Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Odd One

I’ve read, in more than one place, that Jim Gamble is a Mason. This, it seems, is based solely on this picture:

Can you tell who the odd one is?

Hint: the guy on the left.
If you base yourself solely on this picture to affirm that he’s a member of that organization, please do me a favour and do NOT invite me to go hunting with you. Or to go with you to anything that involves your recognition and danger to my life.

I’m not saying Jim Gamble is not a Mason, just saying, without a shadow of a doubt, that Jim Gamble is not THAT Mason.  

Masonry is a secret society, and the reasons behind this secrecy only them are able to fully understand. We cannot but provide subjective opinions, and those, whenever based on the unknown, are seldom right.  

Jim Gamble might be a Mason, but I have as many reasons to believe that he is, as I have that he isn’t: none.

What I’m not going to say is that whenever he slants his eyes that means he’s from the Chinese Triads, nor when I see him eat pasta, will associate him with the Sicilian Mafia.

People, be reasonable, because they’re relying on you to follow on all these senseless leads, so that they can say “see, all those people saying that Kate and Gerry are fakes are conspiracy lunatics that should not be taken seriously”.

Seriously, be serious.


  1. Agree.

    Agree that is not Gamble and that many pro-Justice bloggers have done more harm than good.

    Some I believe that they didn't mean it, but some I'm sure were part of a well set up scheme by Gamble to undermine the credibility of those defending that Maddie died that night.

    You Textusa, have fought your fight on their terms, and their best has been to insult you. That's why they're so afraid of you. Please continue.


  3. Doesn't look like him to me. Lots of police officers in UK are masons, according to an inspector friend of mine- who isn't, so Gamble could well be; but I don't think this explains a lot. There is a lot more to this than Freemasonry.


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