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By Metodo 2 (Textusa & Ironside) Jim Gamble Chief Executive CEOP Formerly Assistant Chief Constable of the National Crime Squad (Responsible for co-ordinating Operation Ore) 

As a direct consequence of the STATEMENTS and DECISIONS of Jim Gamble and associated people, the presumption of innocence was completely disregarded, GUILT, was exaggerated to comply with the demand “ratings” as lynching usually invokes and provokes.

The result was that LIVES were endangered and some LOST.

Public morals were corrupted and JUSTICE was denied.

Let’s remember that it was CEOP Jim Gamble who profiled Robert Murat and said he is THE MOST LIKELY TO HAVE TAKEN MADELEINE… Guess from who Gerry McCann got the CEOP manuals not for public use?

OBU Investigators UK took on the challenge and see that Justice is served. It has been a long hard battle. But one worth fighting. Those that fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE shall prevail.

Those that use the names of TRUTH and JUSTICE only deserve the most shameful of defeats.

Finally, the JUSTICE they seek may be about to become a reality. They have a lawyer CHRIS SALTRESE, (do remember this name) you are about to hear a lot more from him.

CHRIS has worked Pro Bono to make this day happen. Permission has been granted to allow the Operation Ore group action test, or specimen, appeal to be heard before the High Court in London.

Hearing in the High Court is to commence on 27th April and 28th April 2010.  

UPDATE: This blog has been requested to add the following text: Operation Ore.

We want to hear from you now. We want to hear from you now if you were convicted or cautioned for incitement and if you were convicted or cautioned for possession. The test appeal is listed for hearing in the High Court in London on 27 and 28 April 2010. If the outcome is successful, we will be arranging a raft of appeals and related actions. Contact ed-inquisition@live.ie

Update on Oct 5th, 2010: Gamble is Gone


  1. If we are successful in the High Court, the international phase of the group action will roll-out in the form of other group or class actions in many, if not all, of the 60 countries that were, through an FBI-influenced Interpol, subjected to police raids based on the US Landslide evidence. The hope for the international phase is that each country where a fight-back is required will appoint a co-ordinator who will liaise with the group action team and copy its procedure in its own local campaign.

  2. We are currently investigating one of the biggest Police operations in history, Operation Ore. We at OBU have uncovered so much damning evidence, we have declared this as the largest miscarriage of justice in the UK this century. In view of the money involved and the death and destruction it wreaked, it is arguably the crime of the century. That is not something that will stand the test of time and various bodies and people have worked on the issues independently and collectively.

  3. Jim Gamble speaking to Parliament

    Jim Gamble, currently head of CEOP the child protection agency and formerly the principle police officer heading up Operation Ore, said this as part of a statement he made to Parliament on18 December 2002.

    "If you consider Operation Ore, in 1999 towards 7,000 people in the UK sat at their computers and accessed child abuse web sites. Three or four years later, that investigation is on-going."

    And in a threatening aside to the listening public: "Trust me, I am a police officer. We will be able to apply our investigation techniques against you."

    (Jim Gamble was formerly a senior police officer in Northern Ireland.)

  4. Margaret Moran (MP) in Parliament 26 October 2005

    "'Operation Ore, the massive police investigation into child internet pornography, identified over 7,000 people in the UK, including judges, doctors and teachers, who used their credit cards to download images of children being abused or even killed for their gratification. Police believe that that is the tip of the iceberg. Those who download such images say that they have committed no crime, but every single vile picture that includes babies and children being raped and tortured has destroyed an innocent life. Through the internet, criminal gangs are making money out of this misery. That has gone unchallenged for too long and the time has come to right this wrong."

  5. There was a 3 Part documentary by BBC aired 23rd March 2004..Hard to understand why BBC so compliant to show footage of police being briefed prior to raids without any evidence. Of Course this has now been pulled..

    However here is one member of the audience and what he had to say.

    One reader responds after viewing the videos

    I remember watching this BBC 'documentary'- a curious term for bovinely uncritical police propaganda - when it was first shown. I keep picturing that young police officer, brimful of virtuous violence and malignant malice, gloating to all the assembled about the people they were about to destroy, and maybe even cause to kill themselves. And his assertions, his rationale, the 'research' he referred to claiming that all who viewed 'indecent' material would go on to assault someone, were torrential, lying bull which the fawning, sycophantic journalists who lovingly filmed his Hitlerite speech wholly failed to pick up on. He was just a jumped up little twerp mouthing the lines his masters would be pleased to hear, in order to get a reaction - I suspect he must have known somewhere that he was talking crap. He and people like him have authorised, effectively, murder and devastation on a scandalous scale - 'suicide' is a euphemism, and he must have known it.

    The clock is indeed ticking.

  6. The implications for the IPCC

    Following the first public exposure that Operation Ore may have been a grave miscarriage of justice in the magazine PC Pro on 31 August 2005, one of the action group submitted two crime reports concerning senior National Crime Squad police officers involved in Ore to the IPCC.

    Following the initial rejection of these crime reports, the member submitted a further request for a complaint investigation into the commissioner of the IPCC. It seems that all three complaints ended up at the National Crime Squad Service Authority.

    A question that may now arise as a result of the group action is as follows. As the Operation Ore group action appeal has now been listed for the High Court, what is the relevance of an ‘independent’ police complaints body that rejected information that the High Court has since accepted – in particular detailed evidence that it had no interest in examining?

    Finally the police that ignored crime reports and complaints submitted by James Jordon (not his real name) over 7 years have now managed to change his status from that of plaintiff to defendant through the ludicrous charge of possessing a violent porn image, just weeks before the High Court appeal that he did so much to bring about.


    It is alleged that one of those Offices was Jim Gamble.

  7. http://twitpic.com/1d59uj

    So many involved...

  8. Well people of OBU you have fought and fought I have watched your sadness and seen your courage. People wrongly accused ,you have lost your homes and your will to live. But now there is a light and you have the chance to speak up and tell of the dreadful wrong that Jim Gamble and his team did to you. I wish you well and will be thinking of you when you have your day in Court.

    I dedicate this song to you...It is sad...but it is also about a fighter. Good luck to you all.


  9. OBU you asked for anyone who knew a friendly blog to post your good news and mention your lawyer CHRIS SALTRESE.

    They don't come more friendlier than here.

  10. The BACKGROUND to OPERATION ORE and those who took their own lives.


    In 1999, after the US authorities sentenced Thomas Reidy, the owner of Landslide Productions, they sent lists by country through Interpol to the police in about 60 countries, giving the impression that all on each list were child pornography users, despite reservations about this back home in the US where only about 100 individuals were charged. The list contained 390,000 subscriber transactions, 35,000 of which were in the US. The country that responded to its list with the greatest enthusiasm was the United Kingdom, which launched the now notorious Operation Ore, identifing over 7,000 suspects, searching 4,283 homes, arresting 3,744, charging 1,848, resulting in 1,451 convictions, 493 cautions and nearly 1,000 left hanging about their fate. There were numerous suicides and thousands of families destroyed, including the lives of far more children than the number the police falsely claimed to have saved.

