Saturday, 20 June 2009

Mr Duarte Levy - an Opinion

I got a rather harsh comment from someone I quite respect about the picture I posted in the previous post. This has precipitated me into now publishing the text below, which, therefore, goes incomplete:  

“When I first thought about writing this, it was fresh news. Then Joana, rightfully so, spoiled the whole surprise, exposing Duarte Levy as who he really is. 

Stale bread does make nice toast, so do keep up with me. 

Lying is addictive. It offers physical pleasure to the one who lies. Either through the real feel of gratification from a non-existing merit; or from the absence of the expected pain after avoiding the merited punishment. Both are very pleasant physical sensations. Very addictive. 

And as per any other addiction, one only realizes how much one depends on the habit when one has overstepped the boundaries set by reason. Basically, after one has exaggerated, and feels the shame in everybody else’s eyes. Or even repulsion. But then, it’s too late. 

Mr. Duarte Levy is a pathological liar. I say I am, and I’m not. Or maybe I am. He doesn’t say he is, but through his actions and words proves exactly that. 

I first started to suspect with the “24-photo” episode. 

We’re still waiting, to this day, for them to be printed from the memory stick that surely is implanted in Mr. Levy’s skull. A journalistic exclusive of his, certainly, that isn’t to be revealed lightly, if ever at all. 

Then, suspicions became assumptions with the alleged Oprah presence. Typically a case of a liar going into exaggeration without realizing how ridiculous and condemning it is what he alleges. Jane Tanner started the trend, but many have followed it. 

To be on Oprah is a pretty hard task to achieve for anybody RESIDENT in the US. For someone, man or woman, to fly from Europe with the intent of just watching the referred show, it’s close to impossible. 

Plus, the Oprah the site quite clearly states that you CANNOT choose which show you wish to watch. You apply and, if you get SELECTED, you BUY a ticket that gets you to see whatever guests are invited to appear on the show that you were lucky enough to get a ticket. 

With the McCanns, I heard that they were going to appear in the beginning of May. Just for argument’s sake, I’ll say that the couple came to an agreement to appear in the time between the mid and late April. That is little over a month from the end of the season, meaning NO tickets, all sold out. 

You just don’t go on Oprah, because you happen to want to. You don’t go on Oprah just because you want to see a certain celebrity. 

Just go on the site and try to apply. All is done by phone; with so many rules that only an idiot lies about having been there. An idiot, if you’re a woman, because it’s a show assumingly directed to women, so the public is predominantly female. On any of Oprah’s shows, basically all the men seen are those that were invited. 

For a man, resident outside the US, to lie about having been there, incognito, you have to be an outright lunatic. 

Lastly, but not least, the McCanns did not travel alone. Nor were they alone for one minute, between the time they got off the plane and got back on it. They had staff working for them. Making sure that everything went smoothly. 

For example, certifying that the audience reacted adequately. There are four known faces which are present to any pro-McCann: Gonçalo Amaral, Paulo Sargento, Hernâni Carvalho and Duarte Levy. 

They have appeared many times “Tardes da Júlia” on TVI, a Portuguese TV Channel. You can add Joana Morais and Paulo Reis to this list as their faces appear on their blogs. ANY of these six people wouldn’t be allowed to enter the premises. The security is tight, and we’re not talking about thousands of people, but of around a hundred, or little more. 

Anybody walking in has their ID’s confirmed. If you buy an Oprah ticket for someone else and you don’t go, that person is not allowed to enter. Even if presenting his/her ticket. So when I heard that a big, burly, bearded man, alone, known publicly to be hostile to the guests had been able to infiltrate the Oprah show, my reaction was… “yeah, right…. don’t think sooooo….” 

Imagine Gerry McCann sitting, INCOGNITO and UNDETECTED, in one of “Tardes da Júlia”. 

But since he was “on our side”, and we human tend to partisan, instinctively both forgiving all the flaws of our friends and augmenting those of our enemies, I just assumed that he had got hold of a tape beforehand and was just going into a somewhat exaggerated bragging mode. It’s a proven fact that men will always be boys.

Even so, it didn’t feel right. But it was THE Duarte Levy, that I suspecting. So simply quieted down my suspicions. But the “100K € - 500K €” suing thing, a subject so dear to me, was the drop that made the cup fill over. Did he take me for a fool? 

A scoop of that magnitude was to be revealed by a blogger?!? Didn’t, just for a second, cross that megalomaniac brain of his that it wouldn’t have a follow up from the “official” media? Even from the crappy one. Or mainly from that one. Or did he think himself THAT important that the papers would just follow suit, just because HE was the source? 

Doesn’t he have enough intelligence to know that suing is an absolutely forbidden territory for the McCanns? Whenever they approach the subject, they are very, very, very careful about it. Limiting to themselves to the underlining of the threat without compromising to the actual deed. 

