Friday, 2 September 2011

The "Adultch" Triangle

Foreword: this post is intended to be understood ONLY by a very selective group of people who we know follow very attentively this blog. To all our other readers, our apologies for this "enigmatic" post.

In the most famous triangle of the world, the Bermuda Triangle, things disappeared without explanation.

There’s another triangle, known to few, which we’ll call the “Adultch" Triangle, which is defined by AMSTERDAM – VENLO – ROERMOND, which as unlikely as it seems, may have played a significant part in the Maddie McCann Affair.

In this triangle, "Adult Only" interests are catered for. Very, very adult interests.

"Adultch" is the resulting compression of the word "Adult" with "Dutch".

The first, is the intent, the latter the location.

Mind you, we believe that this is but one of many existing "Triangles". But this one is very well known within the few we know know it.

The thing about this particular triangle, is that, unlike its Bermuda counterpart, it might explain many, many unexplained things.

You see, in the Bermuda Triangle, people from the outside, came inside it and unexplainably disappeared.

 But in the "Adultch" Triangle, people come mainly from the outside, gathered in a "somewhere" inside, and come out as if they were never in it.

But while they were there, there were many, many a story to be forever untold, and we're not going to be the ones to tell them.

Not that we know any, that is.

What we know is from hearsay.

But this "Adultch Triangle", just might explain the cover-up of a disappearance. Both, the cover-up and disappearance, or disappearance and cover-up to put them in the correct order, happened many, many miles away.

It brings to memory a certain song, which we've taken the liberty of adapting: Down by Reuven (an adaptation of the song “Down River” by The Temper Trap

We have seen some things 
Some awfully nice 
Some dreadfully bad 
But we will sing 
Wash the blood, off our knees 
Cause our love breaks 
Through ruff seas, our ship will sail it 
I, don't, understand 
How this world will work 
Cause time will tell us nothing 
I'll take a chance on something 
 (Fill them up Fill them This time take you) 
Down by Reuven 
Down by Reuven 
Down by Reuven Down.. 
 (Walk these stairs Put the pieces back together) 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go don't stop 
Now go.. 

We have seen some things 
But bells in your hallways 
Don't move you in the right place 
So we will sing 
Cast our hopes out to sea 
Though our hears break 
Through violent winds, our ship will sail it I, don't, understand 
How this world will work 
Cause time will tell us nothing 
I'll take a chance on something 
(Build them up Build them This time take you) 
Down by Reuven. 
Down by Reuven 
Down by Reuven 
(Walk these stairs Put, the pieces, back together) 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop Go don't stop 
Now go.. 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go don't stop 
Now go.. 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go, don't stop 
Go don't stop 
Now go..

This world really is one filled with insanity.


  1. Is that why the McCann's went to Germain and Amsterdam? Few days after a Deutch paper claimed a letter with a map where the body could be found. While contacted by the police, contrary to police expectations, the parents didn't show any despair or anguish.
    A man from the Tapas 7 meet the parents in Amsterdam. How many more characters meet them?

  2. From the" Sun" article when they went to Berlin and Amsterdam:

    "The couple, from Rothley in Leicestershire, made the trip to appeal for information from German holidaymakers in Portugal's Praia da Luz on May 3.

    They urged them to check their holiday snaps for images of a male suspect who was seen carrying a child near to the resort.

    The man is thought to be 35, 1m75 tall, dark hair and wore a dark jacket, a light coloured trousers, and dark shoes.

    "He was seen carrying a child shortly before Madeleine was discovered abducted," he said."

    A trip not to search Madeleine but to search hypothetical witnesses who could have seen the fake abductor. Looking for pictures with strangers on the background. If they went there to hunt that witnesses is because they know there is an high risk of having a German/ Deutch witness who could have spotted something. Looking to the surnames of the people who are on the Tapas list, I don't see any Deutch or German name. Those were persons without interest for the McCann's. Because they know the diner never happened? Or because they know who was in the Tapas could not be in the streets to recognize the guy the Smiths spotted carrying a child that night? They were almost sure the guy was Gerry.
    On 5 of June, when the McCann's travelled, the world was not aware of that sight and of the feelings of the Smiths. The police... Maybe not as well. But the McCann's know, somebody have spotted something. How many they are? Who they are? That's what they wanted to know.

  3. Look at the clothes Gerry was wearing in the TV program they went in Berlin, where they made an appeal for tourists to send pictures: beige( cream trousers), dark jacket. If you look attentively to the pictures from that trip, Kate changed the clothes. Gerry changed the color of the shirt but the trousers and the jacket remained the same or with same color.

    Now match that with message Gerry wanted to pass to German and Deutch tourists who have been in PDL, reported by BBC:
    "Mr McCann, who turned 39 on Tuesday, gave a detailed description of a suspect seen carrying what was thought to be a child on the night Madeleine disappeared.
    He said the man was approximately 35 years old, about 5ft 8in or 5ft 9in tall and had dark hair, which was parted at the side and slightly longer at the back.
    He said the man was wearing a dark jacket slightly longer than a suit, beige trousers and dark shoes.
    Asked if he thought the man had taken Madeleine, he said they were: "suspicious of the timing and that person needs to be eliminated from the investigation".

    He also urged people to hand in any pictures taken around the time Madeleine vanished at Praia da Luz with strangers in the background."

    Amazing...he dressed up like the abductor. At the time the Fund was very health, Mitchell and a team of lawyers were already in the terrain. Any possible witness could be easily silenced if came to them instead of going to the police.

    Source of information: Mccannfiles - trip to Berlin.

  4. Amazing, in Amsterdam Gerry still wearing the same clothes.
    In morocco he changed the clothes. Black trousers with black jacket. Kate also in black. Grieving colors now. And few days after came the letter from a paper in Amsterdam which didn't surprises me if belongs to Murdoch empire.

    Where is SY who is reviewing the case? They should be arrested for fooling the world during so many years.
    Now the British are going to pay that review when the investigation was already payed by the portuguese and the evidences against them are so clear.

  5. I'm supposing you're telling us that this "swinging" group began somewhere inside that triangle. I would think that as it involves only Brits that it was something that evolved from the UK itself. Or you could be saying that's where the McCanns started to get involved in such activities, and that would fit as they did live in Amsterdam. Netherlands is known for being sexually open minded, unlike the UK where you can be the biggest perv as long as it's not known publicly.

  6. For years it has been a preferred technique by the Pro's to label anybody not consenting to their dogma as lunatics and if they just don't go away and shut up, even as paedophile supporters or even paedophiles. Their various forums and boards slowly turned away from the case at hand towards a witch hunt of those with opposing views.

    A basic hallmark of a "democratic" forum and board is to accept dissent and allow free arguing without trying to smear the worst critics. And the objective should not turn from the search of the truth to fighting the critics.

    To be able to read an IP map is no achievement. To read the worst atrocities into a location is simply insane.

  7. From Amaral book chap.8 and 21:

    " The Smith family, from Ireland, 4 adults and 5 children is in Luz for holidays, staying at their own holiday apartment.....- approx 21h55, they are returning from "Kelly's Bar", heading north, all spread out along the street...- they pass a man walking down the middle of the street, carrying a child, with the head against his left shoulder and the arms hanging down alongside the body, in light colored or pink pyjamas, bare feet, pale skin typical of British and blond, shoulder-length hair; the girl is about 3-4 years old, about 1 meter tall.
    .... The man is not dressed like a tourist; he's wearing cream or beige trousers, classic cut, of linen or cotton. He is white, 30-35 yrs, 1.70-1.80 meters tall, average build, physically fit, short, brown hair, with a face that looks tan......

    - Sept 2007, McCanns return to UK
    Gerry exits the plane, carrying his son against his left shoulder, the child's arms down along his sides, down the stairs and across the tarmack Gerry walks
    The Smith family see this recording on the news at 22h00 and are hit hard: they know this person, this way of carrying a child and of walking. It is Gerry McCann, they
    believe with a high degree of certainty, that they saw on 3 May at about 22h00, carrying a 4 yr old girl who appeared to be deeply asleep....The father contacts the police to communicate this new information. He says he has not slept since 9 Sept and is very upset. It's as if he re-lived the night he saw the man carrying the child.

    From the timeline they wrote on Maddie book:
    -9:15, Gerry left the table to check the children
    -9:20, Jane tanner saw a strange carrying a child.

    From Jane tanner statement that leads to the egg man:
    "* Dark skinned individual, male sex, aged between 35 – 40, slim physical appearance, about 1.70m tall. Very dark, thick hair, longer at the back (she could only see him from behind). He was wearing linen type cloth trousers, beige to golden in colour, a "duffy" type jacket (but not that thick). His shoes were dark in colour, classic type. He had a hurried walk. He was carrying a child, who was lying on both his arms, in front of his chest. By the way he was dressed, he gave her the impression that he was not a tourist, because he was very "warmly dressed".

    Sylvia Batista (Ocean Club Manager/Translator) - Praia da Luz, 03 May 2007

    'At a given moment, the deponent translated the deposition from one of the ladies that belonged to the group of English people, namely one that she indicates as being a brunette( jane)This lady told the GNR officers, and the deponent translated, that she had seen a man crossing the road, possibly carrying a child. The deponent found that situation strange because she was convinced that when
    she saw this man, the lady was positioned in a spot that has no viewing angle to the location where she had seen the man."

    Jeremy Wilkins also said to the police that the street was so narrow that from the place where he was he could have seen the abductor and Jane if they were there. Will be impossible to pass unnoticed.

  8. The Netherlands (i/ˈnɛðərləndz/; Dutch: Nederland,

    Official language(s)


    Recognised regional languages

    Frisian (in Friesland),

    Papiamento (in Bonaire),

    English (in Sint Eustatiusand Saba)

  9. Well said, Johanna

  10. Johanna,

    "A basic hallmark of a "democratic" forum and board is to accept dissent and allow free arguing without trying to smear the worst critics."

    Tolerant words coming from someone who was so much shocked by the fact that Joana Morais could've endorsed in some manner Textusa.

    This blog has always been tolerant, sometimes even too tolerant in my opinion, while your comments towards this blog can be qualified under "trying to smear".

    Let's hope that you show some of that tolerance you speak of from now on.

    Could you please explain what do you mean with "To be able to read an IP map is no achievement." and with "To read the worst atrocities into a location is simply insane."?