    There is now a group action underway in the United Kingdom against the police and other perpetuators of Operation Ore; however, much of the material, and in particular the evidence secured from America by the group action organizers, is generic and applicable to all countries where police raids and campaigns based on the US-supplied Landslide lists ruined lives. After the first phase of the Operation Ore group action, the organizers of Counteract will make key evidence, never before shown to the defence, available to organizers in each country where a formal class action is planned. This evidence is quite devastating as it includes amongst other issues the fact of massive credit card fraud, which had been ignored and even denied by the police and their expert witnesses. The evidence, which included the actual Landslide subscriber database and FBI files, had to be obtained secretly in the US by the Operation Ore group activists.

  11. Notice to certain individuals on the VIP list
    The few individuals being addressed here are in positions of considerable power and influence.

    We are aware that you had no part to play in your name being included on this list. We have fought hard to establish and prove that many of the names on the list are of innocent individuals who became victims of either credit card fraud or being deliberately set up.

    However it is a fact that while thousands have been raided and ruined by the police you and a few other individuals were considered by them to be worthy of exceptional treatment, in the form of protection. This may have apparently spared you from wrongful arrest and ruin, but it has in fact compromised you and by now you may be aware that as a result you have become a Jumping Jack of the police. Even if no favours have been asked of you, or you have given none, the moment it is revealed that your name was on the VIP list, your reputation will be ruined as no-one will believe that you were not protected because of your power, or, in a few cases, great wealth.

    That the list is now in hands outside of, and hostile to, the police puts your reputation at great risk.

    The purpose of this message is not to broadcast what may be obvious, but quite different and very specific.

    Some of you (very few) are now coming under pressure to stop any action that could make it known that you have been compromised. In other words, you are being encouraged to assist the police in stopping any action against them that could damage your reputation also. If you do this, you will be committing an act of grave injustice – perhaps even an act of infamy.

  12. cont...

    You have a final opportunity to do something truly honourable. Speak up now and say that you were given protection against publication of a crime that you did not commit in the first instance and given protection that you neither wanted nor asked for.

    The VIP list is explained below.

    The VIP list

    The American and British police have compiled a list of influential individuals who have been accused of being sex offenders, falsely or otherwise. Known as the VIP list, ‘very important perverts’, the individuals on this list have not been proceeded against by the police because they may be useful to them, or already are. The list is comprised almost entirely of men, although there are a few influential women on it whose men folk, husbands, sons or other family members, have been accused, thus creating the potential to compromise them also.

    The majority of the names appear to be in influential positions in the media. The accusations range from mere allegations of sex abuse, not proceeded with, to allegations which resulted in police investigation, but were not processed on to subsequent trial, and allegations of possession of child pornography. All have the potential to ruin the named individuals, making the list a powerful device for compromising them.

    One of the worst aspects of the list is that police or their agents can set up a desirable target – that is, some powerful person who could be useful to them – by organizing an allegation of sex abuse against them.

    What is not clear is whether the police have informed all or most on the list that they have been identified as being ‘accused’ persons, although a few of the media individuals have published extremely biased opinions on the extent of ‘stranger danger’ and sex abuse, which could suggest that they are toeing a party line. If this is so, they are helping maintain a climate of fear that results in more resources going to police and child protection agencies.

  13. cont...

    The list also contains the names of senior politicians and of individuals who are extremely wealthy.

    A question raised by the discovery of the list is whether it preceded the infamous Landslide list or was based on it. The Landslide list of ‘protected names’, was made up of individuals in high places, including the media, on the original list supplied to police forces around the world by the FBI, who were not proceeded against by the local police, at least not proceeded against in the UK. When that list was first mentioned, the police denied its existence but since the Operation Group Action acquired it they can no longer make such a denial. It is likely that the Landslide list bolstered an existing growing list of important individuals that could be compromised.

    Examples of key individuals who could be compromised are executives of major social networking Internet sites now under pressure from agents of the UK police to deploy ‘stranger danger’ panic buttons on their web sites, all those responsible for financing the police and child protection agencies, and media opinion formers.

    In addition, activists have acquired a few police files of influential individuals who were investigated by the police for specific offences involving minors. A threat to release some of these has already stopped police harassment of one group and attempts to shut down its web site.

    The knowledge of the list, has finally given activists a means of counteracting some of the worst propaganda issuing from compromised individuals. For example one fanatical former public ‘scourge of child porn downloaders’ has been informed that his name is on the list and has gone silent.

    The best way now for a child protection propagandist to get the attention of the activist group is to continue to publicly advocate stranger danger or promote witch hunt policies. It is expected that the group will shortly have a mechanism for the public to report hitherto unreported accusations against such grandstanders. It seems that predator chasers are either real or potential predators themselves or already hopelessly compromised by the police.

    ‘To catch a predator’ was a popular pastime - of ‘past’ time. We shall now see how popular a new one will be. It could be called ‘To expose a hypocrite’.

    Source OBU

  14. cont...

    The list also contains the names of senior politicians and of individuals who are extremely wealthy.

    A question raised by the discovery of the list is whether it preceded the infamous Landslide list or was based on it. The Landslide list of ‘protected names’, was made up of individuals in high places, including the media, on the original list supplied to police forces around the world by the FBI, who were not proceeded against by the local police, at least not proceeded against in the UK. When that list was first mentioned, the police denied its existence but since the Operation Group Action acquired it they can no longer make such a denial. It is likely that the Landslide list bolstered an existing growing list of important individuals that could be compromised.

    Examples of key individuals who could be compromised are executives of major social networking Internet sites now under pressure from agents of the UK police to deploy ‘stranger danger’ panic buttons on their web sites, all those responsible for financing the police and child protection agencies, and media opinion formers.

    In addition, activists have acquired a few police files of influential individuals who were investigated by the police for specific offences involving minors. A threat to release some of these has already stopped police harassment of one group and attempts to shut down its web site.

    The knowledge of the list, has finally given activists a means of counteracting some of the worst propaganda issuing from compromised individuals. For example one fanatical former public ‘scourge of child porn downloaders’ has been informed that his name is on the list and has gone silent.

    The best way now for a child protection propagandist to get the attention of the activist group is to continue to publicly advocate stranger danger or promote witch hunt policies. It is expected that the group will shortly have a mechanism for the public to report hitherto unreported accusations against such grandstanders. It seems that predator chasers are either real or potential predators themselves or already hopelessly compromised by the police.

    ‘To catch a predator’ was a popular pastime - of ‘past’ time. We shall now see how popular a new one will be. It could be called ‘To expose a hypocrite’.

    Source OBU

  15. Good morning OBU readers. You may find it strange that you are on a Madeleine Mccann blog. But believe me this is the best place for you. You are amongst friends who question the motives of Jim Gamble and his involvement in the Cover-Up of the death of Madeleine Mccann. The best place for you to have the word spread about your Court action is on the Mccann blogs...Gamble is up to his neck in this . Plus of course the chickens have yet to come home to roost on Operation Ore.

    You are being tweeted and you are also on Facebook...We have 300 readers a day from all over the world.(and thats just this one Blog) You have friends, just remember that...any info, or if you want to leave a post anon..we would love to hear from you...Get the news out there just what really happened to you people and how much you have suffered thanks to the likes of Jim Gamble.


  16. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/lawandorder/5727272/Operation-Ore-legal-challenge-to-child-abuse-inquiry.html

  17. http://www.mattwardman.com/blog/2009/07/17/is-operation-ore-on-the-skids-at-last-can-we-now-roll-back-paedomania/

    Trust me I am a Police Officer...

    GAMBLE Bully of the Internet.

