Friday, 22 October 2010

The English Stove

Imagine, if you may, that you’re English citizen, sailing in your English yacht, somewhere inside Portugal’s territorial waters.

You and your yacht suddenly find yourselves not only in the middle of a huge storm, but, for whatever reasons, in an imminent sinking situation, leaving you no choice but to send out a distress call.

A somewhat uncomfortable scenario to be in, but it can’t get much simpler than that.

The choice of countries was done in a completely random manner. It was just required that they be physically apart so that no jurisdictional issues can add to any confusion.

Because there will be confusion, I guarantee you.

Now, once the scenario has been assimilated, let me ask you this question: who do you think will come to YOUR rescue?

Yes, you’re right. It is a trick question.

If you’ve answered that it would be the Portuguese Navy and the Portuguese Air Force, the adequate Portuguese entities responsible for ALL “Search & Rescue” in the Portuguese Territorial waters, then you’ve failed this test.

And I'm honestly considering to ask you to stop reading any further.

If, however, your answer was that it would be English Firemen, then, my friend, you got yourself full marks!

Yes, yacht, sea, storm, distress, in Portuguese Territorial waters, all added up, evidently result in… English Firemen.

Quite evident, once you sit down for a minute to think about it.

Logical, I would even say, unless, of course, you, illogically, tried to apply logic in your answer.

But, logically, you wouldn't be that illogical, now would you?

No, we know you wouldn't.

I’m seeing some confused rising of eyebrows, and some people have even gone back to reread, needlessly, the above written.

Illogical effort as anyone logical will remain clueless about what is completely evident. You see, those that have applied logic, have forgotten THE golden rule that is applicable on anything that has to do with the disappearance of Maddie McCann, so it’s completely illogical, here and anywhere where this issue is handled, to be logical unless you intentionally substitute any and all logic argumentation with, logically, an illogical one, but that is so logical that goes without saying although I’ve just said it.

Following me up to now?

If you even thought that English Firemen do NOT make any sense with yacht, sea, storm, distress and Portuguese Territorial waters, it’s YOUR fault for your lack of reasoning in trying to be reasonable.

That said, it’s quite clear that the distress call COULD easily be motivated from a possible fire in the yacht’s stove.

Notice that from now on, the “could” very quickly becomes a “would” and even faster turns into its final form of “was”, so the sentence above once read ONCE has from then on to be read as “it’s quite clear that the distress call WAS motivated from a fire in the yacht’s stove”.

This way we set aside, once and for all, such minor details as sea, storm and Portuguese Territorial waters.

We’ll keep the “distress” because it’s convenient, as without it, the English Firemen wouldn’t have a place in this story, and they must be present.

We’re left then with a fire on a stove.

Who better than a fireman to put out a fire?

But why not Portuguese Firemen, that are supposed to be much nearer?

Because this stove is not ANY stove, but an English stove. Designed with non-metric measures, and that alone demands, unquestionably, that it cannot be just a fireman, but it has to be an English one.

Furthermore, we also know that the both the Portuguese Navy and Air Force personnel, in their rare moments out of permanent drunkenness and incompetence, know absolutely nothing about English stoves.

Does anyone now question that you, in your yacht, would expect none other than English Firemen to come to your rescue, and that it’s absolutely ludicrous to think otherwise?

Logical, right?

I could not find a better analogy to explain the coming of CEOP agents to PdL on the days following Maddie’s disappearance.

A child went missing in a Portugal, a sovereign state, so what was the British CEOP there for?

Was Portugal in any way incapacitated to undertake, under its sovereign territory, the task of executing a police investigation of a missing child? Not that I remember.

If out of the various scenarios, the referred child had in fact been abducted, what was the British CEOP there for? Was Portugal in any way incapacitated to undertake, under its sovereign territory, the task of executing a police investigation of an abducted child? Not that I remember, once again.

If Portugal, requested, which I doubt very much, English “help” (which I believe to have been an imposition) what was CEOP there for? Is CEOP the best British police force, or the most adequate police, that the UK has to execute an investigation of a missing, or abducted child, even in the UK itself? To the best of my memory, there weren’t any computers involved in downloading naked pictures of Maddie nor was that minimally likely.

Then, why was the CEOP even present in PdL?