    Who is mapping IPs? Textusa? Why do you say that and what clues do you have that make you think that? Insane? He's the only one threatening to use the IPs of readers as far as I know, and is not taken very seriously to be worth a mention.

    What location do you mean is being "read the worst atrocities"? PDL? Holland? If it's PDL, then yes, soem atrocities apparently did happen there. If it's Holland, I see no atrocities mentioned.

    Will wait for your response, and do take this comment as a way to "allow free arguing".

  11. Back to the time all the circus started, the papers and TVs were full of comments from responsible people saying the swing was the activity that joint the group. Some said, Mark warner resorts were known by allowing that. Mccann's PR machine settled on place few days after the disappearance, immediately start to intimidate who talks about that in the media. It is obvious... Something connects a group who appears to have members which are not so so good friends. They have a pact, in my opinion, not because they have a strong relationship but because all have something to hide, to keep out of the public eyes and out of the knowledge of their relatives.
    The death of child, no matter if was Ann accident, while they are in a certain type of holidays, is a disaster and need to be concealed to avoid exposure.
    We, the public, just can speculate and add information, but who use to have the same type of holidays and be in the same places, has no interest to have a case like that exposed. Wonder why so many VIPs, business mans, etc, jumped to the front line to help and protect the parents of a girl who apparently disappeared like many others who don't got a single minute of their attention. Something serious drives them to there. Cannot be a medical/ pharmaceutical issue, cannot be story of Madeleine been a clone( which I found more fantasist then the egg man) or the group support of the Freemanson's . Unless, some were involved on the same activities.
    What else, can so strongly connect apparently strangers? I just see something related with sexual activities. Kate was not so liberal and she pays a lot of attention to what other people think about her. Look at her words when she was made arguido" what my family will think about me?"
    The British society ( sorry to the British people) like the Portuguese and many others in Europe, is full of hypocrisy. They pretend to have an open mind but are very critical to who have deviants behavior. Just see what happen to the gays when they become public figures or reach the spotlights? They hide their sexual orientation and need to be very good on what they are doing as professionals, to have a huge group of fans and their place well cemented in the public, to assume they are gay. This just happen to singers and other artists.
    With swing is even worse then with "being gay". The swing, for many people, has a few line separating it from being a prostitute. And the things get worse if we speak about couples with children working in the medical world. How can they advise their pacients about protection against sexual diseases if they adopt for their lives a behavior that facilitates the sexual contact with people they don't know well? No matter if you say, are protected relations. The public forget that. The only thing which matters for the public, is the behavior.
    What is really shocking, for me, is that the children were used to encapsulate and hide from the close relatives, the swing. If all adults flew to a resort without children will be very suspicious. The children are normally used to hide this activities. That's why they choose low seasons and resorts with some facilities for the children. Why they said they refused the nannies at night? Is the question. For me, they don't refuse them and the child's were never neglected . They were under the care of some nannies. That's why they were sent out of Portugal in a rush, before they could talk too much to a journalist or to the police.

  12. A Kate e uma impostora. Tem-se revelado uma boa actriz.
    Chorando agora as lagrimas que nao chorou em 2007.
    Vi no Blog da Joana morais um comentario de alguem que transcreve partes da entrevista que Kate deu a revista Marie Claire agora que vai publicar o livro no Brazil.
    Por dinheiro, da a Volta ao mundo. Para procurar a filha na noite em que desapareceu, nao mexeu nem um dedo. Estava frio e escuro. Outros que o fizessem por ela porque ela precisava carregar baterias com telefonemas para QUEM a podia ajudar no negocio que se avizanhava e parecia bem lucrativo.

  13. Up to where goes the farce? Kate gave an interview to Marie Claire brazil to launch her book there( interview and link to the original article in Portuguese available at Mccannfiles)
    Not a single picture of Madeleine aged 3 in PDL. the pictures they delivered to the media in the early days are not part of the selection for Marie Claire. No picture showing the coloboma or the eye defect which was a good market ploy for 2007 but not anymore.
    Brazilians are going to be fool with the dramatic story of a lovely family who lost their beautiful girl. The target is the pockets of the brazilians and not the search of the girl.
    No window to make comments on the article. How far goes the gag? Another tabloid preventing the public to comment. Most brazilians know the story and the fraud. I hope somebody highlight in brazil the dimension of that fraud, before more innocents get involved with fake sights and waste money buying a book that is nothing else then a self promotion and a pile of lies.

  14. O MAC da "DamArade" anda muito activo no Brasil: em blogs; páginas " literárias" .

    E, quando comentámos pela 1ª vez num, nos outros já não foi possível.

    Eu ainda consegui explicar, embora mal, pois os casos são bem diferentes, que o de M. era como o da Isabel Nardoni. ( bem diferentes, pois madrasta e progenitor livraram-se dela ).

    O meu objectivo foi chamar a atenção para investigarem e não acreditarem no que o MAC da barragem escreve e diz.

    Nem fui verificar se o apagaram. Pouco importa; alguém deve ter lido; mesmo que fosse o MAC.

  15. If Johanna is implying that Textusa came up with this triangle based on “mapping IPs” it doesn’t make any sense to me.
    First because I’m not seeing Text going into all the effort of collecting IPs and then reveal that she does that in a post as harmless as this one. If Johanna feels mapped that’s her problem. I thought she was German, so should fall outside this triangle so I don’t understand her concern if she feels she was in some way included in it.
    Second, if “mapping IPs” came to a triangle, then it would most likely be in the UK, as it’s the one that appears the most.
    Lastly, I think the post clearly indicates the practice of “adult entertainment”, so what I think Text is saying is that in someplace inside that triangle is a very well known place to those who like to engage in such kind of life style, and is, in some way, that Textusa chose not to say, linked with those people that were at PDL.
    It’s very interesting to notice that Johanna only intervenes in this blog whenever Textusa points her guns towards the guests or to the OC. This triangle is near the border with Germany. Maybe Joahnna knows exactly what Textusa is referring to, and has nothing to do with “IP mapping”.

  16. Johanna, I'm Anon Sep 3, 2011 12:54:00 PM

    To "allow free arguing" means dialogue, and for that to exist you must answer the questions put to you, as should, whoever wishes to do so, answer yours.

    In your new found spirit of tolerance please find the time to answer, and not do what we're used to seeing here from you, which is you provoking and then remitting yourself to silence.

  17. It's clear, something on that blog disturbs Johanna.
    For a special reason the McCann's target their trip to German and Holland. Spain and Moroccos were just to distract .

  18. Sep 3, 2011 4:04:00 PM ..........what you write makes a lot of sense! Thank you for your comment!

  19. Anon Sep 3, 2011 4:04:00 PM
    Very nicely summed up. Thank you.

  20. If the Tapas 9 were in the OC due to the swing, some other guests were there for the same reason. That kind of activity runs like a mafia and like what happen with mafia, neighbors don't talk about it. Who suspects something don't talk about it. There is a type of tabu. All whispered inside doors but conveniently avoided outside.
    That's why no apparent reactions from who is on the Tapas list and some over-reactions from who is worried with what could be uncovered.
    The inputs of Johanna are very strange. Accusations, enigmatic words , intermittent posts. Why I have the feeling that she knows well the OC and have been there? If was on May 3, 2007 or not, I don't know, but something on her posts here and in another blogs force me to keep her on the basket of the BH which know well the OC. No surprise she is not answer some pertinent questions.
    I too, believe she lives in German.

  21. Barra da Costa, a criminologist and ex-PJ was in charged of the comments about Maddie case in RTP, at the beginning. He said the group was known by their swing activities. He didn't reveal the sources of information.
    Days after, he was invited again to RTP but refused to answer the questions related with swing. It was clear, he was nervous. I don't believe he said a lie. At the time, Mitchell and McCann's lawyers were already in PDL. I believe he was intimidated by them.

  22. Supposing that you haven't received any reply from Johanna.

    Her silence is says it all, doesn't it?

    If she's answered, please don't publish this comment.

  23. Johanna evaporated. Is maybe trying to map some Ips.

  24. From the PJ files:

    "Ministry of National Defence
    National Marine Authority
    Lagos Maritime Police

    Lagos Maritime Police Commander

    Dear Sir

    I inform you that on this date, around 16H30, whilst in the activity of searching, accompanied by sub-chief Dioniz, in the jurisdictional area of this command, namely on the beaches Zavial and Ingnna, we made various inquiries with the intent of finding missing Madeleine Beth McCann. We questioned various users of the referred to beaches: T**** F***, C***** M****, H***** W***, B***** W***, F**** M***, R****** T*****, S**** W****, W*** G**** and C****** W****. These individuals were aware of the disappearance [of the girl] but as of this date, had no indications as to the discovery of her whereabouts.

    I inform you that, upon going to the Zavial Beach concession of Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho , telephone contact numbers, ******** and ******; the same stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays), accompanied by their three children. Since this date, as he exercises his function in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them on that beach or in his restaurant.

    It is relevant to note that the Zaival Beach is normally frequented by nudists, and consequently attracts some peepers/lookers on.

    These are facts I wanted to bring to your attention.

    Lagos, 09th of May of 2007."

    What a shame... What were those 2 parents doing with their 3 child's in a restaurant in a beach for nudists? When the kids were not on the creche, were on that type of beaches?

  25. ''What a shame... What were those 2 parents doing with their 3 child's in a restaurant in a beach for nudists? When the kids were not on the creche, were on that type of beaches?''

    What were they doing? Nothing.

    The supposed sighting dates to the best part of a month before the McCanns arrived in Portugal, and has been discounted by all sane readers.

  26. Anonymoua Sep 5, 2011 12:23:00 AM

    " The supposed sighting dates to the best part of a month before the McCanns arrived in Portugal, and has been discounted by all sane readers".

    Please can you show proof that this event did not occur in April and in March as you suggest, one month before the McCanns arrived in Portugal. All statements say they arrived in April. Also can you give the link to information showing this statement has been discredited and by who.

