Sunday, 9 November 2008


Nov 9th, 2008

On this day, To all of those that have fallen, giving up their most precious possession, for the true values of democracy as truth and freedom of speech, opinion and judgment, I bow my head in the most profound respect and gratitude.

To all those that have used this heroic altruism, distorting it to your own benefit and purpose, my most heartfelt, deepest of disgust.


  1. Hello Textusa, just found your blog and am reading through.
    I have to disagree with your post about the McCanns taking all the rap, I agree payne is more than likely the guilty party but fact if on many levels the McCanns are culpable...They are her parents, they shoud have protected Madeleine at all costs! They have alllowed Payne to get off scot free by covering for him and still not speaking up..What particularly worries me is the question opf premeditatiuon....The leaflets they gave out in the first few hours of Madeleine going missing were not and could not have been printed in when, where and most importantly WHY were they made presumably before their arrival in PDL?
    And why did Brother John so quickly jack in his job to head the fund? The almost immediate use of the media to direct the investigation in the direction they wanted?
    There is several strange occurances including the mobile footage of gerry on the plane which makes me have to wonder about premediation.

  2. SYM,

    Thanks for stopping by. Always welcome.

    It's becoming common our agreements on disagreement. The appearances of those pictures tells me that the logistic infrastructure that supported the McCs at PDL was a consolidated one.

    The machine was rolling smoothly, when, in my opinion, Kate jumped the gun. And from then on, arrogance and haste were the norm.

  3. So textusa why do you think the McCanns have the assistance they do? I mean what is your opinion on what compels all these p[eople to put aside the normal disgust at the killing of a child and instead cover for them?
    And the phone video of gerry on the phone?, but then perhaps he was just in a mood.

  4. SYM,

    Will hopefully answer your questions in a near future.

    But can give you a little appetizer: snowball effect.

    We sometimes cannot foresee the relevance of things we do at the time we do it. What was a cover-up of a simple death, became an unbearable embarassement.

    I know that this "simple" will shock you, and good for you because it means that no matter how hard life was to you, you haven't lost the humanity that every human being should have, but harsh reality is what it is, and in the disgusting "great scheme of things" only a child was killed, whereas the recognition of its death will hamper national interests.


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