  18. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article7092499.ece

    The on going war between Facebook and Gamble. Gamble has flown to Washington to insist on a panic button on Facebook...The Americans want HALLIGEN...also deeply involved in the McCann case...Will there be a deal. Panic Button for HALLIGEN:

  19. Info on Kevin Halligen much wanted by the Americans for fraud.Halligens Court case was on March 26th...and not one word in the British Press.


  20. CEOP renews attack on Facebook
    Alert Print Post comment 'A chosen site for rapists and murderers?'

    By Chris Williams • Get more from this author

    Posted in Policing, 9th April 2010 10:25 GMT

    Free whitepaper – Taking control of your data demons: Dealing with unstructured content

    The chief of the national anti-paedophile agency has launched another scathing attack on Facebook, branding its refusal to publish an official "panic button" on users' profiles as "arrogant".

    Jim Gamble, chief executive of CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), publicised figures today showing more complaints to investigators about activity on Facebook.

    He said CEOP had received 252 complaints about Facebook in the first three months of this year, compared to 297 in the whole of 2009, according to reports.

    Gamble has been campaigning for several months for Facebook, increasingly the dominant social network, to agree to publish a CEOP-branded panic button. It has steadfastly refused, arguing its own reporting procedures are effective, and rejecting calls from the Home Secretary to comply with CEOP's demands.

    Gamble said: "None [of the 252 reports received this year by CEOP] came direct from Facebook. If their system is so robust and they are receiving so many reports and concerns from young people, then where are they?"

    The panic button sends users to a CEOP page containing advice on everyday internet security threats and bullying, inappropriate content, as well as a link to report suspicious approaches to investigators.

    "Is Facebook so arrogant that it does not matter what the collective child protection community think?" Gamble said in a briefing with reporters.

    "Do they want to be the website of choice for bullies, for dangerous individuals, for rapists and murderers?"

    The latest attack comes ahead of a meeting between CEOP and Facebook in Washington DC next week. So far, Microsoft and Bebo have agreed to publish the button, although this week it was revealed that AOL is likely to shut down the latter because it has proved a commercial failure.

    The media pressure on Facebook from CEOP has been extreme this year, with Gamble taking to the airwaves immediately after the conviction of Ashleigh Hall's killer.

    It seems very unlikely that she would have been helped by CEOP's panic button however. The 17-year-old naively agreed to a real world meeting with a Facebook friend, believing he was a teenage boy. In fact he was 33-year-old convicted sex offender Peter Chapman, who the police had lost track of.

    News Corp-owned social network MySpace, which has a high proportion of teenagers among its user base compared to Facebook, has not been subject to the same intense public criticism from CEOP, although it has so far also declined to publish the panic button

    Source :The Register

  21. I have twittered Martin Brunt and asked him while he is so busy reporting on Jim Gamble in Washington, why is he also not reporting on the up and coming hearing with regards to Operation Ore?. As usual the SILENT treatment from Martin.AND he calls himself a Crime reporter...

  22. http://www.annaraccoon.com/madeleine-mccann/colin-port-jim-gamble-jim-bates-there-be-ore-in-them-thar-irish-hills/

    ANNARACOON ...and the hidden Agenda of Jim Gamble.

  23. http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy263/pickiwickie/piccies/Sun_18_11_05csmall.jpg

    Innocent or Guilty plays NO part in the Agenda of Jim Gamble.

  24. I am an Operation Ore wife. I have been threatened, abused, made homeless, lost my job, everything because of Ore. Ore was so full of lies...I have appeared on national TV to expose Ore. Gamble and his mate Turner found me and are now threatening me again.
    I was forcably sterized by the government after Ore to keep my baby. I lost my job due to guilt by association. I have done FOI's on NSPCC and John Carr. Carr has admitted he only says what Gamble tells him to say. I got into a LIVE fight with Carr on Radio 5 about Ore- I was disconnected as soon as Carr realise who I was and said I could prove the D Notice and that the 'click here banner' didn't exist.
    My husband and I were arrest while on holiday in Aug 2009. As no known adult to the family was available at 11 pm to take him, he was 'put in care'. The police have had now had to admit they falsely arrested us...but won't return my son... unless I want to 'change my tune' and admit that Jim Gamble is the 'children's saviour of the internet'.
    Sorry, I will not be blackmailed.
    Even the Nazi's admit my child is suffering harm in the care of the government- including him saying he suffered sexual harm by a 'friend' of the foster carer

  25. TC

    I'm totally lost for words here. There's nothing worse than state bullying.
    Maddie's case is much beyond the child's death, or the criminals escaping from responsability. It's about State deceit. Which allows the bullying. And only the bullied know what real fear is.

    Thank you, for such a sincere comment. God bless you and yours.

  26. TC....Thank you so much for coming forward. I can only imagine how hard that must have been for you to put post these words. I am shocked to know things have gone this far. I can only suggest that many more brave women and men come forward and tell their story, HERE on this blog. The more that know ,the greater chance we have of getting the truth out there. The Interrent is a powerful tool and when used in the right way there is NO PLACE for Jim Gamble to hide.

  27. TC

    As this blog crosses over the 26.000 hits, your message has brought tears to my eyes, and has made all worthwhile.

    Your husband has one WONDERFUL woman for a wife. You are an example that I shall respectfully look up to for the rest of my days.

  28. TC My heart goes out to you and I cannot begin to imagine your suffering. You are a very brave lady and thank you for sharing this with us.

    I only hope that more like you come forward and expose Jim Gamble for the monster he is.

  29. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/

    Good morning OBU readers as you can see we have our eyes wide open on Jim Gamble. Gamble tried to help under the guise of CEOP FRAME Roert Murat.

  30. http://ore-exposed.obu-investigators.com/Gamble%20Lies%20To%20Lords%20Committee.html

    2007...Operation Ore more background on Jim Gamble

  31. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/778905/Portuguese-cops-slammed-for-gaping-holes-in-investigation.html

    JIM GAMBLE ASSISTS once more in the cover up of Madeleine Mccann.

  32. Did you get my last message- if yes then delete this one! Thanks TC

  33. No, TC, this is all I got. Please do try again.

  34. Hi blog owners and members
    Somehow my answer got lost! (probably me hitting the wrong button).
    I will summarise as so:
    1) Thank you for your kind hearted words-very nice and welcoming.
    2) When it comes to the point of this Blog. Well, I have for years been treated like a ‘nutjob’ because I said Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns were a danger to our children. I believe the latest news has borne out my real concerns and fears about this ‘organisation’.
    3) As soon as I heard the words on the News ‘Kate McFraud- devout Roman Catholic’- alarm bells went off in my head.
    I believe in true ‘child protection’- not what the UK media and ‘child protection industry’ claim. By ‘true child protection’ I believe that means we educate our children about life and the real world. We don’t suppose some ‘stranger danger’. I also as a Mother teach my children the skills of debate and teaching them ‘well, there is this view and that is that view’- present them with and then suitably let them have a point of view which I will respect. I must have ‘done something right’ as my oldest with her 14 A* GCSE’s and her 5 A* A levels is now at one of the top UK universities studying English and Journalism . My older boy wants to be a Structural Engineer.
    I believe strongly in independent thinking, self interpretation of events and that our children should not believe ‘the boogie man’ is at every corner. Many here will be surprised that I am a ‘right wing’ member of the American Republican Party. I was a deeply religious woman (from the North by the way) then Operation Ore destroyed my faith.
    With regard to this site, can anyone tell me why Kate and Gerry were not subject to a Section 47 report which is legally required in the UK?
    I will give members here a taste of what we have tolerated ‘ Well, you clearly have higher IQ’s than me- but YOU Mrs. TC ONLY have ONE Master’s Degree- I have TWO- so I WIN-that makes me BETTER than you.’ I believe that is ‘Projection’ and ‘Insecurity’ at the highest level.
    Oh and she is a ‘mate’ of Gamble. I am deeply concerned that our children are being stopped from independent thought.
    I would like to know as a concerned Mother, why were Section 47 investigations never initiated by the Leicester SS against the McFrauds about their account? We have been on holiday with friends-we never left our children alone.....between 6 adults we have probably had 3 bottles of wine between us. (I know, out of control) Reports say that was not the truth.
    I will leave you with this. I posted on another blog ‘Why I hate Ironing’.. I commented... ‘Well, I hate it and here is how I do it....iron 5 items...get a sip of wine...iron ten pieces and get half a fag’. The SS found this and that post is suddenly ‘Mother is an alcoholic chain smoker’.