  27. Regarding the post above:

    The McCann's in Ernesto restaurant in April( Easter holidays). I think the Easter in 2007 was at beginning of April. Then the McCann's were in PDL at the beginning and the end of April? If they were there after 28 April,
    On 30 of April some papers reported they claimed to be in Sagres. Wonder if madeleine was signed in and out of the creche in this 2 days.
    Interesting, the same parents who claimed to dine at the Tapas instead of the millennium, because the tapas was more close and they had 3 children and no buggies, have no problems to go very far for a special beach. In the middle of all that activity, when did Gerry played tennis and Kate do her jogging, before May 3?
    Why, was the trip to the zavial beach not reported on Kates book?

  28. Why don't you do your own research , preferably before posting crap you picked up on another site?

    As has been explained to you, Easter was at the beginning of April, weeks before the McCanns arrived.
    Why are you repeating hearsay derived from newspapers as if it was fact?
    It's probably not in the book because it never happened.


    Above is the link to PJ files where the letter is available in Portuguese( original) and the translation in English.
    Seems that my post hit an Insane target, implied from the observation " discounted by all the sane readers".

    I don't see anything in the files dismissing this statement. The only doubt I have is about the date. The witness stated April ( Easter holidays). Did he mistake the dates or the McCann's were in Portugal before April 28 and lied to the police when they said was the first time( as a family because Gerry have been in Algarve before in a golf trip)?

    There is a sexual taste on the holidays of this two. Involving the children is what make their behavior disgusting.

    From Anon. Sept 4, 11:51

  30. What were they doing? Nothing.

    For nothing, they don't need to go so far. Were probably trying to meet people who share the same interest. Looking for partners. That's why some are so silenced while others jump very scared.

  31. Insane, "sane readers" as in "witnesses to a crime"?

  32. Nudism has got nothing to do with sex and it's natural to see families do it. If the McCanns did nudism, that doesn't mean that they were there seeking sexual partners. Sexual deviation has nothing to do with clothes. You will find the exact same amount of sexual delinquents among nudists as you'll find among people with clothes. Please stop confusing things. Both nudism and swinging are done by normal people and have nothing to with each other. One has a definite sexual objective, swinging, the other, nudism, a celebration with nature. If the McCanns were seen in that beach, what is important is that they were there on that date and not because that is a nudist beach.

  33. Anon 5, 7:36,
    What you say will make sense if Kate had another posture regarding what others think about her. Her reaction when she was made arguida, says it all.
    Nudism for some persons who do it, means been naturist, for others could mean something else. Don't generalize.
    If they are naturists and their Nudism has nothing to do with sex, why they don't assume it? Why was that trip not part of the book and not reported to journalists?
    That information was not a spin from any paper, is a fact reported by a letter from a marine authority ( Lagos maritime police) to PJ. again, somebody posting here, got very uncomfortable with that fact and is trying to make it irrelevant. It is clear, that holidays from the McCann's were surrounded by a lot of mystery that force them to lie in all directions. What is important is not what they said or have deliver to the press. What is important is what they don't say to the police but come to the police knowledge trough other witnesses who had no agenda.

  34. Anon Sep 5, 2011 8:08:00 AM
    Thank you for your reply. What I wanted to express and I think you understood is that we have to be very careful when we use expressions that may be easily misunderstood and be easily "sexualized" by the BHs. They quickly exaggerate what we try to say, and I was trying to avoid that. What is important in that statement is that they were seen there much before they were supposed to be in Portugal. If they were there to seek sexual partners or just do some naturism is important to clarify motives. But now, I think, we should focus on the mix-up of dates.

  35. Textusa,
    I don't like to endorse people to another Forum. Then don't publish my comment if you wish, but I found very interesting what is being discussed at jillharvenforum, under the subject: " would this account for the unprecedented high level political support?".
    The Tapas list are under discussion. If what is being revealed is true, I can imagine why all that people was/is so silent? Why they cover- up a crime is probably directly connected with why they choose the OC as a holiday destination.
    What makes rich people to choose a cheap resort in a low season and runaway from the place immediately after everything happened? I think, and that is only my free opinion, could only be adult things- the swing.
    Please don't publish my comment, if you feel has no interest at all for seeking the truth.
    I believe Insane will be jumping under that revelations. This shows that some of the people who were at the Tapas dinner, could be there to help the McCann's set the farse and got out of the place when the mission was accomplished.

  36. Does it not occur to you idiots that the person who reported them as being at the nudist beach might be wrong? Just as the member of staff who claimed the McCann family ate breakfast at the Millenium restaurant each day also made a mistake.

    The McCanns weren't in Portugal at Easter, therefore could not have been the family he claims he saw at the beach, just as the claim by one witness that he saw them with a white truck the night after Madeleine disappeared subsequently turned out to be a false sighting too.

    But why am I bothering - you are stupid enough to believe that guests and the owners of the facility are all involved in a massive conspiracy, so I'm quite sure you'll buy this particular diversion hook line and sinker

  37. It can all be about swinging, but...I have a gut feeling that the ugly "P word" is also present.
    Mr. Amaral's wife once made a comment that she and her husband (unlike others...) did not have paedos in their circle of friends!
    She had to have good reason(knowledge) to say that...

  38. Incidentally, there is no evidence they were in Sagres on the 30th. Another myth.

  39. Sunday Easter of 2007 was on the 8th of April, Good Friday on the 6th, obviously, so, the Easter holidays were long gone by the time the Tapas9 arrived in Portugal.
    Mr. Muchacho could have been mistaken, but I doubt it. The Easter weekend (for many portuguese it's a mini-holidays, that's what I think Mr. Muchacho meant when he says Easter holidays) is usually a busy time in the restaurant and tourism business, people like to take a mini-break and most families have the tradition of having their Easter Sunday lunch out in a good restaurant. The restaurants in nice touristic areas are always crowded on that day, if you don't have a reservation forget about it! That's a very distinctive period, and if Mr. Muchacho associated the McCanns presence with that time it's likely he is not mistaken.

  40. Anon Sep 5, 2011 11:38:00 AM

    Are you saying no evidence means myth? There is no evidence to tell us who Jack the Ripper was. Does that mean the murderer of the victims is a myth?

  41. ''Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Sunday Easter of 2007 was on the 8th of April, Good Friday on the 6th, obviously, so, the Easter holidays were long gone by the time the Tapas9 arrived in Portugal.
    Mr. Muchacho could have been mistaken, but I doubt it. The Easter weekend (for many portuguese it's a mini-holidays, that's what I think Mr. Muchacho meant when he says Easter holidays) is usually a busy time in the restaurant and tourism business, people like to take a mini-break and most families have the tradition of having their Easter Sunday lunch out in a good restaurant. The restaurants in nice touristic areas are always crowded on that day, if you don't have a reservation forget about it! That's a very distinctive period, and if Mr. Muchacho associated the McCanns presence with that time it's likely he is not mistaken.''

    Except, of course, that the police have access to records showing exactly when the McCanns entered and left the country.

    Face it, this is a red herring. They were never there, nor were they in Sagres on the 30th.

  42. Oh grow up, for god's sake.

    The suggestion that they were in Sagres appeared in one crappy newspaper, and is not borne out by the evidence. Take it up with the PJ.

  43. The Zavial beach is NOT a beach "for nudists", nudists are tolerated there but it is used by families with children like any other beach. People who like their peace and quiet and room to lay their beach towel without stepping on other people's toes choose beaches like this. It's a secluded beach, of difficult access (the only road leading there was opened by Mr. MOCHACHO and his wife. This contributes to the low affluence of people, even in August and that's why some naturists use it, they can be there relatively in peace ane quiet. The beach has a concessioned area (managed and surveilled by the restaurant owner, Mr. Mochacho) and this is the area used by the "regular" people, the naturists stick to the unsurveilled and more secluded areas.

    More on Praia do Zavial:

  44. An (insane) Anon wrote on Sep 5, 2011 11:05:00 AM:

    "The McCanns weren't in Portugal at Easter"

    How do you know that??? Have you asked them? Or did they spend Easter 2007 at your home, or maybe you were their guest in Rothley...?

  45. The portuguese police had access to practically nothing about the McCanns life prior to the 28th April 2007, the british authorities made sure of that! They could very well have been to Portugal before (or anywhere else for that matter) and the police would not know about it. It's not known where they went, what they bought, how they paid for things, etc., NO credit or debit card details, remember? According to the british the McCanns don't even own credit cards!
    Who's to say they didn't fly to Spain during the Easter weekend and then travelled by car to the Algarve...? There's no proof they did but also no proof they didn't...
    Just asking...


    "Mr Mochacho said members of the "Tapas Nine" – the group of friends dining with Kate and Gerry McCann on the night Madeleine went missing – were regulars at the restaurant, which has a terrace looking out across the Mediterranean. "They came a lot but I only saw the McCann family here once," he said."

    If one is to trust the accuracy of this piece of news ( I mean, a reporter that mistakes the Atlantic Ocean for the Mediterranean...) it seems Mr. Mochacho told a little more to the Telegraph than he told the police...the other Tapas were regulars, but not the McCanns.

  47. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The "Adultch" Triangle":

    Edited to remove denigration of readers. It is not acceptable to be rude and some of your comments today have not been censored but please be warned that any more such comments will NOT be published. Is there a reason you cannot conduct a civilised discussion without resorting to denigration? If you find comments here challenging then the correct response is either not to read any further or respond with a source of information to support your comments.

    "Don't be ridiculous. The Portuguese authorities have records of people entering the country - or do you think that they just wave everyone through?


    As regards the report in the Telegraph, that is completely at variance with the entry in the files, where the claim is made that the McCanns last visited there at Easter.

    The papers are always full of **** whenever there is a big story - as are half of the people who give them the stories. Remember the woman who swore she had seen the Soham girls the day after they went missing?"

    Liars or attention seekers

  48. with triangle or without it the remains of Madeleine (still) are in Algarve and the Police knows that!

  49. Do you trust every alleged ''sighting'' of Madeleine?


    Then why give any greater credence to every supposed sighting of her parents? The PJ didn't....

  50. A little confused.

    Reuver, not Reuven, is a small village halfway Venlo and Roermond.

    Roermond is where some 25 years ago a couple of Australian tourists were shot dead, presumably by IRA, being mistaken for English soldiers on leave.
    There used to be a large RAF base with nuclear stocks in Brueggen, just across the Dutch-German border.
    Its location is dimly visible on the map, to the right of the triangle.
    What do we know about GM's army career? Was he at any time stationed at Brueggen?
    He WAS in Amsterdam for a while, wasn't he?


