect English, but everyone understands your conviction. Sorry for the long comment.

  7. Kate o teu descaramento é tão grande que até envergonhas o Diabo!

    Cada vela que acendes exponencia a probabilidade de teres um lugar bem quentinho no purgatório quando chegar a tua hora. Haverá muito choro e ranger de dentes!

  8. We know how worked the search of the Mccann's since day one. All planned to grab money and reach thousands of Euros/Pounds/Dollars in a short time; before the all public realise they were fool by a pair of liars.
    Now donations are not working anymore, then they went to plan B- the book(another way to fool the curious who did not resist and think that the shameful mother could finnaly confess what happened to her daughter and where she is). Off course, now they will start admitting that Maddie is dead. According to their wishes, by admitting that, this did not damage the sells of their book( the money falling on their pockets) and will leave them some relief from the public, like me, who keep criticising and asking them where and when they really physical searched Madeleine? Because in 4 years I never see them spending a minute looking for her. I believe, the atentive media including their suportive tabloids, will not miss a front page with the pair searching.
    Some people work hard and honestly the all life to be retired as an average pensionist. Others, let their child to disappear and then retire early with luxury, living under donations and under some other strategies well managed by advisers who were dependant of the same system for living, and who think hey are more clever then the majority of the public and could do whatever they want, untouchable and above the law.
    But you can't sleep Mccann's. Some others have tried the same recipe recently in Portugal, and their untouchable life seems not working under he eyes of some judges. Yesterday, the Judge carlos Alexandre, sent all the arguidos from Face Oculta, for Court trial, without erasing a single crime. One of the arguidos is just the best friend of Mr Socrates, a guy who use to live believing that he is untouchable.
    Well done, Mr. Judge. I, as a portuguese, will love to see your eyes revising Madeleine investigation. I really want to understand why they were let to runaway free after all the lies and lack suport they offer during the investigation and... WHY THEY WERE ALLOWED TO SET A FUND AND ASK DONATIONS BASED IN A FRAUD?
    You Mr. Judge, know very well what happened to any honest portuguese family, if they fail to pay their mortgages or the Country and Municipality taxes? In less then a blink, they become exposed to all the comunnity and lost their belongs.
    We are tired of being treated like idiots by who is serving justice in Portugal. The things need to change and Madeleine case was one of the first that need to be reopenned and the responsibles charged.
    We know, there was no abduction, then who spread or help the abduction to be spread, must face justice. AND WHO USE THE IDEA OF MADELEINE ALIVE TO STOLL MONEY FROM THE HONEST PUBLIC, NEED TO BE CHARGED.
    A REGULAR CRIME BECOME HEDIOND OVER THE TIME. Like always, when the things were based in lies and discrediting the work of the police and trained dogs.
    In he middle of the horrendous disaster, Japan is facing, we can see the amazing work done by trainned dogs who are searching bodies and trying to rescue the survivers. You Mccann's must cover your face in shame when you dismiss the work and the reliability of trainned dogs. They are really the best friends when a disaster happened.
    Start admitting your lies and bringing some dignity to your daughter. Her short life deserves respect.

  9. Perhaps one of the group will 'find God' the Lord moves in mysterious way. Ultimately this case will be used as an example by criminologists, body language experts, politicians, people learn from it, as they already have, it will not be able to happen again, such a fraud, such a 'cover up'. On a positive note four years after Madeleine 'vanished' the internet is awash with forums similar to this forum all requesting justice, analysing details, asking for the case to be re-opened. The mccanns have not slipped into obscurity they are very much in focus and once their book is published will be more so.

    If they had got away with it, we would say 'Kate and Gerry who' but everybody has an opinion on this one, it is a gigantic fraud waiting to be exposed.

    4 years may seem like a long time waiting for justice but in terms of time it is nothing, patience is a virtue, they are guilty we know it and they know it, and a considerable amount of 'other people know it for sure' it really is just a matter of time, as the bible says ..all things come to pass.

    Well done Textusa I find your forum one of the best and well put together on the internet, keep up the good work.

  10. Viewing the photograph of Kate lighting the candle, I wondered what the congregation really thought, Kate has overstepped the realms of decency, she could have requested no photographs be published of her lighting the candle, due to the sensitivity of the occasion but she has used this as yet another photo opportunity, photographer tipped off and standing 2 feet away from Kate to 'capture the moment' how posed, how disrepectfull, but where is Gerry!! Kate seems to be on a mission, Kate writing the book, Kate lighting the candle, Kate selling celebrities handbags.
    By the way Kate you remind me of the Portrait of Dorian Grey... you are growing harder looking by the day.