  35. TC,

    Well TC, there are two things you've done that I haven't, being a "right-wing-of-a-right-wing-party" and having a fag and ironing. I wouldn't run the risk of grilling my lips and laugh about it to the hospital...

    About the booze... Lady, "Well, you clearly have a stronger liver than me - but YOU Mrs. TC can ONLY drink ONE bottle at a time - I drink TWO- so I WIN-that makes me BETTER than you!"


  36. TC,

    On second thouht, I apologise for the humorous reply.

    The subject is too serious. I just didn't resist hitting on the smallness of some people's minds.

    Hope you understand.

  37. http://www.childrenslegalcentre.com/Legal+Advice/Child+law/childprotection/Whatisasection47enquiry

    Good morning TC and thank you for the H/T on Section 47..For those who do not know ,like myself, some information.

    TC the case is complictaed as you know and much political involvement. The McCanns have good contacts and are well protected.
    I myself believe that there was no neglect but neglect was simulated to prove abduction. If neglect did not take place then neither could abduction.
    Reading through all of their files they each say either one was sick or blame a child being sick for the reason they were not at the table one night of their stay. There was ALWAYS someone not present.

    That someone I believe sat with the children, they took it in turns. The only child left alone was Madeleine in apartment 5a. Why? because Madeleine had a sleep problem. What ever the system ,it had worked fine in Rothley so why change it when on holiday. The baby monitor was for Madeleine.

    An Independent witness Mrs Fenn heard Madeleine cry for well over an hour , screaming Daddy,daddy...wherever the Mccanns were that night they were too far away for the baby monitor to function.

    The question is why would the Mccanns and their friends let themselves be villified for neglect? In my opinion better be villified for this than what really happened to Madeleine on May 3rd.

    Moving on to 'IRONING' I also hate it...I smoke through out and have a LARGE gin and tonic...Wait.... I think the POLICE are at my door LOLOLO

    Glad you have a sense of humour TC because without, we would all go mad.

  38. TC The Church and paedophilia , the truth like a leaking boat is sinking and victims are coming forward and naming priests involved. The Archbishop even has a priest who tracks paedophiles inside the church. Jehovah Witness also are rife with paedophiles, it is a place to hide . While on the outside it looks as though these people are doing Gods work but in reality they are satisfying their lust for young children.

    Tony 'Miranda' Blair is Bi Sexual, this is well known. Many reasons now come to light why Tony changed his faith and became a Roman Catholic and none of them have anything to do with God. The Catholic Church protect their own.

  39. Another McCann supporter but NOT Madeleine supporter is tweeting..

    mwilliamsthomas Am pleased 2 see #Facebook have not added the Report-it button just as CEOP wanted-but have considered how people report- giving options

    Good on you Facebook...Wanted? I think MWT means ORDERED:

  40. totallyconfused13 Apr 2010, 08:37:00

    Morning All
    Wow- Sandy- you are brave- regarding comments about BLiar. Of course, many of us are aware of his ‘true colours’ and have a list- checked it twice with the names of a few of his ‘mates’.
    I might as well ‘come out now’- I am an out and proud straight woman who loves her husband. (shoot me now) But my best friend (outside my husband) is an out and proud gay man. My attitude is ‘So.........’ To a big degree, sexuality doesn’t bother me. But covering up the truth...a different issue.
    Someone posted about a lack of response from Martin Brunt. I don’t know him, but can assure people that Ian Woods is open to listening. Isn’t it interesting that all the Sky Journalists I have spoken to regarding Ore (I have even had them in my home) are now flung to the outside (for example Amanda Walker suddenly is the Russia correspondent) Has anyone else looked at the Sky Discussion forums? It is dominated by ‘we have to find Madeline’. Don’t get me wrong- as a mother of 3 blond blue eyed children, I would be concerned about my child being ‘missing’ but the main posters there are all about how the gov’t isn’t helping the McFrauds enough. What about all the other children- particularly those that fall through the cracks in the ‘system’?
    Attached is another Ore discussion.....just think about what it says.
    One also has to ask about why Gamble high tailed it out of the RUC? Ask Ronnie Flanagan- no fan of Gamble. Oh and as for the above link, I have a wonderful response from Stuart Hyde’s solicitor.
    Returning to what this group is about- maybe my addled brain (must be all the ironing) has missed something- with children that young don’t sensible people a)stay in and get the food as ‘take out’ or b) put the kids to bed and then snack on some local bread, cured meats and cheeses? Or c) say, ‘it is a holiday- so what if the kids stay up late- take them with us’? I have not been to Portugal- but regularly used to holiday in the Canary Islands when my children were small. I did all of a, b and c. (The first time I nipped to the corner shop to buy some milk leaving a 10year old ‘alone’ I was in a state of panic for the full 4 minutes) Has common sense flown out the window?


    Hi Sandy..here is the Transcript of another victim from your link....Simon Bunce...

    We had two victims that night...Madeleine Mccann and Simon Bunce...

    As you rightly say this programme was aired May 4th 2007...No one remembers Simon because air time was spent on the MCcanns.

    Transcript ...Operation Ore......(This programme aired May 4th 2007)

    Credit card fraud cannot only threaten your finances , but at worst, threaten your reputation.

    Operation Ore, was kicked off by these raids in the U.S. two years ago.

    When an American on line site offering explicit images of children was closed down by the American authorities,the credit card details of their customers were made available to Police in the UK,to track down potential paedophiles.

    This resulted in almost fifteen hundred convictions over here. But, its since been revealed that up to fifty five thousand fraudulent ,or cloned cards may have been caught up in the 'Sting.'

    In March 2004, Simon Bunce was arrested after his credit card details turned up in the Operation Ore Investigation.


    How did they explain what they were arresting you for?


    They arrested me because they were accusing me of down loading,storing and incitement to distribute images of child pornography in May 1999.


    And, when they told you that,what was your reaction?


    I was devastated, I could'nt believe it I,I thought for a moment it was a set up.


    What happened after you were arrested?


    Well, I was held in custody for almost nine hours while they went off to my house and um exercised a warrant. They took my computers, all my work computers , all my personal computers , all my memory stick ,my cards all the floppy disks and Cds and DVDs and they forensicly examined every single one and found not ONE single image. They call it IIOC Indecent Images of Children and the whole report from the Hi tech Crime Unit said NIL IIOCs found.