  51. Portia

    As National Service no longer exists in the UK GM would not be required to do military service and there is no record of him having done so. We do know he worked in Holland after he was medically qualified.

    I can't speak for Textusa but I do think you are confused about what she is getting at. She is referring to 'adult' activities, is she not? The sort of activities suspected to be going on at OC?

  52. Seems that Insane is in troubles again. If the McCann's were not in Sagres on April 30, why PJ got bothered to disturb a Poland couple who went back to their country, just because they were in Sagres and they fit the description of a couple taking pictures and driving a car that was tracked down by PJ?. interesting that who put the Poland couple on the picture was a Portuguese guy mariried with a german lady and having a girl with same age as Madeleine. Who put the McCann's on Sagres were owners of the shops there, who said they saw Kate, Madeleine and the twins. The twins were in a buggy. The witness was taken seriously by the police at the point that who investigate the couple was the Poland police. What was dismissed, was not the mccann's in Sagres. What was dismissed was the hypothesis of the Poland couple to be the abductors of Madeleine. That is completely different and is not pleasing Insane and the McCann's. The insane McCann's were in Portugal at the time and they feed the possibility of the couple being the abductors. They did not dismiss they were in Sagres. They assumed they were in Sagres.
    What is amazing, as was posted before, is WHERE IS THE TIME THEY SPARE FOR TENNIS AND JOGGING IN A SO SHORT WEEK? or the tennis and the jogging born with Madeleine disappearance?
    For a couple who claim not. Knowing Portugal and spending most of the time in the resort is quite impressing the places we know now, they know. Very strange places with difficult access.
    It is not true that Nudism is tolerated in beaches used by no nudists. It is the contrary. Some no nudists go to nudist beaches not to enjoy the nature, but to look at the nudists. The Portuguese call them " mirones" which translation to English is Peepers, I think.
    Then, who are the McCann's? Nudists or peepers? Is that what makes Kate not knowing well the decent limits, up to what she can talk about the body of her girl?

  53. Praia da Luz. Nearby are the Monchique Mountains with lush green forests. A good place to hide a secret. And you have the sea but is not the same thing, or is it? Future will tell us.

  54. “The same stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays), accompanied by their three children”

    “Just as the member of staff who claimed the McCann family ate breakfast at the Millenium restaurant each day also made a mistake”

    Both pieces of information are on the PJ Files and are not paper clippings. Both, according to you are “confused”.

    NOBODY was confused about the McCanns during that time. If they say they recognized them, it’s because they saw them where they were. The MADDIE case was much too sensitive and mediatic for confusions.

    But my comment is to ask you something. Why are you slandering two innocent bystanders? You’re saying that both the person at the OC who recognized the McCanns and the restaurant owner are LIARS.

    I hope they sue you!

  55. The amount of wild speculation disregarding the files is what is leaving me dumbstruck. I only visit ocasionally and I don't feel compelled to answer any anonymous person on here at all.

    Just to clear something up that could have been easily found in the files had one read them up to page 6:

    The McCanns spent their Easter holiday in Donegal with relatives. We have pictures of that visit but we have also the leftover luggage tags from their return flight FR1676 with Ryanair from Derry to East Midlands on the 10th April from either their luggage or their passports in the files on PAGE 6!

    This crime is complicated. But it is complicated so much more by wild speculation from people who won't let the truth get between them and a good juicy story.

  56. O MATTHEW tem muitos lapsos de linguagem e de memória?

    Ele em Maio de 2007 diz " he relates they arrived in Portugal on 28 May

    adding that all would have lodging reserved in the Ocean Club Garden

    until 5 May - the date on which they would have returned to England. "

    Chegaram a 28 de Abril, penso. Não sei a que horas. Se foi a horas de almoçar no Zavial. Ou se foi no dia seguinte.

    Qual o problema de ir a essa praia? Não vejo onde está ....

    Lembram-se deles num desses dias ?

    Há 1 , no twitter, que fala sempre na data de 29 de Abril...... nem sei o que pense. E insiste em dizer que foi a 29 que a.... +

    Quanto à Serra de Monchique: realmente é densa, escura e húmida.....

    O Algarve é imenso..... ah mas devem tê-la levado com eles.

    Quanto ao Pinky : parece estar a " subir na vida " .

    Tem novo emprego.

    " Former BBC Presenter Clarence Mitchell joins Burson-Marsteller UK"

    Boa noite.

  57. Johanna,

    I’ll rephrase what you’ve said:

    Instead of your “This crime is complicated. But it is complicated so much more by wild speculation from people who won't let the truth get between them and a good juicy story.”

    How about this?

    “This crime is complicated. But it is complicated so much more by intentional speculation from people who won't let the truth get between them and the good juicy story they made up to divert.”

    It bothers you that I’m anonymous? Call me Sam One. It’s as identifiable as Johanna.

    Your hypocritical “I visit occasionally” answers all those questions that you were too superior to answer.

    Sam One

  58. Johanna, you have hit the nail on the head.

  59. Johanna, thanks for you evasive reply.

    Few things which I would like to ask you to clarify, since seems I'm not reading the same PJ files you are talking about:
    1-How do you know the McCann's spent the Easter of 2007 in Donegal? Can't find that information on PJ files but could be my fault. Can you please give us the exact link where we can see it?
    2- you said on pag 6 there is the passports and the leftover tags( I'm supposing you are talking about leftovers tags proving they were in Donegal during the Easter).
    What I can find on pages 6 to 10- 01 processes, volume 1, in Portuguese or English is: a) the passport of Madeleine with 3 stamps in different pages. One of the stamps clearly shows Amsterdam schiphol 07/03/04. The other two are unclear and on one of them I just can read a date that appears to be 04/03/04. b) 5 tags: 2 tags with WW5531 McCann/Gerald 28 Apr 07 (confirming the trip to PDL) and 3 small tags( I believe are the leftover you are talking about) with XH361687, XH361803, XH361599 -EMA - FR 1676 and the date 10/4/07. Nothing on that 3 tags says to me, they belong to the McCann's and were a prove to go to Donegal. EMA is for East Midlands.
    3- you say, they fly from Derry to East midlands with Ryannair. How do you know the tags are from Ryannair? Derry and East Midlands are in UK. Donegal is in Ireland. How can you imply that a flight from Derry to East Midlands is a prove to went to Donegal?
    4- A quick search on Ryanair flights from E Midlands to Donegal or from Derry to Donegal, show me there is no flights to there. Belfast is the nearest airport. Ok they could traveled to Belfast and went to Donegal, is it? But where is that information on the files?
    Are you trying to contribute to a fair and well supported discussion( even if intermittent) or to the" wild speculation which makes a complicate crime, even more complicate"?

    Now, just two more curiosities since one of the first comments put the hypothesis of Gerry traveling to Germain and holland seeking potential witnesses of the abductor. I went back to the GNR photographs of the 5a. Two amazing things:
    - on top of McCann's bed one cream trouser. On top of the blue sofa something that appears to be a black jacket and on the floor of the room black sandals from Kate.
    - the cortines on Maddie room. The left part of the cortines could never blow with wind coming from the open window, like Kate said. The cortines were stuck against the wall by the bed. The right side has a chair in front. The fabric of the cortines looks heavy. The way the window open, leaves only half of the window open. No way for that cortines to blow like she said. That's why, the reconstruction will be enough to charge them. After 4 years she lies on the same way as at beginning, without paying attention to small details.

  60. Johanna

    As you seem to know about the McCanns movements can you shed some light on the information that some of the guests at OC THAT week arrived straight from a medical conference in Belfast?

  61. @ Anon 9.11 am

    Why should Johanna have to do your research for you? It is a strange irony that you require so much proof from her, yet were willing to accept without question a third-party report of a witness saying they were at his restaurant on the 9th April. Clearly the PJ did not take this man's evidence seriously as they never took a statement from him.

    The tags are clearly from Ryanair because FR is the notation used by that airline.

    Newspaper reports place the McCanns in Donegal on holiday at easter that year. They have luggage tags from East Midland airport relating to Ryanair flights taken at Easter that year. Ryanair fly to Dublin from East Midlands airport. Not exactly difficult to then hire a car and drive the rest of the way.
    Of course there isn't information on how they travelled from the airport in the files - it relates to a trip taken before they ever went to Portugal, so what on earth would be the point the police investigating that?

    Of course the police wouldn't have allowed for a bunch of conspiracy theorists demanding to know this information four years down the line, would they?

    Here are newspaper articles relating to that trip

    Now, are you seriously suggesting that the McCanns faked photos and luggage tags in preparation for a question which wouldn't arise for another four years, or would attempt to create a deception which could be uncovered in two seconds flat by a check of the flight manifest?

    It's perfectly clear that the McCanns were in Ireland over Easter of 2007, and not on a nudist beach in Portugal, as claimed by someone who had never seen them before, and who also, incidentally, claimed to another newspaper that he was witness to an incident which happened on another beach altogether. No wonder the PJ didn't bother taking a statement from him.

    And why have you veered off into asking Johanna to account for the state of apartment 5a?

    And you have the sheer nerve to accuse Johanna of being evasive. Go and do your own research next time

  62. As far as I know and have been able to find information about the accounts on the McCanns Donegal trip on Easter 2007 all come from the "extended family" and their interviews to the newspapers. Aunty Piilomena (it had to be!) told the media about the visit, it was a big gathering, "Madeleine had her 40 plus cousins there", "Madeleine enjoyed an ice-cream with her cousins", "Madeleine, who had been having swimming lessons, went swimming there without her swimming-wings for the first time", and so on...
    There are supposedly photos of this Easter visit, but I could only find the one in which Madeleine is eating the ice-cream with her cousins, Uncle Johns children.
    There is also a newspaper article with the taxi driver who took the McCanns to the airport on their way home at the end of the visit and tells they stopped by their once family pub (People's John?). The present owner of the pub is interviewed too.
    It all comes from people connected with the family, I could not find a single "official" and independant document related to that trip.

  63. ''Johanna

    As you seem to know about the McCanns movements can you shed some light on the information that some of the guests at OC THAT week arrived straight from a medical conference in Belfast?''

    What information would that be, then? There is nothing in the files.....

    Which conference, and which guests?

