Friday, 30 September 2011

Textusa's Dictionary: Nauseating

nau•se•at•ing [naw-zee-ey-ting, -zhee-, -see-, -shee-] adjective 1. causing sickness of the stomach; nauseous. 2. such as to cause contempt, disgust, loathing, etc.: I’m fed up with the nauseating McCann’s impunity and absolute lack of shame and self-decency.


  1. This is a very violent slap on the face of each law-abiding, honest women in the world. I consider myself a victim of unnecessary aggression. These journalists should be criminally prosecuted. I'm hurt and ashamed.

  2. this choice of Kate mccann as inspirational does not say much for the other women nominated on the list to be associated and have their names linked to such an infamous character as Kate who will soon be spending her time in prison, it has to happen now SY are involved.

  3. I'd like to voice my protest against this sick joke.

  4. How much did the magazine have to pay Kate for using her name and photograph, Kate and her team of lawyers are never one to miss a money making opportunity or was it all arranged by Kates slick PR team on the payroll of the fraudulent fund.

  5. It's a sad day for all those parents who's children are missing, and fighting for help in the search of their children. Filomena Teixeira, my heart goes out to you.

  6. What is the world coming to when we make celebrities out of criminal suspects, what about real and genuine inspirational women. Kate Mccann inspirational what a sick joke, I know Kate will jump on any bandwagon to get into the news, but this is one too far.

  7. Is this the same Kate Mccann that called the pj F****** Tossers when they tried to find her 'missing' daughter, the Kate that refused to answer 48 police questions, or the Kate that had cadaver on only her clothing, the 'mother' that washed maddie's cuddle cat when cadaver was found on it, why is this person inspirational !!!

  8. This is the woman who confesses in her book that she chose the University to go to based on the social going-ons there. I'd say that is quite inspirational example for all our bright young women to follow. Don't go to Cambridge or Oxford, the parties there suck!

  9. Anon Sep 30, 2011 10:01:00 PM, besides her looks, and even that very arguable, there's absolutely nothing else that this pathetic human being is capable of being an example of. And just as pathetic are those who dared name, nominate and vote for this list. I agree with Anon Sep 30, 2011 9:09:00 PM, if my name was on that list I'd be on th phone right now to have it removed. What has this world come to indeed.

  10. Naming her an inspirational woman is insulting every woman in Britain. Something that is inspirational, is considered an example. Means, that judges are waiting and encouraging other British womans to do the same? What a bizarre award for a mother that claims she left her childs alone all nights, all week in a row, in a foreigner country, but this is not negligence, no matter if one disappeared leaving no traces. After all, claims the father, that is like dinning at home in your garden while your children are sleeping on their room and that is a stereotype behaviour characteristic of all British parents.
    I know, which award she deserves... a place in prison. Even, after the police advised her about the damages she was doing to the search of her daughter, by not answering the police questions, she carried on with the behaviour and left 48 questions without answers.
    If Kate deserves that award, then Karen Mathews must be out of prison and put side by side with Kate because Kate was an inspiration for her. At least Karen, comes from the bottom of the society and saw on Maddie case what the case really is, an opportunity to fool people and raise money, and her daughter didn't disappear forever. What Karen had, was just a nude and genuine inspiration on Kate Mccann, without PR gurus to help her achieve the same influence and money. The 2 K-ladies deserve the same award.

  11. I came in a couple of hours ago,and read in UTTER dispair your "heading" for today!!!! I was so angry,I just couldn,t really believe this garbage is still being bandied about , Kate McCaan voted as an inspirational woman!!!!!!!!well that will be good news for other parents who think they too could exploit their children for finacial gain!!!When is this debacle going to end,and those smug mccaan smiles wiped forever from our lives.I despair that justice will ever be brought for Madeleine,shame on all who see her disappearance through rose tinted glasses.Until one of their tapas friends can no longer live with their guilt in this cover up ,we haven,t a hope in hell in getting to the truth, UNLESS the SY now in situ aren,t up for taking "backhanders" and do the job their paid to do ,the Macaans will spend the rest of their shameful lives banking ,banking banking,on the proceeds of "the crime of the century"

  12. I can think of many inspirational women that have been left off this list, what is Kate Mccann thinking the magazine would have requested Kate Mccanns approval before publication, Kate would have been fully aware, she knows in her heart what really happened to Maddie but still she accepted the award, Kate is beyond contempt, she actually believes the rubbish in her book is true (NOT).