    But it took six months before the charges were dropped.


    What were those six months like, for you and your family.


    Shakes head and closes eyes .....Terrible, I, did'nt sleep, could'nt eat properly. I, was so conscious of any contact with anybody under the age of about twenty five. I suppose, really what I felt was, rage, anger, that they were wasting their time on someone like me, when it was patently obvious that these transactions were fraudulent.


    Simon hired a computer expert who had pin pointed the moment when his card details were stolen back in 1999. The card was then used to make a purchase on the American pornography site, the transaction went unoticed on Simons credit card statement at the time.


    Because I was travelling so much, my wife would routinly open my credit card statements and pay the bills um she knew I had been in America,she saw an American transaction for 29.95 dollars, did'nt think anything of it and paid the bill and I missed it as well.


    How careful are you now about checking your statements?


    Smiles...I check them with a microscope the moment they come in, forensically, because I'm not going to let this happen again.

  42. totallyconfused13 Apr 2010, 09:44:00

    Simon is an aquaintance. He was a complete victim of Ore...as were many people. But yet, Gamble claims everyone was 'guilty until proven innocent' (talk about turning human rights in the West on it's Axis!)

    Mr. Gamble, you have blood on your hands...and alot of it.

    Let me give the readers here an example of Gamble:
    'Due to Operation Ore, 102 children have been protected'. Now what does that really mean? Having done a FOI on that statement, I can tell you EXACTLY what it means...102 children's names were put on the 'at risk register'due to Operation Ore raids on homes where men were victims of credit card fraud. And 3 of those 102 children were MY children.

    Given the parents confirmed behaviour, shouldn't Sean and Amelie McCann be on some gov't/social services monitoring list?
    Not that I am a cynic....

  43. Hi TC and thanks that makes two brave women.It is not a question of being brave regarding BLIAR. His own daughter attempted suicide because of bullying in school, for going to war with IRAQ. This also is common knowledge. His own son found drunk in the street and arrested. What kind of childhood have these children had?

    Simon Bunce what has happened to him I hope he has managed to carry on with his life. ?

    I am also a straight woman , happily married with gay friends.
    I also like you have no problem with how people choose to lead their lives. However, TC I am sick of being lied to by this sleaze of a Goverment. Do you know that those who have been caught for stealing tax payers money now have legal aid. Can you believe it????

    Thanks for the information with regards to children, children are my life and I will not allow anyone to harm their little heads.

    The Goverment are helping the Mccanns TC...they are helping them escape Justice. Lord knows what happened to little Madeleine but what ever it was it had NOTHING to do with neglect.

  44. TC this was the conclusion of the Case as the McCanns were made Arguidos. It does not come much clearer than this.

    Dr.Goncalo Amaral.

    Before being removed from the investigation of the Madeleine case, the policemen who were involved came to very firm conclusions. Madeleine died in the apartment of the Ocean Club, there was a simulation of an abduction, the McCann couple are suspected of participating in the concealment of the body, death could have occurred as a result of a tragic accident and there is evidence of negligence in the care and safety of the children.

  45. OBU Readers...Reports are that there is censorship on reporting during the lead up to the Election.

    This could explain why I cannot find one reporter on tweet to answer me about covering the Court case.


    All this as all reporting with British forces is banned during the election -- ForeignOffice/ Mod inspired censorship...

  46. http://www.policeoracle.com/news/Progress-Made-in-Facebook-Meeting_23118.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=PoliceNewsTwitter

    Slimy Jim slithers to save Face after FACEBOOK SAID NO

  47. totallycionfused13 Apr 2010, 18:48:00

    It may seem a bit distasteful, but then to me, Gamble is disgusting. I have posted this comment on both the Times and The Register websites:

    Or is this Jimbo's way of deflecting from the fact that his 'great success' called Operation Ore is soon to be called into question in the High Court?
    As the Head Honcho of what has been called 'the greatest policing scandal of the last 100 years', he is worried his pension is at stake- plus his credibility. Personally, I am loving watching Bully Boy Jim squirm and throw his toys out of the pram. (Remember this is the weirdo who is so obsessed with 'child protection' he named his daughters Holly and Jessica.) Gamble...you just doth protest too much..you afraid of who YOU really are?

    As for the Ore 'test' Appeal case, it is being covered by some journalists- trust me (because I am NOT a policeman or a politican or work in PR) Gamble famously said , 'Trust me, I am a policeman.' And then lied undercross examination to the House of Lords and the Commons- and more importantly the public.

    Did the readers here know that CEOP is actually accountable to NO ONE- not the police, not the Home Office, not the Prime Minister? It is Jimbo's £5 Million a year quango.

    During this election, if a politican knocks on your door ask them ' Why was a D Notice of 100 years slapped on the Operation Ore evidence?' If you get a blank stare, just smile and say 'oh, shall I tell you? Because the names of some pretty senior government ministers were on the list. And because Bliar wanted to make sure we went to war with Iraq and those names were about to be exposed, he issued the D notice- so now you know'.

    Not to bang on about it, but one of the hallmarks of Ore was that a defendant was not allowed to actually see the evidence against them- on the grounds of national security.

    As someone asked, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. Bunce is living the good life in sunnier climate and as he said to me 'and somewhere where I can carry a gun to protect myself from zealots'

  48. TC the timing is also VERY interesting. Simon Bunce, this programme aired May 4th. Madeleine disappeared on the 3rd.
    It may well have been in the Goverments interest to make this as big a story as possible, by doing this Operation Ore was not only Gagged by Blair but Simon Bunce was never heard.

  49. totallyconfused14 Apr 2010, 11:46:00

    Just so we are clear, follow these links:



    And before people start thinking I am a crank- I don't believe in conspiracy theories- man did land on the moon, a lone gun man shot Kennedy and Elvis is dead (or at least went back to his home planet)

    When the Sunday Herald began publishing this story, I placed it on my own website. Suddenly I was slapped with an injunction to close my site down and the articles disappeared from the net.

    Note readers....one of the key players in the upcoming Ore Appeal/High Court has suddenly gone missing (a individual like SB who was completely cleared by Ore.)

  50. Hi TC I know both of these links..What I am having trouble with is your latest comment that Gamble has named two of his children after Hollie and Jessica who died in the most gruesome way.

    TC When you say 'gone missing' in what sense..he has left town or something more sisister?

    Is he in touch with Chris Satrese?

  51. I know you are not a crank TC..I have been following Operation ore for years and I know this from a another source completely independent from you to be true.


    The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore suspects. The Sunday Herald has been given the politician's name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.

    I also have a pretty good idea who it is...but obviously cannot say..or you would not see this blog for dust.

  52. @ Sandy, also there was another program to be aired on the 10th May 2007, about it http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/05/10/ore_credit_card_fraud/

    That is the day Blair Resigned from the Labour Party and Prime Minister... coincidence?

  53. JIM GAMBLE WARNS FACEBOOK. He is not going to go away.


  54. Tony Blair was here in Ireland when Madeleine was abducted. I remember it well. Here is his speech 10th May,maybe there is a clue.



  55. http://twitpic.com/1fcl9c

  56. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6245682.stm

    Gordon Brown took over on the 27th June. I remember this also it was my fathers birthday.