    Also, what is the relevance? Medical staff attend conferences on a regular basis

  64. Anon.Sep 6, 2011 9:11:00 AM, wrote:

    ..."and 3 small tags( I believe are the leftover you are talking about) with XH361687, XH361803, XH361599 -EMA - FR 1676 and the date 10/4/07. Nothing on that 3 tags says to me, they belong to the McCann's and were a prove to go to Donegal."

    Excellent work!
    Those tags only show that someone or something(Luggage?) arrived in EMA on 10/04/07, nothing else.

    I think Johanna innadvertedly gave us too much information...oops! If those tags do not identify the departure place, how would anyone know they are from Derry?! Anyone unrelated with the McCanns, that is...someone from the "extended family" reading and placing posts in Textusa's blog...???

  65. The Donegal trip in the media:

  66. This case is full of coincidences...
    Someone tells the police and the media the McCanns were in his restaurant in Portugal on a day during the Easter holidays of 2007 and, surprise, surprise, oh what a lucky coincidence, the McCanns just happened to have the luggage tags from their flight home to Leicester, back from their Easter in Donegal, still stacked inside their passports! Talk about convenient, huh? How can someone say they where in Portugal on Easter 2007? There's the luggage tags to prove they were not!

    “One coincidence, two coincidences – maybe they’re still coincidences. Any more than that and it stops being coincidence.”

    Kate McCann

  67. ''

    Sep 6, 2011 11:22:00 AM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This case is full of coincidences...
    Someone tells the police and the media the McCanns were in his restaurant in Portugal on a day during the Easter holidays of 2007 and, surprise, surprise, oh what a lucky coincidence, the McCanns just happened to have the luggage tags from their flight home to Leicester, back from their Easter in Donegal, still stacked inside their passports! Talk about convenient, huh? How can someone say they where in Portugal on Easter 2007? There's the luggage tags to prove they were not!''

    Are you being deliberately obtuse?
    As far as I am aware, the McCanns were not required to produce their luggage tags to prove where they were, nor was that the reason they were copied and became part of the case file. I fly on a very frequent basis - my passport always has lots of luggage tags stuck to the outside, which is what many of the airlines do. It's hardly suspicious.
    No doubt you would have also regarded it as suspicious if they couldn't prove where they were ! Have you are idea how ridiculous all this makes you sound?

    The McCanns made a well-documented trip to Ireland a few weeks before Madeleine disappeared, coinciding both with Easter and the time this man claims he saw them at the beach. Clearly, he made an error, and by continuing to insist otherwise you are just making a fool of yourself.

  68. ''At the end of 2008, British Airways, operated by Loganair as a franchise agreement, ceased the Glasgow International route which had operated for 30 years, following the loss in July 2008 of their public service obligation route to Dublin. This route is now operated by Aer Arann. Aer Lingus Commuter had previously operated the route until 1994.

    Ryanair also discontinued the Bristol route and changed its Derry - East Midlands route to Derry - Birmingham announcing new flights to London Luton and the airport's first scheduled international service to Alicante which commenced in June 2009. The London Luton route was however subsequently terminated on 27 March 2010.''

    From Wikipedia

    Seems Ryanair used to operate a direct service from East Midlands to Derry until recently, when it changed to Birmingham.

  69. Anon. 10:48,
    Thanks for your quick answer, a proof you monitored that blog live.
    I really don't want any research from Johanna. Wasn't she claiming she knows everything from the files and is absolutely sure and accurate about everything she posts? Then, the minimum she should do, if she wants some credibility, is giving the source of her information. That is what I asked. No any research. I know how to do it and almost all readers here, know how to do it, for your despair. If you call research what she have posted....I call it spin. Exactly what the mccann's and their team have done during the last 4 years.
    Why are you defending Johanna and getting so with my post? As I prove with my previous post, her research is
    quite poor. If you call research that piece of information she
    Delivered here, I reinforce my opinion. Nothing on those 3 tags prove they are from the McCann's or to go or come back from Ireland. Doesn't matter if you say they travelled to Dublin that Easter. Why should we believe that? Ryanair site says the closest airport to Donegal is Belfast. I don't know and don't care about that. Is useless for our discussion. What is ridiculous is saying the police don't care about what the McCann's have done before arriving to PDL. off course they care and they need all information about that time. Was from the same month. Considering the abduction scenery that pleases the McCann's, the abductor could be following their movements for quite long time.
    Why don't you surprise me with sources who put the McCann's in Donegal for Easter? I was waiting for reliable source, something in the PJ files that could passed unnoticed, even for an attentive reader and you come with that rabbish papers and their usual sources? The McCann's extended family, a relative, a person close to the McCann's, BLA, BLA, BLA. what is the difference between them and Mr. Muchacho? Without going too far I see already one- contrary to the McCann's/ papers source, he had no direct interest on the case at the time. The letter from the maritime authority reports investigation done on the first days. Is more reliable then what the papers claimed on their game to have profitable front pages. That's why what mr. Muchacho said to the police is on the files and what the McCann's said to the papers wasn't. Is completely irrelevant. They lied so many times.
    Sorry Johanna, your tags don't prove anything.
    The last part of my comment- the pictures of the 5a, was not endorsed to Johanna. If I had to endorse it is to the characters who had living in locus the night of 3 May, 2007- the McCann's. Yes, there is a pair of trousers and a jacket that fits the description of the Smiths and Jane in a place where just a coincidental misfortune keep them. Yes, that cortines never blow like Kate said on their documentary. She describes with her movements 2 cortines opening to the sides like if they had no any obstacle in the front and like if the window open totally. It is impossible to reconstruct what she claims, inside that room. That's why her lawyers advised them to not do the reconstruction or reopen the case. They will be charged without body, based on their lies.
    Have a good day Insane, being less rude if possible. To defend the indefensible you don't need to lost the plot.
    Yes, Johanna was evasive and was not a surprise for me.
    XXX, from 9:11

  70. Insane, I had a look on the papers you use as accurate information and prove. Sorry, but I can't stop laughing. Aunty phill and her 43 friends and family? This family has really a problem with numbers. They love big numbers, like if a big number has a different value in terms of credibility. Kate is very lucky. She has no brother or sister but with her husband side she managed to have a really extended family. And what is really amazing is, they managed to be where is more convenient for the couple, EVERYTIME.
    What about the vast amount of pictures they took on that Easter holidays..... One with Madeleine eating an ice- cream with 2 cousins ? Well that picture could be taken in any street in the world. How this picture proves she is in Donegal on 9/10 April 2007?
    Looking at that, mr. Muchacho is more reliable. He could have mistaking the dates thinking that was Easter because he saw that group of clients on his restaurant. A small mistake that could caused a huge troubles to the McCann's forcing Aunty phill to act. She always plays like a pivot to the media. Who spin the accusations/lies Kate made against PJ saying they offered her a deal when she was made arguida? Aunty phill. WHAT A SOURCE!!!!

  71. One paper reports Aunty phill talking about 43 families and friends. Another paper claim she talks about 46. Another paper says Gerry said they were 27 in total. Who lies? Both probably.
    Something serious happened in PDL, leaving them with an immutable alternative: THE LIE.

  72. Let me just say that I hadn’t even read this statement before, much less even considered it, which means there’s a lot that I still don’t know about this case.

    After reading Textusa, I do now read many documents in a totally different manner than I did when I did it the first time. What seemed not that important, now we can see between the lines.

    I’d like to thank Textusa and Sisters for their brilliant effort.

    But I’d also like to thank Insane and Johanna.

    It’s much more telling their concern with this statement and respective timelines, than the statement itself. They, with their concern tell us that we should really pay attention to it.

    They know too much and too much in detail whatever happened. Their knowledge of the finer detail and that is and the one that isn’t in the files is denouncing them for what they really are.

    To know so much, means that they have a direct interest in defending the McCanns however much they scream that they are against the McCanns.

    Their mouth say one thing, their actions state clearly the opposite.

    I doubt very much that the lawyers that are to defend in the future the McCanns, will ever know so much about the files, the McCanns, the OC and the guests than Insane and Johanna show they know.

    Have you noticed the amount of support from the BHs that Johanna gets here? We don’t see that much of a support in her blog, do we? Why? We know why, don’t we?

    As I said, there’s much more to be read in Insane’s and Johanna’s attitude than what is usually said in the posts. When they react, we know Textusa has hit jackpot.

    In this case, their exaggerated reaction tells me that Mr. Mxx (the restaurant owner) did see the McCanns when he says he did.

    This means that the “f*ck off, we’re not here to have fun” video has to be questioned.

    Was it really filmed on that trip? Or was it simply to give the idea that it was only a week that they stayed? There’s no date on the film, and we’ve assumed that it was at the end of April, but nothing guarantees us that it was.

    Maybe that’s another reason why there’s no credit card statements. They might show dates and places not convenient for the McCanns, and for the OC and guests who claim they were there only for that week.

    I’m sure these records have not been deleted, and one day they will appear, and clarify all.

    Meanwhile we just have to let Insane and Johanna to lead the way. And they’re doing a great job!

    Thank you so much.

    Sam One

  73. Sam One Sep 6, 2011 8:32:00 PM

    "When they react, we know Textusa has hit jackpot."

    No, it's you and others who are reacting, showing that it's Johanna who has hit the jackpot.

    Has it escaped your notice that for every single post by Johanna or the people you label Insane, there are several in reply? Always several excited replies, inevitably accusing them of being "BHs" - you are over-reacting far more than they do.

    Incidentally, you have all proved that Johanna's original comment about blogs and forums turning from the matter in hand to carrying out a witch hunt on anyone who disagrees, to be absolutely correct.

