Friday, 7 November 2008

Quite an Achievement: 0 Comments.

Nov 7th, 2008

Last time I looked, my last post at the 3Arguido's Forum, "The Employees”, had had only 150 hits and 0 replies.

Quite an achievement.

By the way it was somewhere on the fourth page and in cruising speed well on its way to the fifth.

So, if you still want to read it, please do hurry.

Disappointed in myself? Yes. For not being able to, apparently, put across my message. Was I too boring? Was I too narrative? Was I too bullying? Was I whatever?

Well, it’s irrelevant because whatever it was, it provoked mere silence.

Be it lack of interest on my part or fear of commitment on yours. Or my commitment and your interest.

Disappointed in you? Yes.

I did use the technique of bullying the “enemy” into silence, but, honest as I always am, did expect some support. The 147 hits are just a little under the 1500-3000 I got with previous posts.

I could get into an excusable interpretation that that those high numbers could represent repeated hits of people coming back to accompany the bickering fights between the parties, whilst the 147 are “true” hits.

I won’t, as I said, its irrelevant. And this isn’t the place for commiseration.

I could extrapolate nice things about the fact that it as received a couple dozens hits after it has left the “front page”, and has even had 3 in between page 3 and 4, but I’ll let it lie

Will it shut up my voice? Yes, some would wish. But no, it won’t.

Here, wherever, I will continue to voice my opinion. Let it be known that I can take a hit.

It’s not how many times you fall, its how quickly you get up that matter.

I’ll probably stop posting here (the Forum), as this forum might not be what I expected to be. Or I’m not what this forum expects. I’m not judging the judgment of the mods, who are people that deserve unquestionably my utmost respect. Even if they kick me out in the next minute or two.

They have a commitment, a mission, and although the end result is the same (or I think it is), their means and ways of going about it may differ significantly from mine.

When one of the parties realizes that the other is no longer fulfilling the “agreed”, separation is the natural option.

No fuss, no disrespect. If I cannot fight on the hills, I'll do my fighting in the mountains. And if I can't there, I'll find somewhere else.

But I'll be around. I’m not here to show you how clever I am. Nor to be popular.

The reward, is nothing but sad, just to mention it. I have already said that I act out of common decency and in accordance with my conscience.

And let me tell you what it tells me when my 5 year-old granddaughter sits on my lap and sips that hot cocoa that I melt when I see her drinking it: it tells me to tell her, very silently, and looking into those innocent infant eyes that if your parents are ever responsible for your death, and I, for some absurd stupid reason that I cannot now foresee, do protect them from justice, may there be, somewhere in this insane world, a loony old bat that will never forfeit to speak on your behalf.

That’s what the cricket in my shoulder keeps repeating time and time again.

And he’s much more annoying than I am.

This is what I believe happened, and which I’m assuming as facts:

1. Madeleine is dead, and that happened in the apartment 5A, between 18.30 and 19.00 p.m, on May 3rd 2007.

2. One of her parents, or both, witnessed the death the moment it happened.

3. One of her parents might have killed her, although I think it was David Payne who did it.

4. Her parents and their friends cooperated in the creation of an abduction story that meant the spending of significant resources, human and otherwise, for many days.

5. Her parents participated directly and actively in the disposal of her body.

6. During their holiday stay in Praia da Luz, the McCanns and their friends were negligent with the children under their care.

7. Her parents and friends had, in all events following her death, the help and cooperation of British citizens residing in the Praia da Luz area, as well as of people significantly embedded in the British Government itself.

Please do contain from asking me for statements of proof, as I won’t answer. I couldn’t care less for the opinion of those that, apparently, cannot add up one and one.

The first fact is irrevocable. From #2 to #6 justice can and should be sought.

The 7th, is of difficult proof and application of justice, with only possible political consequences.

Now, let me surprise you. If you think that I’m anti- McCann, you could not have read me wronger. Yes, I think they should be punished for what they did. What I think is that they are being overly punished.

As I said before, justice is served many a time outside court-rooms. And, if haven’t realized it by now, I think you should take into account that Kate and Gerry McCann have condemned themselves to a life imprisonment sentence without parole.

It may be a fancy prison, but it’s a prison alright.

And one with much fewer privileges sometimes than the ones with bars.

My problem is that they are taking the rap alone, and they shouldn’t be. Out of the Tapas 9, in the near future, you might remember the names of David Payne or of Jane Tanner, but if one of these is to buy an apple next to you on a grocery store, you will not recognize either of them, and they will, quite soon, be able to go on with their lives unscathed.

All the other of the Tapas 9, besides the McCanns themselves, could buy that apple today, that you wouldn’t even raise your head. I wouldn’t.

Now picture Kate and Gerry. You still remember the faces of those Libyans accused of Lockerbie, don’t you? I do. And it was how long ago? Twenty years.

Kate and Gerry’s face will always be in everyone’s mind. They will never be able to walk the streets without the shadow of Madeleine hanging over their heads.

Whatever justice that you call upon them will only alleviate their (deserved (?)) pain, not burden them further. They have paid, are paying, and will pay for whatever crimes they have committed until the end of their days.

And Amelie and Sean, with age, will probably aggravate this even further. Maybe a too harsh of a sentence if they are witnesses of voluntary or involuntary murder.

But an adequate one if they participated in the killing of Madeleine.

But, what about the others? What about the truth? Will justice ever be served on the remainder Tapas 7?

Well for what it’s worth, I see only one weak link here, and that is the McCanns themselves.

And Kate’s guilt-ridden expression tells me that that is not an impossibility. Unless they break, this insane story will be upheld.

In the following post, probably my last, if this is not it, be that the will of the mods, I’ll try to explain, simplistically, why in my modest opinion, this story is very difficult to have an happy “legal” ending.

Last note. I will be particularly offended if anybody misinterprets my words into me having feelings of pity for Kate or Gerry McCann.

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