Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Moles, Manipulators and Masters - The 3 Ms of a Mean Machine (Part I)

(June 23rd, 2009)

I’ve had my say about Mr. Duarte Levy, and don’t want to waste any more of my precious time on him. To do so would be granting him an importance that he’s far from deserving.

I want to speak about moles, manipulation and, of course, mole manipulation.

Henceforth I’ll use Mr Levy’s pseudonym’s initials “DL” because his case is fresh on our minds and that rather facilitates getting my message across, but would like it to make clear that it’s not about or because of him.

I could use Mata Hari as an example, but that’s a story that history has to clarify to a yet acceptable margin of error.

Treason is a very hard pill to swallow. Nothing shakes our foundations more then the betrayal of trust. We perceive a friend as a safe haven from hardships of life.

When this falters, we feel exposed, unprotected, cheated on. If that particular foul friend also happens to be a partner, in business or just intent, then the pain from betrayal is exponentially increased.

The sense of purpose is lost as all is left is a vacuum where once was what was perceived as shared value. Strength is lost because who we perceived as burden-sharer is not only not helping but hindering, on purpose and with malice, all effort and focus.

As you can see, perception is the key. That’s why it’s imperative to understand its mechanism. Basically, it’s an individual, subjective, interpretation of the surrounding reality, based upon various facts and factors captured and gathered by all our bodily senses and filtered by the common one.

We unconsciously stack these facts one upon another, unwittingly establishing the relationships between them, be they contradictory or complementary. This results in the provision, from one to oneself, of a broader picture about any given subject.

That picture is what we "perceive" as the reality of a particular subject. Each of us has stacked a series of "bricks" for every conceivable thing.

We make these blocks in various tonalities of “truth”, according to our perception, or what we constructed it to be, to be more exact.

This is what I call the “edifice of truth”.

Let’s just say that the tone of real truth is white. The lighter the edifice, the more solid it is, the darker, the quicker it gets ignored. All said, it’s quite clear that these so called edifices are very subjective in nature. All depend on the individual who creates them. Very much like the opinion you have about me right now.

Sometimes, truth is simple and plain. Not even subject to discussion. But reality shows that truth and simplicity, even though truth IS simple, are very seldom seen together. It's not the truth that is at stake but it’s, supposed, consequences.

There are those who’ll do just about anything to avoid that the truth, as they know it to be, to be “officially” confirmed. That, as per rules of a civilized society, would implicate a rather serious punishment.

So they are not set to defend the truth, but their own behinds for obvious and understandable reasons. They need to, not want, tear down the edifice of truth.

But to deconstruct you need to understand first the construction. So who you going to call? Hardly the ghostbusters. You need people that understand people. That can read people like they read a book, because they’ve wrote it. Information experts.

No, not Clarence Mitchell. That was an unfortunate error of casting as I one day I'll explain. He’s an unfortunate soul that the manipulators curse having around every single day. He’s a nut totally misplaced in a well oiled machine. Enough to make a well serviced engine cough up in pain.

No, these people are good. To understand how all this is played you have to first understand two major concepts of this business: the fooling-fooled relationship and the apple principle. Both are simple, but often overlooked. The first is states that no conman gives you a heads-up before he fools you.

These people don’t wear t-shirts with “I’m going to fool you” stamped on it. Nor have a tattoo on their forehead saying “basically, I’m mean”. Everyone of us has been fooled one time or another.

Except Bill, my dear American buddy. He adamantly states that he has NEVER been fooled in his whole life, and guarantees that he won’t be in the future. However he says that, from time to time, he has paid, more or less expensively, more or less painfully, for a lesson in life.

I tend to agree with him, but one lesson that life has taught me and Bill is that life only lets you know that you’ve learned a lesson AFTER it has been ministered.

So, I’m rather amazed when people who are shocked by fooled by those that they thought were incapable of such. And even more so with people that guarantee that such and such person is incapable of a dishonest act.

The second principle, the apple one, is that you only need one rotten apple to spoil the whole basket. All others, no matter how healthy they may be, will, from then on, be looked upon with suspicion.

A very rewarding ratio, if you’re set on disruption, obtained from just a single fruit.

Those that think that I’m pinpointing DL are way off target. Let me remind you that the edifice of truth is made out of “bricks”, supposed facts, not people. (to be continued)

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