Monday, 8 June 2009

The Final Bow

They say a swan sings a final majestic chant before it dies.

Never heard one do that, and I don’t like to live my life in accordance with hearsay. I prefer “The Final Bow”.

For one reason, is that I’ve seen many, some I wished for that moment never to come whilst for others it was never too soon.

Then, unlike the so said chant of the above stated animal, it’s not a final attempt to leave behind a memory to justify its existence, but more of subjecting oneself to the judgment of those we stood on the stage for in the first place.

That terrific moment in an artist’s profession is one of eternity. Much can happen, and of the much that happens all will be squeezed into what ultimately becomes what history will register as that particular performance.

The performer knows exactly what he merits at that particular moment. His vanity might fool him a little, but only just that. In the end, when the head bows, there may be applause, heartfelt or pitied, or, in the most harsh of judgments, silence.

When there is applause, the artist may go for an encore. This might be risky, or a certainty. The longer he/she takes to come back, the more certainty there is.

But, there are some performer’s who having worked, so, so hard, to get the leading role, that simply refuse to get off the stage no matter how many tomatoes they get thrown. It’s much more the fear of the silence, the painful recognition of how poor a performance, than shamelessness.

Mr. Gordon Brown, in the end the curtain does closes, and the public does leave you alone on the stage. Please, have some dignity. That’s all you still can salvage.

Your performance is over, whether you like it or not. And we all know how much you hate things that you cannot control. But, this one, you must simply let go.

With your exit, I hope that information manipulation from the highest institutions of the Country will cease, and the truth about Maddie will finally be able to see broad daylight.


  1. Brilhante, como sempre. Acrescentemos mais uns figurantes no bailado da morte: Constancio, Santos Silva, Alberto Costa e o GRANDE MAESTRO- SOCRATES! DANSARAO ATE QUE O PALCO LHES DOA...

  2. É mesmo aqui que fica isto:
    "The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Harare, Robert Ndlovu, has told the BBC that there are now at least a million orphans in Zimbabwe - with many facing sexual and physical abuse from their extended families."

    Because "The Powers" do not mind about.


  3. A morte do cisne?
    O bailado,a obra são lindos.

    Mas os cisnes do poder "morrem"?
    Não.Substituem-se por iguais.Assim,tudo continua.

    Portanto,não acredito que as mudanças no poder venham a permitir ,no caso de Maddie, a Justiça para a Menina.
    Vão impedir sempre.
    No caso(s) da Joana,outra Menina sem Justiça.A mesma falta de Justiça.

    Porque em ambos os casos os poderes do poder fizeram o que jamais deveriam fazer: perseguir quem está no caminho da descoberta,impedir as sanções aos que negligenciaram e abusaram das crianças.

  4. Para esta Menina,Mari Luz,que infelizmente perdeu a Sua vida :
    "O juiz de Instrução de Huelva decretou que Santiago Del Valle, a sua irmã e a sua mulher podem ser condenados a mais de seis anos de prisão. Del Valle é acusado de homicídio e abuso sexual, a irmã é acusada de homicídio e a mulher de cumplicidade.
    De acordo com os peritos, Mari Luz morreu devido a asfixia debaixo de água. "

  5. You,before to read Hasta and this,must drink water,to breathe...

    11 de junio de 2009
    Caso Madeleine McCann - El perfil de los niños secuestrados.

    Madeleine's Fund promoted by ICMEC as an NGO Don't You Forget About Me

    "Kate and I will work with the various non-governmental organisations to influence the policy makers who decide these important decisions."

    Gerry's blog (Day 302: 29/02/2008-Friday)
    Texto de :
    By Nigel Moore, mccannfiles
    09 June 2009

    I'm so sorry about the pause...


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