I can see ONLY one possible scenario for the CEOP to have moved in and in such a quick manner: they had information, resulting from ongoing investigations, that a clearly identified suspect, an internet paedophile, had been demonstrating an evident and an unusual interest in the child in question. Had been stalking Maddie, and CEOP was on to him.

Finally, you breathe, some logic.

Well, time has proven that that was not the case.

First they’ve been trigger-happy to produce photofits at every possible opportunity and there’s hasn’t been ONE for an internet stalker.

Nor has there been ONE word, all this time, about anyone stalking, on the internet, Maddie McCann.

Second, would be completely illogical for a 3 year old to be navigating on the net.

So, I ask again, why was the CEOP even present in PdL?

Any which way you look at it there’s simply NO REASON for the deployment of CEOP agents to PdL.

Maybe they were putting out a fire in an “English stove in an English yacht”.

While everybody is looking for a possible freezer in which Maddie’s cadaver was supposedly kept in, I say do look for an “English stove” instead.

And once you find THAT stove, then you’ll find a yacht around it, and around that yacht you’ll find a storm, one huge hurricane, the size of a Perfect Storm. And when you find THAT storm, well, THEN I advise you not to call the adequate authorities, but to call the FIREMEN, because there the temperature will be hot, insupportably hot.

So, maybe, just maybe, I might now say, there was a REASON for CEOP to be in PdL.

I hope that you know understand how Maddie turned from dead to "missing" and then to "abducted", almost as fast as the speed of light, without ever having left the apartment, for when she did leave it, she was in fact dead and trying to be "abducted", but never, ever, missing, only "missing". To this day.

You can’t beat the logic in that, can you? If you have any questions, please ask Mr. Gamble. But please be quick about it, as he's on his way out, quite soon, and very few will miss him.

Update: A comment from an Anon, that I could not let it pass unnoticed: "Text, you forgot to say, and I think it would make your post make even more sense, that there's nothing like a fireman to make it look like there was a fire where there was never one... so, if you wanted everyone to think that a fire was to blame, "who you gonna call"? FIREMEN! " Spot on!


  1. Left me speachless. Thank you.

  2. Made me read this 3 times and got better each time.

  3. Spectacular as we can in a way so smart and creative, through an extraordinary analogy, always get our attention.

    His texts coming out of his thoughts and reasoning are always amazing and hit the target. Catch our attention, so always expect the day that appears more than a text written by You

    Thank you, for more shared these thoughts with us.

    Beautiful analogy .... for the presence of men CEOP.


  4. Textusa said,

    If Portugal, requested, which I doubt very much, English “help”


    They did not request such help until they agreed for assistance with searching. Then the dogs came in.


  5. Brilliant piece of work! Food for thought!


  6. Text, you forgot to say that, and I think it would make your post make even more sense, there's nothing like a fireman to make it look like there was a fire where there was never a fire... so, if you wanted to everyone to think that a fire was to blame, "who you gonna call"? FIREMEN!

  7. Could be the CEOP in PDL looking for David Payne and his friends, since he was already reported in UK as a Paedo? And then when they realise what happened with child, who more was involved and the support of the Uk Embassy and the government, THE WHITE WASH STARTS to avoid any truth to come into public domain?

  8. Then the CEOP was called to reinforce the idea of an abduction done by Paedos. Very convennient.
    A stone straight way fall on their feet, the lady from the social services in UK who recognised Payne as a Paedo. And if the case was exposed, many other names will be exposed. Mitchell knows very well how to intimidate and manipulate people to achieve his targets. The CEOP on that case was used to protect the Paedos and not to protect the victim. This is why there is a brain wash in UK regarding the news about that avoid other people with power to be exposed as child abusers.

  9. Time is and will be the worse McCanns handicap.

    The most advertised small girl seems to vanished in the air as there is not a reliable sightseeing anywhere that deserves (inter) national police credibility.

    Worse than that - there is not a SINGLE evidence of abduction. Not a trace was left behind. Abduction trace I may say...because there are others... How is that?

    This case is an absolute mystery, isn't it?.

    I believe the police will have the last role in this tragedy ... reaching the goal... not leaving a SINGLE stone unturned...don't you agree?