  57. I thought it was a sign from the Lord, the links not working.So I copied instead.

    Blair's resignation speech in full

    Mr Blair gave his speech to a crowd of people in Sedgefield
    Tony Blair has announced his plans to step down as Labour leader and prime minister.
    He paid tribute to his wife Cherie and election agent John Burton before delivering his formal address at his Sedgefield constituency. Here is his speech in full.

    I have come back here, to Sedgefield, to my constituency, where my political journey began and where it is fitting it should end.

    Today I announce my decision to stand down from the leadership of the Labour Party. The Party will now select a new Leader.

    On 27 June I will tender my resignation from the office of prime minister to the Queen.

    I have been prime minister of this country for just over 10 years. In this job, in the world today, that is long enough, for me, but more especially for the country.

    Sometimes the only way you conquer the pull of power is to set it down.

    Great country

    It is difficult to know how to make this speech today. There is a judgment to be made on my premiership. And in the end that is, for you, the people, to make.

    I can only describe what I think has been done over these last 10 years and, perhaps more important, why.

    I have never quite put it like this before.

    I was born almost a decade after the Second World War. I was a young man in the social revolution of the 60s and 70s.

    I reached political maturity as the Cold War was ending, and the world was going through a political, economic and technological revolution.


  58. I looked at my own country, a great country - wonderful history, magnificent traditions, proud of its past, but strangely uncertain of its future, uncertain about the future, almost old-fashioned.

    I ask you to accept one thing. Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may have been wrong. That's your call

    All of that was curiously symbolised in its politics.

    You stood for individual aspiration and getting on in life or social compassion and helping others. You were liberal in your values or conservative.

    You believed in the power of the state or the efforts of the individual. Spending more money on the public realm was the answer or it was the problem.

    None of it made sense to me. It was 20th Century ideology in a world approaching a new millennium.

    Of course people want the best for themselves and their families, but in an age where human capital is a nation's greatest asset, they also know it is just and sensible to extend opportunities, to develop the potential to succeed, for all - not an elite at the top.

    People are, today, open-minded about race and sexuality, averse to prejudice and yet deeply and rightly conservative with a small 'c' when it comes to good manners, respect for others, treating people courteously.

    They acknowledge the need for the state and the responsibility of the individual.

    Living standards

    They know spending money on our public services matters and that it is not enough. How they are run and organised matters too.

    So 1997 was a moment for a new beginning, for sweeping away all the detritus of the past.

    Expectations were so high, too high - too high in a way for either of us.

    Now in 2007, you can easily point to the challenges, the things that are wrong, the grievances that fester.

    But go back to 1997. Think back. No, really, think back. Think about your own living standards then in May 1997 and now.

    Visit your local school, any of them round here, or anywhere in modern Britain.

    Ask when you last had to wait a year or more on a hospital waiting list, or heard of pensioners freezing to death in the winter, unable to heat their homes.

  59. The room at Sedgefield was filled with Blair's most ardent supporters
    There is only one government since 1945 that can say all of the following: 'More jobs, fewer unemployed, better health and education results, lower crime and economic growth in every quarter,' - this one.

    But I don't need a statistic. There is something bigger than what can be measured in waiting lists or GSCE results or the latest crime or jobs figures.

    Look at our economy - at ease with globalisation, London the world's financial centre. Visit our great cities and compare them with 10 years ago.

    No country attracts overseas investment like we do.

    Think about the culture of Britain in 2007. I don't just mean our arts that are thriving. I mean our values, the minimum wage, paid holidays as a right, amongst the best maternity pay and leave in Europe, equality for gay people.

    Or look at the debates that reverberate round the world today - the global movement to support Africa in its struggle against poverty, climate change, the fight against terrorism.

    Britain is not a follower. It is a leader. It gets the essential characteristic of today's world - its interdependence.

    This is a country today that for all its faults, for all the myriad of unresolved problems and fresh challenges, is comfortable in the 21st Century, at home in its own skin, able not just to be proud of its past but confident of its future.

    I give my thanks to you, the British people, for the times I have succeeded, and my apologies to you for the times I have fallen short

    I don't think Northern Ireland would have been changed unless Britain had changed, or the Olympics won if we were still the Britain of 1997.

    As for my own leadership, throughout these 10 years, where the predictable has competed with the utterly unpredicted, right at the outset one thing was clear to me.

  60. Without the Labour Party allowing me to lead it, nothing could ever have been done.

    But I knew my duty was to put the country first. That much was obvious to me when just under 13 years ago I became Labour's Leader.

    What I had to learn, however, as prime minister was what putting the country first really meant.

    Ultimate obligation

    Decision-making is hard. Everyone always says: 'Listen to the people.' The trouble is they don't always agree.

    When you are in opposition, you meet this group and they say: 'Why can't you do this?' And you say: 'It's really a good question. Thank you.' And they go away and say: 'Its great, he really listened.'

    You meet that other group and they say: 'Why can't you do that?' And you say: 'It's a really good question. Thank you.' And they go away happy you listened.

    In government, you have to give the answer - not an answer, the answer.

    And, in time, you realise putting the country first doesn't mean doing the right thing according to conventional wisdom or the prevailing consensus or the latest snapshot of opinion.

    It means doing what you genuinely believe to be right.

    Your duty is to act according to your conviction.

  61. Mr Blair was given the warmest of welcomes in his constituency
    All of that can get contorted so that people think you act according to some messianic zeal.

    Doubt, hesitation, reflection, consideration and re-consideration, these are all the good companions of proper decision-making. But the ultimate obligation is to decide.

    Sometimes the decisions are accepted quite quickly. Bank of England independence was one, which gave us our economic stability.

    Sometimes, like tuition fees or trying to break up old monolithic public services, they are deeply controversial, hellish hard to do, but you can see you are moving with the grain of change round the word.

    Sometimes, like with Europe, where I believe Britain should keep its position strong, you know you are fighting opinion, but you are content with doing so.

    Sometimes, as with the completely unexpected, you are alone with your own instinct.

    Global terrorism

    In Sierra Leone and to stop ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, I took the decision to make our country one that intervened, that did not pass by, or keep out of the thick of it.

  62. Then came the utterly unanticipated and dramatic - September 11th 2001 and the death of 3,000 or more on the streets of New York.

    I decided we should stand shoulder to shoulder with our oldest ally. I did so out of belief.

    So Afghanistan and then Iraq - the latter, bitterly controversial.

    Removing Saddam and his sons from power, as with removing the Taleban, was over with relative ease.

    But the blowback since, from global terrorism and those elements that support it, has been fierce and unrelenting and costly. For many, it simply isn't and can't be worth it.

    For me, I think we must see it through. They, the terrorists, who threaten us here and round the world, will never give up if we give up.

    The British are special. The world knows it. In our innermost thoughts, we know it. This is the greatest nation on earth

    It is a test of will and of belief. And we can't fail it.

    So, some things I knew I would be dealing with. Some I thought I might be. Some never occurred to me on that morning of 2 May 1997 when I came into Downing Street for the first time.

    Great expectations not fulfilled in every part, for sure.

    Occasionally people say, as I said earlier: 'They were too high, you should have lowered them.'

    But, to be frank, I would not have wanted it any other way. I was, and remain, as a person and as a prime minister, an optimist. Politics may be the art of the possible - but at least in life, give the impossible a go.