That is McCann 101. First Chapter, paragraph #1: McCanns cannot sue 

This apparent disconnect between the said word and the brain that has command it to say it, is a known trait of the McCanns, and here we have a follower and believer. So, as I was about to trash the gentleman when Joana (after having called him a liar a couple or so times) writes what only a passionate heart is able. 

That post made me rest my case about Nuno Duarte, AKA Duarte Levy, being a conman, a liar, a megalomaniac.”

I intend to continue by writing my point of view on why Duarte levy has acted the way he has. How manipulative people can be manipulated.

How all this has become a testing ground on information warfare. Let us not forget that those we face (which are and will remain faceless, obviously not the T9 or CM) are the best in the business.

It’s my opinion that Duarte Levy, voluntarily or not, has become a MOLE that has undermined the credibility of all those that seek justice for the truth that we know happened.

I have the faintest idea on whether or not he was/is on the payroll from the McCanns. That, for me, is irrelevant. Through his lies he has tried to profit, or has profited, illegitimately, from Maddie’s death, thus becoming none better than the child’s parents.

If I’m wrong about Duarte Levy, I’ll have no problem in apologizing and will certainly trash, on the same terms, Joana Morais for defaming such an honorable man.

However, a simple analysis is enough to detect that Duarte Levy’s behavior has the same irrationality as of the abductor that olympically jumped through a window holding a 4 year-old child in his arms.

It’s not my sympathy for Joana that moves me against Duarte Levy, or the McCanns. It’s all about Justice. For Maddie, for Portugal, for the UK and for basic citizenship. And that, in my book, is above all and any friendship.

Weren’t it to be so, I would be a hypocrite in criticizing the McCann friends for their given protection of the couple.

I’ll trash anybody who I find obstructing justice by cooperating in the protection of McCanns. A couple of common criminals who arrogantly avoid what they deserve, due only to an incomprehensible amount of protection they enjoy.

And if I, one day, am found to be a mole (after this episode I began to suspect even about myself), I expect to receive the same harsh treatment.

But don’t try to defame me, for those that read me I know that they know and trust that such will not slow me down. I write in accordance with own conscience with no hidden agenda or any type of pursuance of glory.

Just short notes about three other issues:

About the GNR receiving money. Didn’t surprise me, if it’s true. Nobody at that time anticipated the importance that all this would have.

Gerry’s nightwalk, if it also happened, is in accordance with Maddie’s death that night.

About the Portuguese PGR decision not to reopen the process, came as such a surprise that I couldn’t avoid a yawn.


  1. Thank you. It's time for cards on the table.

  2. Caro/a Textusa,

    ponto 1 - EU nunca acusei os pais de maddie de nada a não ser de
    1.1 NEGLIGENCIAR a companhia e segurança dos seus filhos, ao darem primazia ao seu bem vivido tempo de férias entre jogos de ténis e tempo entre amigos.
    1.2 MENTIREM ou OMITIREM ou DESVIRTUAREM factos que poderiam ter ajudado ao esclarecimento cabal e total do desaparecimento da pequenina.
    Aliás, fui algumas ( muitas ) vezes criticada por quem mais de perto seguiu as minhas opiniões por não me pronunciar muito àcerca das milhentas hipoteses que fui lendo.

    ponto 2 - NÂO PONHO EM DÚVIDA
    ( porque não tenho argumentos válidos e palpáveis para tal ) o que vejo escrito no seu post ou no da Joana.
    Ambos me merecem até PROVA EM CONTRÁRIO todo o meu respeito.

    O que me chocou e assumo que eventualmente não tenha sabido ou conseguido exprimir foi a foto por si escolhida e publicada.

    Como se diz em bom portugues, sinceramente ACHO QUE NÃO HAVIA NECESSIDADE.

    Os meus cumprimentos respeitosos.

  3. Blackwatch questioned Duarte for ages.
    I kept mentioning his doubts on 3A's but of course was ignored.
    Spring cleaning fact from fiction is never a bad thing.

  4. Joana, you’re welcome, as always.

    Astro, thank you. The cards have always been on the table. The problem is that while you thought you were playing Gin Rummy, others, at the same table, were playing Texas Hold ‘em with very high stakes.

    MariaC, I respect you too much to get into semantics with you. I admire your passion and understand your anger.

    Su, spring cleaning is the time of the year that is full of surprises. You find things lost, like hidden friendships, but you also find some new allergies that you didn’t think you had… Summer is here and that is all that matters now.

  5. Well actually, I am a southern hemispherer and we unfortunately are in the midst of a huge storm.

  6. Su, after a storm, calm follows. It's only a question of patience.

    About those weather storms, I like them. They remind us how little we are, irrelevant of how big we've come to imagine to be.


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