  10. Anon 08:00,

    You almost got it right. Just one word is wrong. Instead of saying "Could be the CEOP in PDL looking for David Payne and his friends", you should've said "Could be the CEOP in PDL looking AFTER David Payne and his friends,"

    Even, going way beyond any illogical logic of the post, CEOP suspected of David Payne, first, there was no indication to have been an abduction besides the parent's willingness to have there been one, second, no indication to an abduction from a paedophile besides the parent's willingness to have there been one, and third, if there was the possibility that David payne had snatched, or planned a snatch of Maddie McCann (paedophiles usually act alone, and love to present their "acievements", or "trophies" to audiences od people like themselves)themselves, this information should have been passed inter-offices and not by agents on the field. The reason? Besides sovereignity, the fact it would scare the fox away upon seeing so many hunters.

    Raising scenarios of possibilities of CEOP being there (an "back-office" police force, supposedly never to be seen on the field) to be there, can only be interpreted as a diversion for the real reason that they were there for: under specific orders, to guarantee that nothing against the real perpratators of the crimes, both that happened (manslaughter) and that was happening (obstruction of justice).

    CEOP was as criminal as any criminal in PdL on those days.

  11. I'm anon 8:00. 'Looking after' is more apropriate for what I mean on my post. Problems with my english.

    Textusa have a look at:


    That could explain what happened to Maddie body and why John Mccann went to the Fund and leave it now.

  12. Anon 08:00,

    My words were not against you, but used your wording, to "answer" some possibilities for CEOP being around in PdL. Your words, seemed just tailored for the effect, so I used them, and hope you understand. Besides, the rest of your comment is absolutely correct: protection.

    I think CEOP stands for Child Exploitation for Our Protection. Thay just changed "our" with "online" so that WE all know that they can get to us even in our homes, and that is a cary thought that scares many in coming here, thinking that their IP's will be monitered and put on "Black-IP List" that one day will bring trouble...

    As Gamble proved at the hearing, CEOP is something that's nothing but full of wind, that have spent time and taxes collecting evidence to keep uncomfortable people under control, and comfortable people protected.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  13. Also telling is the fact that the UK Government allowed the sending of CEOP to Portugal

  14. A ship of lost souls.

  15. No Stomach Unchurned is the best name for the fund.

  16. Brilliant as always! (not sure if I fully grasp "it" yet...must read and re-read and put "the little gray cells to work", paraphrasing Monsieur Poirot)

    I remember reading that Gordon Brown said that he had "offered" british assistance to the investigation, to José Sócrates, when they met in Lisbon, to sign the Lisbon Treaty, and that Sócrates had declined it, saying it was not necessary.
    Such hypocrisy!

  17. It seems the pj had very little experience in solving abductions so...if the portuguese fire brigade had little experience in putting out fires then you would want to call the english fire brigade.

  18. I don't know why people should be afraid of CEOP and their intention to frame anyone who questionned their work. Here, we are doing nothing else then having an opinion in a crime( because there is a crime) which surrounds were not explained and somebody is forcing the public opinion to believe in a Fairy tale or in a mystery. The facts or the evidences ( little for a small group, enough for a huge amount of people) were showing that what happened was almost clear and not a mystery at all.
    The 3 judges from the Supreme Court in Portugal have done a huge step on freedman and Human rights, this week: Mccann's were the first who ask the public to have an opinion on their issues, with a special target ( they behaviour in 3 years show it), Money... A lot of money on their Fund, quick, before anybody had time to think and frame the natural instinct of solidarity. That behaviour was an invitation for anybody to come along and give an opinion. Contrary to what they aspect, and because we live in a free and middle Instructed world, most of the people who had courage to give an opinion, that opinion is anti, not buying their abduction Theory and explaining why their theory has no legs to walk: They fail to give us any evidence of an abduction on May 3. And factual events could not be supported without factual evidences. If the abduction was a fact, were are the factual evidences?
    People have to believe on an abduction just because Gerry, Kate and Mitchell said that? The 15 Century and the Inquisition is far on the dark side of our History. I never heard their Tapas friend, apart Jane and her ludricous apearence in the Media, CLEAR DEFENDING THAT MADELEINE WAS ABDUCTED. Interesting, Mr. Gamble ,isn't? Their position was always dubious, leaving the smell of NOT COMPROMISING.
    In 3 years without being in Court, the Mccann's showed a Parade of Lawyers in portugal, who abandonned the case without any conclusion. I believe if there was a real abduction no any portuguese top lawyer will jump out of the case without solving it. They will ask the investigation to be reopened and they will defend the Mccann's(if they were innocents and victims) with passion. Something made the lawyers drop a passionate and top advertising case. I can just think on one reason, the abduction was so fake as the pain of two parents who had time and brain to set a business behind the tragedy of their girl.