    So of course the vision is painted in the colours of the rainbow, and the reality is sketched in the duller tones of black, white and grey.

    High hopes

    But I ask you to accept one thing. Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right.

    I may have been wrong. That is your call. But believe one thing if nothing else. I did what I thought was right for our country.

    I came into office with high hopes for Britain's future. I leave it with even higher hopes for Britain's future.

    This is a country that can, today, be excited by the opportunities not constantly fretful of the dangers.

    People often say to me: 'It's a tough job' - not really.

    A tough life is the life the young severely disabled children have and their parents, who visited me in Parliament the other week.

    Tough is the life my dad had, his whole career cut short at the age of 40 by a stroke. I have been very lucky and very blessed. This country is a blessed nation.

    The British are special. The world knows it. In our innermost thoughts, we know it. This is the greatest nation on earth.

    It has been an honour to serve it. I give my thanks to you, the British people, for the times I have succeeded, and my apologies to you for the times I have fallen short. Good luck

    Another one with blood on his hands from thousands of dead children and now he has become a Catholic, may the Lord have mercy on his soul. Jim Gamble who brought terror to Ireland. May the Lord fogive you for I shall not.

  63. http://www.the3arguidos.info/topic6455.html

    More information on Jim Gamble...Many thanks to Bren at the As

  64. Jim Gamble has a strong background in counter terrorism and was Head of Special Branch Intelligence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here he was in charge of all counter terrorism and operations relating to Irish terrorism in the UK and overseas. Having joined the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 1982 (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) he set about securing a wide range of command experience serving as both a uniform and detective officer in what was one of the most challenging policing environments in the UK.


    Not a background for sexually abused children then? How did he get a job that requires the most delicate of approaches?

  65. http://www.irishcatholic.ie/site/content/inside-murphy-report-fr-cicero

    Jim Gamble claims to care about the children and yet he does nothing to stop actions like these.

  66. http://www.theage.com.au/world/deaf-school-victim-wants-pope-to-respond-20100330-rbeo.html

    While Jim Gamble was busy accusing the innocent of being paedophiles this was going on.

  67. http://interceder.net/news/Arthur-Budzinski

    We have known for years the absue going on in our Churches in Ireland and no one wanted to listen.

  68. http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/690537

    JIM BATES The Biggest Scandal this country has ever SEEN

  69. http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Alt/alt.privacy/2008-04/msg00029.html

    The HATRED Jim Gamble has for Jim Bates...Will Bates now have his day in Court?..lets hope so..

  70. http://www.lightbluetouchpaper.org/2007/04/20/extreme-online-risks/

    APRIL...2007...The POT was beginning to boil

  71. Quote Jim bates

    Jim Bates says it could be the biggest police scandal this country has ever seen

    Bates: "The evidence I have collected over the six years since I first became involved in Operation ORE is extremely sensitive and undoubtedly includes information that the police (particularly CEOP) would prefer not to see revealed. It is likely that this evidence will eventually lead to exposure of the biggest police scandal that this country has ever seen."

  72. totallyconfused14 Apr 2010, 18:35:00

    Well she's back...sorry readers!

    Jim Bates is a good friend of mine and what Gamble, Turner and Colin Port attempted to do to him was shameful.

    I was asked earlier by a contributor as to why I called Gamble a wierdo and about the names of his children: I did not have time to respond at that time. If I may explain. Gamble seems to be morbidly obssessed (I believe to almost a pathological/sociopathological level) with abused children, murdered or maimed children and sexuality. (Consider this: A big deal was made recently of Huntley keeping a scrap book of all his media coverage...To Mr. Gamble...pot meet keetle)

    I tend to find in life when people protest on emotive subjects such as this with such 'vim and vigour' that they are 'protesting too much'- they are the one's in denial.

    I remember the day CEOP was launched. I watched Gamble holding hands with a 14 year old boy who said how happy he was about CEOP being there to 'support kids like me'. Now the spine chilling part: As Gamble was holding this boys hand, he was also mouthing the words the boy was saying at the same time. It completely creeped me out.

    As for our Point Man regarding Ore being 'missing'; I do mean just that- no one can find him- he has literally disappeared. We refer to him as 'The Messenger'. One of his more delightful and daring exploits was to actually go to a Magistrates Court and get Citizen Arrest Warrants for all the big shots of Ore. He warned me ages ago that if he was just 'gone' not to lose sleep over it. Unless you knew this man, his life story and intelligence you would call him 'crackers'- trust me he ain't.

    People think I am a 'cold hearted' woman for having very little sympathy with the McFrauds....that is not true... I just don't think they accept their part in their child's downfall. Likewise Sara Payne...her little girl's disappearance was not exactly the idiallic 'children playing in a field' story she spouts.

    (By the way I have no idea why the child protection industry hate me so much- wink)

  73. Hi TC and I for one am glad to see you back..I have spent the day ironing and smoking fags and dare I say had a very large GIN...LOL

    There is something very 'Spine chilling' about Gamble. However although I thought I was well read up on the man it seems I was wrong. I thought maybe he had Compulsive Obsessive Disorder. He must be right and in control at all times. I also find his obsession with paedophilia unhealthy.

    Just keep it coming TC I am all ears...

    I am glad Jim Bates has friends like you and I hope he will Ganble and CEOP tried to do to him...he who waits...I pray with all my heart TC that nothing goes wrong before the 27th...keep in touch.

  74. totallyconfused14 Apr 2010, 23:12:00

    Did I screw up my posting again...telling you my PhD is useless! ( Internet means push here dummy!)

    SS have admitted that I had a stroke because of them....
    could this get any stranger.

  75. Good morning TC...There is nothing stranger than the truth..there is something weird going on here and with your help I hope we can get to the bottom of it.

    I found this link you may find interesting . Be glad of your opinion.


    Glad to say no 'IRONING' today...LOL.....Thanks for the PhD..you learn something new every day.

  76. Hi TC..here is something interesting. A friend has left me a message Gamble had a conference in Feb 2007. One of the speakers was Ernie Allen. Ernie Allen did the image of an older Madeleine.

    Do you know anything about Ernie Allen?

  77. totallyconfused15 Apr 2010, 09:01:00

    Morning Folks
    I have heard of Earnie Allen but not in a Gamble context...will use my sources for further info.

    And you see you learn something everyday. I never knew a connection between paypal and Facebook. Over our morning coffee I meantioned it to hubby...he was completely 'you mean you didn't know that?- thought it was common knowledge.'

    Something is going on...what..I am not sure. But I can confirm that neither me or my husband have contributed to this discussion:


    I can confirm also that we are not BNP members and if anything if bothering to vote, my husband votes LD. (I of course can pay my outrageous taxes but not allowed to vote even after living in the UK for 24 years- hell, the last time I lived in the USA Reagan was President!)

    And as I am posting, someone meantioned 39 Ore deaths. Those are the OFFICIAL figures- our estimates make it more like 120.

    Child protection my sweet rear end!

    I personally have not met Gamble face to face- but have met one of his 'chums'...Colin Turner. Look him up people. By the way, he is now under investigation for maladministration of his job....


  78. Thanks TC...will do..You have had a rough time and the figures are shocking.I do not think we can even begin to understand what you and your family have been through and are still going through. But with your help maybe you can make us see. I hope this case is blown wide open and Justice is served. Well, we live in hope.