  74. "Lord Justice Leveson - who will head the inquiry, due to start in London later this year - heard applications today from people and organisations who want to take part, including Kate and Gerry McCann, ...."- The Independent

    The circus must go on. This McCannlandia never ends.
    Clarrie said, he suspects his phone was hacked, their not. No any authority said their phones were hacked, then on which grounds they apply?
    They are so ridiculous. Their interviews were all with pre-agreements, all payed, all manipulated by them and Clarrie who admitted already he use to meet editors to decide what should be published about the McCann's.
    Felicia Cabrita highlighted in one of her articles what some British journalists said to her about the news regarding the McCann's in UK- hard or impossible to publish anything negative. Then, knowing that scenery which journalist will waste time spying them and having the high risk of being caught and loose the job? They were not a target. Goncalo Amaral and the Portuguese authorities, yes they were a good target.
    What the McCann's are looking for? Protagonism? More money if they were allowed to reinforce their Fund or target somebody to sue? Or they want to access first hands what the police and journalists could have find to incriminate them and erase that evidences to prevent futur problems with justice? The way, they jumped to the front line of that issue is very suspicious and raise even more suspicions on them. I don't see any other parents of missing child's there. Specially, I don't see anybody who had already a suspect status there. Their case is in stand by, not solved, not closed and they failed to prove their innocence.
    What an irony, the journalists who use to protect them are now haunting by them.
    What is amazing is the Portuguese justice by shelving the case, trow the ball into the UK pitch and bring Britain to the stage of the world in the most worsted way. Now, we know what prevail in UK- corruption, absence of democracy, justice applied a la carte depending not on the type of crime but on the type of suspect, protection to some suspects, disrespect to some fundamental children rights, misinformation, media control and an absolute blindness for private activities done under a private Fund that pays no taxes and was used to persecute witnesses and threat who question a certain version, when was settled by public donations to search a girl.
    Before 2007, I had the idea of UK being an example for the world. How wrong I was. During those 4 years, who drives Britain destroyed the reputation of many centuries. Thanks to the clever Portuguese. They don't got the McCann's in court like they should be, but they expose the dark side of Uk without been touched. For the world, who read the files, knows...under the circumstances and the circumstantial evidences, the McCann's should went a trial and most probably ended convicted or with their Fund frozen and investigated. Why that did not happen? Because of the dark corruption/ manipulation in UK.
    Why Clarrie accepted a new job and advertised it to the world? Is he trying to jump out of Maddie saga smoothly? Did he knows the phone hacking together with review will be used to whitewash the McCann's and end the story for the British public?

    "The judge said he would make decisions on who would be "core participants" in the near future."- I hope he had the courage to look at the best interests of the public and the country instead of protecting particular/ private interests. Somebody have to crack all the farce. If not... He will be part of the farce.

  75. "Police investigating phone-hacking at the News of the World (NOTW) have arrested a 35-year-old man in north London.
    The man is the 16th suspect arrested on suspicion of phone-hacking under Operation Weeting.
    Several high-profile figures have been arrested as part of police inquiries, including former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and ex-Downing Street
    communications chief Andy Coulson."- Sky News

    Andy Coulson was not the guy who works with Clarence Mitchell? and Rebekah Brooks was not a friend of the McCann's?

  76. Someone wrote this reply to another post:

    "Are you being deliberately obtuse?
    As far as I am aware, the McCanns were not required to produce their luggage tags to prove where they were, nor was that the reason they were copied and became part of the case file."

    Who said anything about them being asked (required) to show their luggage tags by the Pj in order to prove they were here or there on a certain date?!
    The police asked for their documents, that's all, and those tags "just happened" to be there...funny, tags from a previous trip, but NOT the more recent luggage tags of their trip from the UK to for why they were copied and added to the files, your guess is as good as mine, but I think there was no reason other than their mere presence in the passport, and since the document was copied all that was within it was copied too. Yet, you seem to KNOW that the tags were indeed copied for a reason, you specifically say: "nor was THAT the reason they were copied and became part of the file". Care to share what that reason was...?

  77. "....As far as I am aware, the McCanns were not required to produce their luggage tags to prove where they were, nor was that the reason they were copied and became part of the case file."

    As far as you are aware?.... PJ is a very competent police. GA has more then 20 years of top investigation cracking high crimes. I don't believe the McCann's were not Required to produce their luggage tags to prove where they were. The police start the investigation with possibility of an abduction. Abductors follow the victims. Where they have been is important. On top of that, there was a tennis bag which disappeared mysteriously without the McCann's reporting any robbery. David Payne talked about the bag big enough to accommodate the tennis rackets, a British investigator said to Martin Brunt, was big enough to transport a child's body. The bag was pictured by GNR inside McCann's wardrobe and disappeared before PJ went on the crime scene. 3 things mysteriously missing on the same night: a girl, a blanket and a bag. Gerry said he had no bag but some guests reported the bag and Payne also.
    I don't know which other tags PJ has. They release 2 which could prove the date the McCann's travelled to PDL. the tags were not sticked on the passports. If so, the passports must be photocopied showing the tags sticked on them. A basic step in any investigation, the police did not change anything on any document that is presented to them if what they are investigating is a crime. They don't know if that piece is holding evidences or not. Even if that looks stupid, is like that. Then the only conclusion I assume is the tags were handed over by request. 2, we know are from them. The previous 3 could be or not. If I think they were able to write a timeline on Maddie sketch book, it takes less time to borrow the tags from another guests, which even could be not part of the Tapas 7. I'm speculating. But this is possible and the McCann's show us during this 4 years, what they are capable to do when they are in troubles. Is the only moment they leave no stones unturned.

  78. Sam One,

    Insane has replied to your comment.

    He replies to your comment although asking if you honestly think s/he attaches the tiniest importance to any opinion you express.

    Says you’ve proven completely incapable of arriving at a conclusion using your own brain and that you wait for Textusa, to tell you how to think. Ends up saying that you’re a grown up person who can't think for him or herself but has to wait for someone else to do it for them.

    The remainder, the usual insulting dribble, we won’t allow its pollution on the blog.

  79. Tags only, don't prove if one person travelled to a certain place. if they had no names ( which was the case) are useless. The stamps on the passports are the prove to clarify to where a person travelled.
    Then why the tags? Because the police knows there is some luggage missing and ask them to handover the tags? Their tickets must have the number of bags/suitcases they had when they do the check-in. Probably, there is luggage missing. Police probably has more tags then the luggage they found and decide to release only the ones which they believe, match the luggage they found. The rest could be under secrecy. A tag can hold evidences, such fibres, etc from the suitcase where was attached to. If a tag has evidences from a missing piece, is an important piece in the investigation and need to stay out of the public knowledge.

  80. touchy, touchy, Insane... wonder why? Don't tell, we know.

    Sam One

  81. Sam One and Poster Sept.6.1:54:00PM thank you!!!

  82. An unpublished comment from Insane:

    “Here is a classic example of the kind of harassment you and your sort have put witnesses through.

    Tony ''Couldn't find his ***** with both hands'' Bennett has been stalking a man who was staying at the Ocean Club at the same time as the McCanns. This man wrote a polite but firm letter when Bennett contacted him, and basically told him to buzz off. So what does Bennett do? Post a load of private information about this man, together with abuse directed at members of his family. Now his brain dead chums are busy spreading this contagion around other sites, including innuendo about this family ending their holiday a day early.

    This is DESPITE the fact that his booking form clearly states he will not be taking the return flight with Mark Warners as he was returning to Switzerland, where he lives, and testimony from other guests that he had mentioned he was leaving the resort a day early.

    The totally unacceptable and unwarranted harassment and smearing of this man and his family is as a direct result of ***** like you who are too dumb to do any research and will always jump at the possibility for a bit of potential scandal. It's disgusting”

    I’m supposing, from what you say, that you, Insane, are referring to Mr. Philip Edmonds. The polite letter that he wrote and that you're referring to, can be read at:

    I would just like to highlight the following paragraph of that particular letter:

    “Therefore, I can confirm that whatever information I had (including some photos of my sons taken on the day Madeleine disappeared, which showed her in the background) was passed both to the police and to the McCanns at the time. Having been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance and seen all of the events first hand, there is not one shred of doubt in my mind that the events as reported were correct.”

    I will repeat, in case you didn’t read it: “taken on the day Madeleine disappeared”

    Now, it seems that Johanna, who you support with admirable vehemence, defends that Maddie was killed before the 3rd.

    So either Mr. Edmonds is lying, or Johanna, who has apparently researched all the little details about this case, is completely off-mark. Which is it?

    Or are you going to say that Mr. Edmonds is “confused”, or are you simply contradicting Johanna?

  83. I picked that from another forum. Was from one week before the McCann's arrived. I didn't chenck yet if the nannies mentioned on the post were part of the group of nannies reported to the police.

    The OC is a spread out resort. No mention of the Tapas
    bar/ restaurant as an alternative to the millennium which food according to the description was quite crap. No mention of Quiz nights. At the time, Najoua should be already there doing her "amazing quiz nights". Looks, there is no quiz nights or they are so crap as the food in the millennium. Not attractive for a single mum who gave 5 stars to the nannies, had not so young child's and look worried with possibility of not having activities. The Tapas passed unnoticed. No queues for bookings. Seems the McCann's had a very special week with a lot of new things happening in the OC. That time was not a coincidence, was "many exceptions."
    What puzzles me is that: "Some Mark Warner regulars will never be happy in a situation where the environment isn't controlled, even if all the usual facilities - three swimming pools, tennis courts, two restaurants and four bars - are available. They don't want to share a pool with non-Mark Warner guests, nor do they want someone in a green, furry alien costume to appear at dinner, allegedly to entertain children (an experience described as "shocking" by a seasoned traveller with Mark Warner)."
    Appears to me that there is a type of holiday makers addicted to Mark Warner Resorts. Why they don't like to share the place with other people? they don't choose a country or place to visit... They choose Mark Warner resorts, whatever they are. Why? Cannot be due to the nannies or the environment since most of them are isolated making them hermetic sealed. What is going on on that resorts to addict people? Some of the guests are millionaires. Why they choose such holidays?