  19. Anon 3:33,

    It seems you have very little experience in placing statements in this blog. In exactly what have you based your statement that "it seems the pj had very little experience in solving abductions"?

    If it's baseless, as is evident it is then it's as a stupid statement as yourself.

  20. Well CEOP didn't get anywhere with solving anything did they? But they did succeed in their task- for the present

  21. Most of the unknown parts of this tragedy have simple reasons.

    Like in "Match Point" we still do not know what would happened if the ring falls down to the right side of PDL...and life does not offer us so many happy endings like Woody Allen does....

    Things are not as expected or as we speculate. In fact, things use to be simple, solutions are not always complicated, and what we want to know here is so much in front of our noses that we cannot see it.

    Fortunately police have better noses and will play the last role in this tragedy.

    But we cannot change TIME; but TIME will change us ALL in the end.

    We know a few things already: since the very first moment a crime has happened and many other crimes have been committed since then.

    There a huge web of crimes perpetrated since May 3rd. The main reason is because the right thing to do was not done. Since then, many other wrong things were done to cover the last wrong thing done till then.

    It's a never ending crime development that happens like a Karma.

    There are some karma levels. This one is bad. Terribly BAD. Is Unforgivable!!!

    Parents instead of having time to recover from such a huge loss, to grief, to sorrow, to forgive themselves; they are condemned to feed the pain indefinitely until one break down and ...who knows???

    "It's too late to save a drawny witch" Frank Zappa is singing...

    IT's revenge TIME I would say...

  22. Anon. 3.33,
    It's a pity then, that in the case of Nicholas Bento (if you never heard of him and his ordeal at the hands of british police and justice system , use GOOGLE search), the portuguese "fire brigade" was not the one called in, as it seems (and now proved in a court of law) the local "firemen", the brits/"bifes" had little or no experience in investigating murder cases that where in fact suicides, and that confused a shadow and light reflex for a handbag. The very same shadow that was their main piece of evidence(!)to accuse and condemn an innocent man of murder!
    Tst, tst, tst...the british firemen...all that vast and superior expertise and yet, such an ugly blunder!

  23. Anon 3:33

    After Tex explained the sequence could/would/was (as in could be abducted/would be abducted/was abducted) you go and ask a question based on the intentionally inexistent abduction. The english stove, if I understood you weel Tex, is not Maddie, but the diversion from people like yourself saying the same lie, over and over again, until it's taken for fact. Maddie was not abducted, as we may soon see OFFICIALLY proved, no matter how many times you say it. I just hope that when the McCanns are arrested, Tex will continue to expose each and everyone of you, because you and all those like you that have been defending an EVIDENT crime, like the McCanns are criminals, and should go to jail. Yes, you read it right.

  24. I don't think you are aware Textusa - it was your own hierarchy in Lisbon who called in CEOP.
    They were invited to PDL because it was felt the cops there were out of their depth.
    SHOCK!! HORROR!! Can it be true?

    Well yes it is actually. CEOP were invited and no-one stuck their noses in uninvited. I guess that makes a crap narrative for a conspiracy theory but hell, that's the truth.

  25. Anon 11:45,

    First define what you think is MY hierarchy, otherwise be wise to not state what you haven't the faintest about.

    Second, NO, I was not aware that "it was your own hierarchy in Lisbon who called in CEOP". Please prove the statement you've just made (I know you can't... just playing with you. Next time I'll throw a stick so we BOTH have fun, ok?)

    Third, when you say "it was felt the cops", who felt what about what. Don't be vague, specify. Even with a foot in the mouth, you still can type, can't you? Or are you only able to do what you're told to do? Stop waving that tail... it's distracting.

    Fourth, clarify, if you may "out of their depth". Did CEOP bring back Maddie? Were they any added value (yes, we know they were for the parents, but I'm referring to the "abducted" Maddie)... and aht depth?!? A supposedly abducted child? That can only be a complex crime for people like you that still are trying to master potty training.

    By the way, I do believe that CEOP was invited... much the same way a bully tells his victim to invite him to accept his lunch...

    Only one question for you: what do you really feel each time you look into a mirror?


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