  79. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-151784/50-police-officers-arrested-child-porn-raids.html

    TC we all know the Mail is a crap paper but what happened to Carole Howlett after her 'resignation'?...and these Police officers anything on them?

  80. TC I cannot find anything on Colin Turner NSPCC probably ...I am looking in the wrong place..can you guide me to this info. Thanks TC.

  81. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/law/article6368314.ece

    This is when Colin port and Jim Gamble tried to set up Jim Bates...Jim said he had information CEOP does not want revealed.

  82. totallyconfused15 Apr 2010, 12:22:00


    Where there is a will there is a way....Mr. Brunt...I have been BLUNT....now deal with it!

  83. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/04/13/ceop_facebook_dc/

    From the comments:

    Here in the UK there might be some hope that Mr Gamble could soon be asked to explain himself (and that would indeed be a first, since successive Home Secretarys have singularly failed to do so). The brave, determined people behind the 'Operation Ore' UK class action (due to reach the Courts very soon) claim to have strong evidence of a very grave miscarriage of justice. If British Law has even one good eye the Reverend (who led Op Ore) and his congregation should be squirming in their pews just about now.

  84. TC have brought your comment over just in case it is removed. They do remove things you know LOL

    Any reason Mr. Brunt you are ignoring the fact Gamble is using this story to detract from the thrashing he is about to get in the Court of Appeal about his management/spin/lying to Parliament/falsifying evidence in Operation Ore?

  85. http://www.obscenitycrimes.org/news/vfrd0407.php

    A View From Riverside Drive
    Commentary by Ed Hynes
    April 2007
    British Internet cop says he has no interest in 'adult entertainment'

    Jim Gamble, a prominent British policeman who heads two organizations in the business of protecting children from sexual predators online, has gone out of his way to suggest that children are not endangered by what he calls "consenting legal adult entertainment." This came out in the aftermath of a controversial conference on child protection held in Belfast in November 2005.

    Mr. Gamble, deputy director general of Britain's National Crime Squad, is also Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre in England and chairman of the Virtual Global Task Force (VGT), an international organization of police agencies seeking to coordinate their efforts to protect children from online sexual predators.

    The Belfast conference was sponsored by the VGT and the European Union.

    The controversy centered on Mr. Gamble's invitation to Joan Irvine to participate in the conference. She represents a group that purports to help the "online adult industry" (read, websites that peddle addictive hardcore pornography) "make a difference in the battle against child pornography."

    Dr. Esmond Birnie, an Ulster Unionist Party Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, representing South Belfast, objected to Ms. Irvine's participation. Dr. Birnie is a leading opponent of hardcore pornography and the predation and trafficking that ensue from it.

    In response, Mr. Gamble called Dr. Birnie "incorrect" and "potentially reckless."

    Dr. Birnie commented, "I am glad that Mr. Gamble's letter to me at least concedes that there were pornographers at this conference. He tries to draw a tight distinction between the 'adult' industry and the exploitation of children. I fear, and suggest that experience bears this out, that that industry inevitably involves exploitation too and also acts to entice children into illegal activity."

    Mr. Gamble gave an interview to the porn-friendly news service, XBIZ News, in November 2005. In it, he asserted that the term "child abuse" should be used instead of "child pornography" because "Using 'pornography' to describe such images is confusing. . . and associates an industry that employs consenting adults with one that profits from 'online child abuse activities.'" XBIZ News added: "Mr. Gamble said 'the VGT has no interest in consenting legal adult entertainment.'"...

  86. Ex-Labour ministers in Internet porn claim
    Sunday Mirror, Jan 12, 2003 by ALAN RIMMER
    12Next ..TWO senior Labour politicians are under investigation by Special Branch detectives over claims they downloaded child pornography from the internet.

    The pair, both ex-Government ministers, have been named by US officials as being on a list of suspects involved in a pay-per-view porn ring.

    Credit card details of the men were given to Scotland Yard two months ago after being identified as part of Operation Ore.

    Ore is the UK end of the American FBI Operation Avalanche, which has targeted more than 100,000 paedophiles across the world and led to thousands of arrests.

    Police here in Britain are using credit card details to track down 7,272 men who paid a monthly subscription fee to access child porn websites.

    The politicians' details emerged when detectives found their credit cards had been used to pay to see indecent pictures of children, including babies.

    But instead of the investigation being dealt with by police child protection teams, Special Branch was called in because of the "high sensitivity" of the suspects.

    Detectives have been told to make it "absolutely 100 per cent clear" they have the right suspects before any action is taken.

    Detailed checks are being made to ensure the credit cards had not been stolen or "cloned" by criminals before any arrests are made.

    If the two ex-ministers are brought in for questioning they would become the highest-profile people yet held under Operation Ore, the biggest-ever enquiry into internet child porn in the UK.

    A police source said: "When the names came in we couldn't believe it. Everyone would recognise them immediately. We are proceeding very, very cautiously."

    Another suspect is a high-profile TV presenter who once worked on children's TV shows. He is a household name and appears regularly on primetime TV shows.

    So far, 1,300 homes have been searched but 6,000 other suspects have not been approached yet, and officers warn it will take up to a year to complete the operation.

    Fifty police officers have also been arrested including Det Con Brian Stevens, one of the family liaison officers in the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murder inquiry in Soham.

    Because of the huge workload, police forces have split the list of suspects into three categories.

    Category one consists of anyone thought to have access to children, such as social workers and doctors. Category two includes those holding positions of authority such as police officers and politicians.

    The TV presenter and Townshend come into the final category, which includes those that are not thought to be a direct threat to children.

    Bob McLachlan, former head of the Metropolitan Police's paedophile unit, has warned that lack of resources is hindering the operation.

    "The longer the investigation takes, the more danger children used to produce these images are in. Speed is vital but we do not have enough dedicated resources in the British police force to do the job properly."

  87. Fifty police officers have also been arrested including Det Con Brian Stevens, one of the family liaison officers in the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murder inquiry in Soham.

  88. http://www.innocent.org.uk/misc/trawling.html

    Operation Rose

  89. I just stumbled over this thread while trying to get back in contact with jim bates after about 15 years abroad. I just want to show my support for jim in anyway I can. like totallyconfused I knew jim very well in the 80s and early 90s and was often around his house being /mentored/ by him -- he's a great guy who practically invented the field of computer forensics and has for the last few years been treated unfairly.

    Go Jim

  90. Cyberian,

    Got me REALLY, REALLY confused!

    Jim BATES, that's the Jim you're supporting... because if one reads your post and thinks about another Jim... one tends to get REALLY, REALLY confused!

    Thanks for your support

  91. I hope Jim BATES after what GAMBLE tried to do to him takes him to the cleaners.

    Jim Bates is in no hurry and revenge is always best served cold.

  92. Ironside: yes I hope so too. I probably wouldn't be working with computers if it wasn't for Jim Bates. He was always a good friend to me and taught me alot. I sincerly hope that it all works out for him in the end and that everyone against him gets their comeuppence in the fullness of time.

    [note: i did post a longer comment earlier but i think it got lost in the ether somewhere but the gist of it was that I knew jim bates in the 80s and he was a great mentor and i was involved with him and colin hayes(haines?) when we were all discussing computer viruses, anti-virus software and nomenticulure(sic) -- personally i think Jim bates is a genius or at least 100x more intelligent that 99% of the population


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