  84. Textusa, if I had doubts about Insane, with post above my doubts disappeared. He/ she is definitely a person of interest for the police. For me is not a guest or an OC worker... Is one of the Tapas and I extend my number until 12, since Moita Flores said the clue to solve the mystery lies on 2 or 3 persons who had easy access to the flat and he enlarged the Tapas 9 to 12.
    Now I know why Tonny Benneth is so persecuted by them and I start feeling some sympathy. Before I was a little critical with way he have done some things. Now I understand.... Sometimes we have to be polemical to have our point of view heard. He has the courage to be in UK and confront the McCann's and their supporters with questions and doubts the all world has. And he acts. That's why he is the champion of Carter- Ruck letters on the behalf of the McCann's. McCann's have no way to ignore him.
    Insane is collapsing his nerves in all sites where hot issues are under discussion. I believe, he tried to post there but was banned or can't post anonymous.
    After 4 years, Internet made already history. People follow Internet to share information and deliver information to the big public.
    Insane is trying to dismiss mr. Edmonds but his reply to mr. Benneth and the research some bloggers made trough Pj files, keep him inside of May 3. The carpenters stated to the police there was a man with 3 children dinning in the Tapas next to them on May 3 and the guy said he will leave next day to meet his wife who live in Switzerland. The guy Jett off on 4 morning. Then... When he passed the photos and the first hand information he have to the police? GNR, who were the first to arrive did not report anything from that guy. When Pj started the inquirys next day, he was probably already not there.
    The case is being cracked down in many places. Is that why, Mitchell is trying to jump out before everything get to daylight?
    Non Insane, mr. Benneth is not looking for scandals. He is seeking the truth like everybody that has a brain . A lie, buys another lie and when you have an avalanche of lies, most probably you have a crime behind it. Basic... Childs lie when they are in troubles. A basic instinct and an attempt to survive.

  85. I think Insane and Johanna should get together and decide which version they should endorse from now on...

    From Johanna we expect her to be silent, but I'm very curious on what is going to be Insane's reaction.

    Sam One

  86. Is Insane really crazy?!? This is another witness-to-a-crime blunder!! I mean, what was his idea to bring up here suspicions about a guest never before mentioned? The blog where the credibility of the guests is being seriously questioned, and he goes and rants about someone who nobody talked about. Mr Edmonds can thank Insane for his name being brought up here. I'm sure he's not being thankful. From what we've witnessed up to here, Insane's indignant screaming about this guest's innocence, makes it look like Mr Edmonds is most likely implicated.

  87. "Parents of Shafilea Ahmed charged with her murder
    The parents of murdered teenager Shafilea Ahmed have been charged with killing her, Cheshire Police said on Wednesday." - The telegraph, 07 Sep 2011

    The 17-year-old's decomposed remains were discovered in Cumbria in February 2004 after she disappeared from her home in Warrington, Cheshire, in September 2003. She was the victim of a suspected honour killing.
    South Cumbria coroner Ian Smith later recorded a verdict of unlawful killing, saying he believed the teenager was probably murdered.
    Cheshire Police said today the teenager's father, Iftikhar, 51, and mother Farzana, 48, have been charged with murder and will appear at Halton Magistrates' Court, in Runcorn, later today.
    The couple have always denied any involvement in their daughter's death.
    Shafilea was a bright and intelligent young woman who wanted to go to university and become a lawyer, the inquest into her death was told.
    She was most likely strangled or suffocated, pathologists said.
    "Shafilea, 17, was last seen in her home town of Warrington, Cheshire, in September 2003.
    "Her body was found in February 2004 on the banks of the River Kent in Cumbria.
    "Iftikhar Ahmed, 51, and Farzana Ahmed, 48, of Liverpool Road, Warrington, were arrested on suspicion of murder in 2010.
    "Today Cheshire Constabulary has charged both with murder following authorisation by CPS Mersey-Cheshire.
    "They are due to appear at Halton Magistrates Court today."

    Is never too late. A karma for the McCann's and who helped the cover up.

  88. Someone on this site is very keen to try to divert attention away from the fact that the McCanns neglected their children. Is that why such a convoluted scenario has been proposed? I am seeing a lot of comments from Textusa along the lines of ''this blog believes...'' which is rather worrying. This blog? Do you mean you? If you mean you then say so. I find it very very worrying that you rush to defend the McCanns on this point - why is it so important to you to absolve them of any neglect? Is it because that's where you know the answer actually lies?

    So instead of a fairly simple picture where a neglected child, left to her own devices meets with some mishap, you have ''Strollers'' and substituted children and massive plots and multiple people involved in covering up a crime....

    Why is it so very important to you to pretend the children were never left alone? Is it because you know that is exactly what happened, but you are doing your utmost to cover it up?
    Looks that way to me

  89. Anon Sep 8, 5:13 AM

    Without doubt the McCanns neglected their children, but the 'left alone neglect' was very useful for the 'abduction' theory. In my opinion of course, long live free speech and bloggers who allow anonymous comments.

  90. No neglect=no abduction. Think about it, if the children were in someone's care (in view or hearing) the whole time how could an 'abduction' take place?

  91. Anon at 5.13

    "I am seeing a lot of comments from Textusa along the lines of ''this blog believes...'' which is rather worrying."

    What is worrying you? The fact Textusa speaks for her many readers? You must see the number of comments from people who think the same way otherwise they wouldn't be reading here. Textusa hasn't converted people like me I already thought what I do.

    It appears to be you who is trying to divert attention away. I don't see Textusa trying to cover anything up, in fact the opposite.

  92. Anon. 5:13,
    Why are you so worried of the McCann's children not being neglected?
    I'm not textusa but I too, don't believe on any negligence to be the cause of Madeleine disappearance. My doubts came from the beginning of the case, many months before Textusa had settled her Blog. I can give you hundreds of reasons why I don't believe, but I list only the more obvious:
    1- the excuse the McCann's gave for not hiring a babysitter service. They said they don't want to leave the child's with strangers. Who are the strangers? The child's spent the days in the creche with nannies. Those nannies could provide a babysitter service at night, if requested, by little extra-charge. This is not a fabricated information. Is available on the OC site, then who booked the holidays, if was not def. Must have got that information to pass to his friends.
    2- in alternative of the babysitter service, they could have left the child's in the creche for free until 11pm or midnight. Don't tell me that at the end of their holidays they were not aware of such services.
    3- I don't know the OC or PDL but I know well the algarve and many resorts/ apart hotels where I spend my holidays since my childhood. An abduction by a stranger entering a flat in a resort to snatch a british girl, is very unlike. If it was in a beach in a crowd August, maybe.... But even in the beach or in the mall, I really don't believe the algarve offer such conditions to a predator. Predators target schools, neighbors, people who they can follow and control for quite long time to give them time to prepare their plan. Was like that with Mariluz Cortez and with many other children including Natasha K and Jaycee D, who the McCann's love to connect to their story. The McCann's dismissed the possibility of being a predator who could being following
    them because that will lead the police to investigate who came with them- their friends or their connections.(CONT)

  93. That is a very back-to-front way of looking at things.

    The fact of the children being neglected by being left alone also supports the theory that an unattended child had an accident.

    What does not make any sense is to spin a story which requires the involvement of all and sundry in order to make it work. It's nonsense.

    Just look at it logically for a second - forget all the nonsense about the involvement of other guests, staff, governments. No secret shared amongst that number of people would have remained a secret for very long, especially with a huge reward on offer from the papers at one stage. A child is left alone, repeatedly. She has an accident and dies. No huge conspiracy involved. Same end result.

    I think you are being misled by fanciful and convoluted scenarios. And by repeated claims that the contributors to this site have ''proved'' certain points - such as the claim that you have shown there were no tapas dinners.

    You have proven nothing of the kind. You have hypothesized, and ignored all the evidence to the contrary. Multiple witness statements placing the group at the restaurants? Well, they must all by lying. Multiple entries in the booking sheets? Well, they must all be faked. Do you see the problem?

    It makes you look deluded and paranoid in equal measure.

    Someone recently asked why Textusa is rarely mentioned on other sites.

    It's because this site has become an embarrassment and other sites no longer wish to be associated with it.

  94. CONT:
    4- the multi versions of how they found the flat-window open/ window closed. Door opened/ door closed. Shutters damaged/ shutters not damaged( fact reported by the police and OC workers who saw the crime scene immediately after the alarm). Shutters opened from outside/ physical impossibility to be open from outside due to the mechanism and the age of the shutters. They were over exposed to the sun making them too fragile. Before they raise they will be broken. The media show to the world, on the 4 morning, a forensic team recovering evidences from a NON DAMAGED SHUTTER. What they found? A fingerprint from Kate showing the window was opened from inside.
    5-the cuddle cat in a high shelf, where Maddie can't reach, said Kate at first time to the media to justify why she immediately realized the girl was taken. The pictures of the room show no shelfs and she had to rearrange her claim. Confronted with reality, the cuddle cat go to the bed, beside Madeleine.
    6- no forensic evidences of Madeleine on the bed they claimed she was sleeping.
    7- after Maddie being missed, they spent months in PDL using the nannies ( creche ) for the twins. No fears that a predator could attack again and snatch one of the twins. They choose to leave them under the same risk. Why? Because there was no risk at all... And they know that. Obvious.
    8- negligence is the only scenario that could explain an abduction... On their heads, rushed by the short time and the nature of the circumstances. The story they settled, with so many inconsistencies and changes, ruin all plan showing how amateurs they were before hiring a PR machine.
    9- the timeline they wrote on Maddie book to be memorized by the group show few things:
    - an agenda. I put myself in the same circumstances, many times. If I enter the room of my child's and found one missing, suspecting that could be abducted, what will be my priority? Call the police and preserve the place or let everybody go in to ruin any evidences the police could achieve to quick locate my child? Call the police and preserve the place, while I'm searching outside with help of my friends, trying to locate my child which could be nearby or getting the all group together to write a timeline to be delivered to the police? Who is the parent under such
    circumstances, who has brain to think on such odd stuff? Only if you know that has more priority then locate the girl.
    - the street, with all that checking movement was the most busy street in PDL that night. Enough to dissuade any perpetrator who had to change the target or the place.

    SORRY, the circumstantial evidences are so clear. She was not neglected. They create that scenario to bake the abduction. At the time they probably think the negligence was not considered a crime in Portugal and they could not be charged. Better to be negligent then let the child to be found death and taking the risk of an autopsy (even if The autopsy could not reveal anything sinister because was an accident). They are doctors, they are in holidays and they have a career to look at, in UK. This " was a disaster". Exactly what Gerry said... A disaster.

  95. Anon at 9.11 (unfortunate time considering the anniversary is getting close)

    "Someone recently asked why Textusa is rarely mentioned on other sites.

    It's because this site has become an embarrassment and other sites no longer wish to be associated with it".

    Then why are you still here and going to the effort of making comments? Are you not embarrassed?

    Maybe you are one of the readers who likes to laugh at Textusa and all the people who comment here?

    I do hope so then the blog has fulfilled another function as a source of entertainment for you and a few others.

    Yes, there were NO tapas dinners OR BIG ROUND TABLE.