  11. Bom dia. A nice day !

    "Enquêtes criminelles sur l'affaire Maddie
    Le 14/03/2011 à 17:05 par Damien Mercereau (

    Enquêtes criminelles : le magazine des faits divers
    À voir le 16/03/2011 à 20h40 surW9
    Le magazine Enquêtes criminelles consacrera deux documents inédits à l'affaire Maddie le lundi 4 avril à partir de 20h35 sur W9. Le 3 mai 2007, la petite Maddie McCann a étrangement disparu au Portugal. Persuadés du kidnapping de leur fille, Gerry et Kate McCann sont pourtant la cible des accusations du policier portugais Gonçalo Amaral. Ce dernier viendra s'exprimer pour la première fois sur le plateau de Sidonie Bonnec et de Paul Lefèvre."

  12. Anon 9:58 Good post!
    You're forgetting Murat and his mother.
    I think this will end up with Kate and David pointing fingers at each other (I think it would be a very ironic ending of cycle), because one day the tabloids will discover that there's proof of NO ABDUCTION and Kate and Gerry will have some explaining to do, as silence won't be accepted (even if the authorities make it a some sort of secret thing). Then the finger pointing will start, and it will end up in Kate and David as I said.
    There will be one person who I believe will tell us what really happened: Jane Tanner. We know that if she says it was David, the Paynes will come up proof that it was Kate, and the other way around, but I’ll go with Tanner’s version then.
    Bur the person I think whose image will be more harmed will be Mrs Fenn.
    She came into all this as a worried elderly neighbor lady who showed us how negligent and evil the McCanns really were. She is the stereotype of the white-haired granny out of every fairy tale. All of us “fell" in love with Mrs Fenn. They say the bigger the rise the greater the fall and we all had Mrs Fenn in very high consideration. But we all also now know how she’ll be remembered. I believe she was convinced to lie, and that there would be no problems in doing so because no one would ever find out, and the McCanns needed an independent witness to confirm their neglect (when Fenn comes forward, the “dog” issue was hot on the McCanns trail).
    History has not been very kind to liars. The only way out for her, as far as I can see, is for her to be the first one to “find God”. This will break sometime, somewhere, somehow. All those that afterwards will be “caught” will only be seen as just running for the nearest life-boat. All others appear to have a reason to have lied except Mrs Fenn, and that’s why I say she will be the one that the Press is going to hit the hardest.

  13. Anon. 8:24am, a nice day to you too!

    If I understood/read it correctly (my french is so, but so rusty,lol) this is going on air tomorrow? It's not an old programme, right? And Mr. Amaral will be present to discuss the case? LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!It is good to know that a french tv channel is picking up this case, that it is not only present in the minds of portuguese and (some)british people. All the french speaking european countries will have direct access to a discussion about the case in their own language (I'm not sure if english is spoken/understood by most french people, I have the impression it is not, sorry if I'm wrong).
    I just hope it will go ahead as planned, I'm thinking about another programme (was it also in a french tv?) which was cancelled just before it was to go on air, and also about that programme in a spanish tv channel, where Mercedes, from "Hasta que se sepa la verdad, blogspot" and criminal psychologist Dr. Fornero, participated, was cut short without any explanation, the last part of the show was never broadcasted! Let's hope Carter-Ruck are looking away and that the tv channel will not submit to foreign and ilegal intimidation...
    I wish someone with access to W9 will tape the programme(s) and put them online for all to watch! Anyone, please...?

  14. Yes, it is possible! Peole do find God sometimes, even if many years have gone by.
    A few months ago, there was in the portuguese news this case of a man who contacted the PJ to confess he had murdered another man. The case happened 5 years ago, the man was now living in Switzerland, and WAS NOT even a suspect of the other man's murder. It was a "crime passional", he killed his partner's ex-husband and buried the body in some scrubb land. Now he came back, confessed and took the police to where the body was. The victim had been on the missing persons list for the past 5 years.
    What made him repent and confess? A guilty conscience? God only knows! But it proves it can happen.

  15. The problem is, even if Fenn or any other would like to come out and tell what really happened, who should they go to? This post shows that to go to the British Police is too risky, and the leaks proved that to go to the Portuguese Authorities is as useful. Talking about God, I just thnak Him that I'm not in any of their shoes!

  16. Anon 6:11 regarding Japan

    "You Mccanns must cover your face in shame when you dismiss the work and the reliability of trained dogs."

    Thank you for this and the rest of your comment.

  17. Anon 10:07

    Obviously not all Police are corrupt! If one of them was to step foward there's no way the Police could stop it from going public. The details they might (and should) keep for themselves, but all the public needed to know is that someone had finally takne the lid off this rotten stew!

  18. Well done to the French Tv channel if they are going to pass the true information (police version) and not the Abduction fairy tale.
    France has a large comunnity of portuguese citizens, they deserve to be true informed about the shame a British group have done with Portugal and their daughter.
    I hope somebody will spread the program in the Net


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