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The INNOCENCE of Charlotte Anne Pennington.

Witness Statement of Miss Pennington on May 7th 2007. Translator Robert Murat. 

Nothing unusual in Charlottes statement , a couple of things of interest Madeleine was known as Maddy , which we know and she mentions at no time did she enter the Apartment..... 

Daily Mail 25th Sept. 2007. It is time for Charlottes 15 minutes of fame. 

Charlotte tells the Mail the McCanns are innocent and the distress she witnessed when Kate Mccann screamed 'They've taken her', later denied by friends as the first words Kate used, friends say Kate said 'Madeleines gone' 

The article goes on to say Miss Pennington,however ONE OF THE FIRST people to set foot in the couples apartment said she heard Kate use both phrases. 

Charlotte confirms McCanns friends are correct Robert Murat WAS in the Ocean Club 'He was standing outside just looking'. 

The Daily Mail and their love affair with the McCanns will stop at nothing to give them a helping hand. Charlotte's interview three days after newspaper headlines scream 'The Missing 7 Hours'. 

Charlotte, ever helpful also wanted to help the Mccanns and explained 'late tea' was indeed a little late on the 3rd,not over until 6p.m.when she saw the Mccanns who collectedMadeleine. 

With many thanks to Charlotte the missing hours were now filled in. When one lies, for whatever reason, a good memory is essential. 

'Dispatches' aired on Channel 4 Oct. 18th 2007. Charlotte confessed the last time she had seen the Mccanns as a family was lunchtime, May 3rd and not in the evening when interviewed for the Mail. 

Damage control needed here and needed fast. The very same day as this programme aired the 'Daily Mail' had an EXCLUSIVE. David Payne saw Madeleine at 6.30 p.m. the 7 missing hours once again explained.

Back to the Daily Mail 25th interview...Charlotte, although young and naive has a great quality, she is a very observant young woman who stood and observed Kate while everyone else was rushing around.' I could'nt believe what I was seeing, she was so distraught' 

Charlotte also observed on entering the apartment 'THERE WERE NO CHILDREN IN THE ROOM' 'The twins had been taken out already, I think by one of the McCann friends' she happily explained. WHAT, this is impossible, as GNR had yet to be called and we know the twins were in their cots when they arrived.

How to explain this . I can only think the McCanns, one or both gently explained to Charlotte the police were annoyed so many people had been in the apartment, they did not want her to get into trouble so best not mention it. 

Charlotte only wanting to help, agreed this would be best and thanked the Mccanns I would imagine for their kindness at such a terrible time. 

How amazing they must have semed to such an impressionable young girl wanting to protect her in such a selfless way. Charlotte went as far to mention in her statement, although not asked,the fact she did not enter Ap.5A. 

Charlotte Pennington had she been older and wiser would have questioned why the Mccanns did not want her to mention such an innocent act. If only Charlotte had told PJ the truth she may have been questioned more on her observations, but she placed herself outside and to Police was of little interest. 

Silly young foolish Charlotte. 

Charlotte who in her innocence thought the Mccanns were being kind. The Mccanns, who had yet to return two heavily sedated children back to their cots. 

The Mccanns, masters at manipulation. 

Cots GNR noticed contained babies that did not stir, without bedding on such a cool,cool night. 

Note: Many thanks to McCannfiles, who without, this kind of research would not be possible.


  1. Excellent read - par for the course with anyone to do with the mcscams isn't it, lying that is. I just hope that pretty soon they will lie themselves into a jail cell.


    A very well laid out article which highlights just some of the many inconsistencies that remain in this case.

    Pennington was thoroughly abused by the McCanns, and in just the way you describe.

    Pagarete, Murats lawyer insisted to the press that his client Murat had only ever translated for one witness and that was Dianne Webster, David Paynes mother in law.

    If the PJ files of evidence say Murat translated for Pennington then that is in direct contradiction to Pennington herself and to the statemnents made on the matter by Robert Murats lawyer.

    If it is that Pagarete lied then I can understand why he lied. If it is however the PJ that have lied then I cannot so easily understand the motive for such deceit on their part.