  13. This is so sick that not even The Sun is touching this story.

  14. Don't be upset by this - it is really not a bad thing.
    There is a thing called too much exposure.
    Out there are some people who only read The Sun and such and have very little access to real news.
    They are a bit slow.
    But somewhere in the beginning they all read some strange things about this case.
    And with each nauseating accolade something is going to pop up and say hey wait a minute ---------.

    The comments in this article against Kate are actually more propaganda in the neglect issue which we know was not the case.

    People - once and for all those kids were not left alone.
    There was no neglect.
    One day the smoke is going to clear and the mirrors will be seen for what they are.

    And besides this is symptomatic of our culture. Tony Blair peace envoy to the Middle East is a far greater insult than this.
    Barak Obama Nobel peace prize winner.

    Slowly but surely it will come to the fore as in this excellent blog that it is actually a very simple affair that has been spun into a mountain.

    Slowly, slowly goes the tortoise.

  15. Women whose name are tainted to belong to the same list as Kate McCann:

    JK Rowling, 46, author and philanthropist (we all know HOW INFLUENTIAL this woman is!! Wouldn’t be admired if she was the one that pushed Kate’s name forward)
    Martha Lane Fox, 38, the digital champion
    Zaha Hadid, 60, the groundbreaking architect
    Jo Brand, 54, the comedy queen
    Helena Bonham Carter, 45, award-winning actress
    Joanna Lumley, 65, actress, commentator & author
    Helen Boaden, 55, the woman behind the news
    Michelle McDowell, 48, top civil engineer
    Dame Harriet Walter, 61, classical actress

    Kate McCann, 43, the campaigner (yes, I have to agree, she’s an excellent campaigner in getting her message to the general public. Just don’t ask her to REALLY do something to solve the why her daughter “disappeared”)

    Lynne Owens, 42, our top policewoman
    Natalie Massenet, 46, the internet fashion leader
    Sarah Burton, 36, THAT wedding dress designer
    Helena Morrissey, 45, storming the boardroom
    Hope Powell, 44, woman’s football hero
    Delia Smith, 70, Britain’s top cook
    Gillian Ayres, 81, Britain’s finest artist
    Jo Shapcott, 58, award-winning poet
    Kate Swann, 47, high-street recession buster
    Annie Lennox, 56, musician and activist

    The should-be-ashamed judging panel:
    Sue James (seated centre) is Editorial Director of w&h
    Lorraine Kelly, television presenter and journalist
    Pamela Stephenson, clinical psychologist, former actress and comedienne
    Kathy Lette, bestselling author
    Dorothy Purdew OBE, founder of Champneys health spas, with spas across the country
    Wendy Dagworthy OBE, head of fashion and textiles at the Royal College of Art and a founder of London Fashion Week
    w&h columnist Karren Brady, vice chairman of West Ham United FC and Lord Sugar’s assistant on The Apprentice.

    Su, brilliant post!

  16. Su, we all know the negligence never happened but we can't forgot how was used to bake the abduction and give some of the top headlines in papers, by Gerry Mccann, such:

    - The Tapas being = at his garden in Rothley
    - The Clock children being in bed at 7pm ( 8 children if I'm not in error)
    - The negligence being a characteristic of all British parents.

    That is what they officially delivered to the police and the media. How can those shameful judges vote on this character and the other names agree to stay side by side with Kate on that list? Where is going Britain by allowing that?

  17. Oh yes! What an inspiration she is...if your life goal is to be nicknamed as "HOT LIPS" by your colleagues(Hot Lips Healy!)!


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