Sunday, 19 April 2009

Kate's Suicide

The news about Kate’s attempts on suicide worries me. I do believe that she’s the weakest link of the "dark" side.

She saw David kill Maddie, and probably fought to defend her. She was convinced that the best way for all, including her, Gerry and the twins, was to act the way she had. Any other course of action would have jeopardized all.

But truth sinks in. And what a weight it is.

On the 3rd of May, what she, and nobody realized was that things would get the proportion they got and still have. What was initially quite a successful media maneuver, with all its heartwarming and tearful messages, became rapidly a monster out of control to all, including the VIP, VVIP and VVVIP involved.

We all ask for Kate’s head on a platter. But let’s stop to reflect for a moment. Leave passion aside and think. Imagine what Kate’s world is like.

She’s watched every single minute of her life. She’s incapable of any free speech and activity since the 3rd of May. I believe that, initially, she was an activist of the abduction lie, but as time moves on and conscience sinks in, I believe that she would confess.

If she could.

All those IMPORTANT people who’ve carried this farce thus far and will continue to do so, are sufficiently IMPORTANT, to stop her on her tracks of any sort of confession. And I’m saying physically.

She cannot communicate. Verbally, the retarded Gerry is like complaining to Himmler about the Holocaust. In written, well, she has the BEST of all watching. Not hired hands, but governmental paid. Any mail, letter, chat, or whatever she writes electronically is scrutinized.

Her physical appearance is degrading by the day. Unlike that of the nauseating husband of hers. Her insides are eating her away. She has become a burden. A time-bomb.

And, as efficient as these people are, they’ve already planned to contain the effects if she ever explodes. You will hardly hear the bang. Even standing next to her. And they sure have certified that she knows exactly that.

First the rumors about being sick. Her absences from the trips. Now the suicide attempt. I’m afraid that we won’t be seeing much of Kate. She’ll either go into a “depression” such that will require enclosure, or be “successful” in a future attempt.

I don’t believe that she’ll be on Oprah. Simply because the puppeteers think the strings are not trustable enough: Any outburst could compromise all.

Either there will be no show, or she’ll be unable to go, due to health reason of emotional nature. These are dangerous powerful people, and Kate is right in their sights. And there are still people saying that justice is not served?

Kate, how you wish you could settle this “legally”, don’t you? What angers you most? The animal David getting away with it, or having to share the same space with that grotesque man next to you?


  1. Acredito imenso nas Suas verdades,já que G.A. tem de ser cauteloso para tentar que a Justiça para a Pequenina venha a funcionar.

    Acredito na Sua Teoria; e nesta,também:

    "What angers you most? The animal David getting away with it, or having to share the same space with that grotesque man next to you?"

    As nódoas negras nos braços...aquela,talvez meia-hora K/D/Maddie foi terrível.
    Também me custa a crer que a deixem ir ao show da Oprah. Ou vai sedada ou fala a verdade.
    Vamos esperar.
    Os Ts se a vida dela acabar,irão respirar de alívio.
    Ela perdeu a Filha e VIU!

    Tudo de bom,para Si.

  2. Meus sinceros agradecimentos pela paixão, candura, sinceridade e, fudamentalmente, dor que transparecem no seu comentário.

    É por pessoas como V.Exa que todos temos o dever de continuar.


    My sincere gratitude for the passion, candidness, sincerity and, fundamentaly, pain that transpires from your comment.

    It's people like yourself that all of us have the duty to persevere.

  3. É por pessoas como V(.Exa )que todos temos o dever de continuar.

    (o Vexa,para mim não é necessário;atrapalho-me)

    Sim,todos devem continuar a luta pela Justiça que o BIG MAN começou e tentou...e verdades com as Suas ,penso,defendo,devem ser escritas.

    Mas,pasmo.Como consegue o Textusa deduzir o que deduziu das minhas palavras escritas?
    Lembro-me de 1 dia ter lido: "posso ser o tipo que está sentado ao seu lado".Pasmo portanto por sentir sensibilidade aí?

    O Seu nick tb. é super.A língua portuguesa é mto.traiçoeira.Embora acredite que foi de propósito,essa criação.

    As Suas Teorias/Verdades devem ser publicitadas pelo realismo que delas vem.

  4. I do agree with you Textusa that this whole sad mess of a cover up is to protect the identity and reputation of some self obsessed, no doubt filthy rich VIP. I am staggered, however, that anyone should be so important that the whole establishment appears to be involved in one way or another in securing this person a "Get out of jail free" card. Absolutely shameful that this person should be considered more important that the truth about an innocent child. Keep going Textusa - I love reading your blog.


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