  3. TTW4, I see no controversy in your comment. You're stating an opinion to which you're rightfully entitled to do so.

    It seems we're back to Nazi times. Law is now the National Socialist Party, and Libel its Gestapo.

    Civilized times, these...


    Link to article I have also copied ...just in case.

  5. TTW4 No children in the apartment ,therefore why did Mccann return? cadaver scent found in the small garden under the window and the unexpected arrival of Jez Wilkins. It is plausible Mccann was in the process of moving Madeleine and placed her there while he chatted with Wilkins. Cold ,calculating son of a bitch.

  6. Ironside,

    I do think they were both disturbed and delayed by Wilkins arrival in the street below.

  7. It is not true that murat only translated for diane webster - in the pj files there are several interviews of the holiday staff he acted as translator for

  8. Excellent article Ironside.

    One thing though, rigor mortis is not always as full on in children, it can also be worked out fairly quickly and easily through manipulation of joints - McCann would know this.

    McCanns comment 'she lay in the recovery position' has always niggled me.

  9. Hi Anon, thank you and yes I read that about childrem, in fact it was the first thing I checked. I also had thoughts about Gerrys comments ' In the recovery position'

    It was Martin Smiths statement of how he noticed the man and how he seemed awkward in carrying the child started me thinking about Rigor Mortis and the comment her face was very white.

  10. Good morning Anon, thinking more on your comment I think we can be sure resuscitation was applied ,during which time an Ambulance should have been called. I can only assume these efforts were futile as Madeleine was already dead.

    You sound as though you know something of medicine and will know internal damage may be caused on such a small child while performing this act.

    Or another scenario, Madeleine was revived and placed in the recovery position only to die from internal injury from resuscitation.

  11. A good observation from poster STELLA on the New 3As..I hope she comes over and tells more of her thoughts.

    Charlotte's not the only one to tell us the twins were not in the apartment. The twins along with all the other children must have been in Payne's apartment. Matt Oldfield let's this slip: ... GATORY.htm

    Matt Oldfield: 'Well Kate went and did the next check and think because we'd, I didn't, we didn't all go at that point, just Kate went and, erm, and then came running back saying, she's gone, Gerry Madeleine's gone, and she was sort of borderline hysterical, as you'd expect, and then there was just a blur as everybody then just ran off from the table. Erm, then everybody I think left the table, I mean, I just remember being behind Dave as he was, and Gerry, as they were running, erm, Russell I think (inaudible) a bit behind and so we all ran. If you ask whether we went, you know, into the apartment and I'm almost a hundred percent sure we didn't go to the apartment, we were, because it was just so awful, so Gerry and Kate and maybe Dave, I'm not sure, but went sort of to the bottom of the steps and they sort of went in, erm, and as soon as they sort of said, you know, she's gone and everything, all hell broke loose, we went round to check firstly on Grace to make sure she was okay and we dropped Rachael up there, telling her that she wasn't to move, Jane came out of the apartment, did she come out of the apartment at that point or was it later in the evening, I can't remember, but I remember seeing them.

    Grace Oldfield should have been in 5b, so why did he need to drop Rachel UP there?

    Jane came out of THE apartment. Was Jane looking after all the children in the Payne's apartment, replacing Russell?

  12. Murat's lawyer was responding to the allegation by the tapas group that Murat had translated for Rachel Oldfield and therefore may have manipulated her testimony in some way. Pagarete's claim was that he had only translated for one tapas member and it was Dianne Webster. No contradiction there at all!

  13. Textusa, your site is brilliant and thank you for all your research. I too believe Gerry carried a decoy on 3rd and that Madeleine died before 3rd. So many people have lied to cover for the mccanns, I find this case extraordinary in that the mccanns have been allowed to dictate to the police processes police should follow. Why does nobody in authority make a stand against these two, and their fraudulent fund. One day we will find justice for Maddie thank you for all your work I log on everyday.

  14. Has anybody noticed that Kates signature on her painting she is selling on e-bay for PACT is different to her signature at the Ocean Club when she signed Madeleine out on the 3rd. This could be put on file by PJ for future court case!


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