    But they say their phones were not hacked so what game are they playing? Surely they cannot be part of the phone hacking scandal if they were not involved? Mitchell gives the spin that this enquiry is not only to do with phone hacking but also how people are treated by the press. That's nonsense, it's ALL about phone hacking. So which is the real version of the MCcanns involvement?

    Mitchell has another job so why is he still being called their spokesman? I notice he says they are careful what they said in messages and that sounds like something they don't want known.

    The press couldn't be kinder to them if they tried, the McCanns are a law unto themselves. Unbelievable!

  97. "The fact of the children being neglected by being left alone also supports the theory that an unattended child had an accident"

    Why? An attended child cannot have an accident?

    Neglect supports what you want to support and that is that the child was alone when the accident happened. And neglect is the ONLY version which supports the McCanns theory: abduction. To support neglect is to support the McCanns, simple and logical thinking like you asked.

    You support neglect, it's you that supports the McCanns, not Textusa.

  98. Well said at 10.45

    "The fact of the children being neglected by being left alone also supports the theory that an unattended child had an accident.

    Why? An attended child cannot have an accident?"

    Any attended child having an accident (or being abducted) would be seen or heard and helped immediately.

    Without the supposed neglect there could be no abduction.

    Any opening of shutters would have been heard by the 2 people chatting on the pavement and by Tanner.
    An 'abductor' who deliberately walks out in front of people? An 'abductor' who walks, no transport? Wealthy people wanting a child stolen to order can't afford to get transport for their villain?

    Any more nonsense we need to hear again?

  99. ...."Just look at it logically for a second - forget all the nonsense about the involvement of other guests, staff, governments. No secret shared amongst that number of people would have remained a secret for very long, especially with a huge reward on offer from the papers at one stage."

    Well, that is to be read with a pinch of..."something". If there is involvement of guests and staff? I don't know. 4 years after, many things are known including the Pj files which lead us to believe there is a high possibility for the answer to be YES. Not all, but some. Not on everything,
    but on some parts. Probably not deliberated but persuaded by the circumstances.
    The involvement of the governments? Clearly. Mr. Socrates steps forward in TVs for Madeleine while he had other missing child's in Portugal who didn't got a single minute of his attention. Same with Mr. Brown and Mr. Cameron. The Portuguese President of Republic answer many journalists saying everything the police could do is doing or done. Spoke- persons, working to british government were detached to act as spoke-persons for the McCann's. A British police team was sent to help PJ. I have serious doubts if that team was requested by PJ or if came by suggestion or imposed by the british government. What you need more to prove the involvement of the government? How many child's went missing in UK every year? Any one got the same attention from the government? Known, not.

  100. Anon Sep 8, 2011 11:02:00 AM

    "Any more nonsense we need to hear again?"

    If you want nonsense, you've come to the right place!

  101. The BHs certainly do bring their nonsense here to distract and clutter the place so I do agree with you at 11.02.

  102. Anyone who seriously thinks that there were no tapas dinners and that numerous guests and employees conspired to cover up a death is in need of immediate psychiatric help. I suggest you go and seek it out

  103. Thanks for that 1.26

    Now I'm even more convinced Textusa is right, not that I needed any more confirmation. Seems you are desperate to change history.

    Why do you think D notices exist? Could it be because someone doesn't want something revealed? Wouldn't you call that a cover up with many people involved? It happens.

    As for you being insulting that further confirms your concerns for people to change their minds. It won't happen, get over it.

    I suggest you go back and preach to the converted, have a laugh about us ....I think we were called morons.....there is a blog with your name on it.

  104. One problem here is that you seem to equate a belief that the children were left alone with the belief that there was an abductor. I do believe they left the children alone, but not for one second do I believe there was an abductor. The rest of this nonsense about tapas dinners never happening, and the involvement of others is a fairy tale for the feeble-minded

  105. Let the McCann's jump on the phone hacking. We know how they are fast runners to leave no stones unturned when the issue could have pieces to incriminate them. O' Brien told Felicia Cabrita, he is not going to talk because Gerry wants to control everything. What is the hacking assault? An attempting to control. Appropriate for a couple who claims innocence. Special now, when in UK, are considering the possibility of opening the courts room to the media in order to have more transparence. They want a whitewash before being too late.
    Why they don't run so fast on the night the girl disappear? And why they don't run at all to do the reconstruction when the police requested it? At the time they had little chances to be charged with negligence, due to all political interference. What they wanted to avoid? Something the could achieve immediately and charge them?
    If they manage to get inside the phone hacking investigation, we have to conclude the all investigation is another fraud. One more circus. Only a corrupted judge can allow this two inside that investigation. This, if happen, will be an insult to the real victims of the hackers, special the artists like Hugh Grant which only fault they made was to be famous due to their work. This artists are really victims. They cannot have a preserved private life due to some mercenary journalists payed to expose them and feed the insanity of some type of public. Exactly the same public who buy the fairy tale of the McCann's and waste money in the Sun, the NOTW or the Daily mail.
    McCann's love that public. Was for them, the Sun serialized their book as an appetizer.
    They were not hacked. They sue the papers who use to have that activities. Only if that papers were very stupid, will spy them. I believe, this journalists know what happened or have an idea. They have brains. The problem is they let their pockets talk more lauded then the brain. If they were called by the judge due to some accusations, they will spill the beans. Something the McCann's and Carter-ruck want to prevent.

  106. "Anyone who seriously thinks that there were no tapas dinners and that numerous guests and employees conspired to cover up a death is in need of immediate psychiatric help. I suggest you go and seek it out"

    You said numerous guests and employees. How convenient. There was no numerous guests and employees. Few workers which could end up to be only one, and few guests reported on the Tapas list, is that what you call numerous? That's your problem. You fail to argue or fundament well your posts. Spinning, exaggerating, modifying or generalizing didn't give you more credibiliy. That's yes, is insane and needs to be seen by an expert. A psychologist, maybe. A polce , definitely.

  107. "One problem here is that you seem to equate a belief that the children were left alone with the belief that there was an abductor"

    Who equates an abductor? You say we do on what grounds? The fact that there was NO NEGLECT is that the children weren't left alone.

    So what you're saying is the opposite of what has been said. You really try hard to drive in the WRONG message, don't you?

    To the blog admins, I don't understand why comment from Anon Sep 8, 2011 1:26:00 PM was even published. It brings nothing new into the discussion, we've already seen it, it's offensive and brings in an environment of hostility that drives potential readers away which is its objective.

  108. The readert at 1.55 made a valid point about certain comments not bringing anything to the debate.

    Some comments with insulting remarks do get consideration, whether or not they should be published. If the content other than the insults gives the readers some information then on balance it is in the readers interest to publish.

    Those that are only insults or rudeness do not get published.

    Maybe readers would like to decide how these comments should be dealt with in future? Some readers may prefer that all comments that are not purely insulting should be published so they know the level of reaction a certain post or posters comments have produced. The other alternative is to edit the post to remove the unsavoury talk, and it is often extremely unsavoury, and just publish the stripped down comment making it cleat that it has been edited. Any editing would not be done to alter the meaning in any way only to cut out the rudeness or gratuitous swearing.

    When we have done this in the past Insane has objected vehemently TELLING us to reproduce his comments in full or not at all. But as far as we are concerned about Insane he can choose to stop posting comments if he doesn’t like the system. After all, he does have his own blog to say what he likes, insultsing and with as much swearing as he chooses. As none of us are allowed to know about this secret place or could care less what goes on there we don’t have to tolerate his tantrums. Self Serving Secret Society for the Select where they don’t share information with anyone outside the Sect.

    On occasion we have explained to posters the reason we haven’t published their comments in full and they have understood the reason for that and have not objected, on the contrary they have thanked us.

    We do appreciate input from readers, they are what makes the blog what it is so please keep the comments coming.

  109. Sina j, I agree with 2nd possibility, edit and delete the insults. After all on that place prevails democracy, tolerance and freedom to express point of views. Contrary to the McCann's place where nobody can post anonymous and any bad comment never show up. Is banned. And Is considered a bad comment a simple question like that: Why did you make a petition if after thousands of signatures you didn't use it to reopen the investigation? So simple, so innocent question, but enough to annoy the couple.

  110. Somebody above made a comment about textusa being an embarrassment on other sites. I just saw one site where this could be the case- McCann's site. They want everybody away of what is being posted here.
    On other sites, what I saw is positive comments. It is evident, sometimes Insane posts in another blogs against Textusa, trying to seek some support. He/ she can't surprise anymore. Is ignored or raise a group of comments against what he claims, almost immediately.

    Why he put himself under that embarrassment is the question. Something drives him here. Cannot be only the pleasure of contradicting every single post that touches hot issues.

  111. "Madeleine Cops In Portugal" - Martin Brunt blog-sky news.

    I hope who has important information hand it to PJ. Tonny Benneth claimed he had some information. He managed to have an answer to the letter he sent to mr. P Edmonds who claimed have seen all, first hands. What that means exactly?

  112. I say don't publish comments that simply call us names. Once you start doing that the BH will roster up and fill the site with insulting comments.

    Democracy, per definition, is the submission of the minority to the majority's will. It is tolerance, it is respect, but one has to draw a line to those that fail understand either.

    They seek visibility for comments they know are just pure insults. I think you've been fine up to now in the choice of publishing or not.

  113. SY In Portugal. I hope is not to get their hands inside of what is under secrecy and pass it to the McCann's or their lawyers.
    Is it another bunch of coincidences? Mitchell has a new job, McCann's want to be part of the phone hacking investigation and SY went to Portugal? That smells too much like a whitewash. Poor little girl.

  114. "Kate and Gerry McCann want to highlight their experiences at the hands of the British press during the judicial investigation into the phone-hacking scandal.
    The couple, whose daughter, Madeleine went missing in May 2007, were among those named yesterday as potential witnesses in an investigation provoked by anger at journalists' illegal interception of phone messages.
    Kate and Gerry McCann
    But the couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said there was no evidence their phones had been hacked.
    He said the couple, who live in Rothley, hope to be granted "core participant status" in the inquiry, expected to deliver its report in a year.
    This would give them the right to be represented by a legal team, who could cross-examine witnesses and make
    opening and closing statements.
    Mr Mitchell said the remit of the inquiry was far wider than phone hacking.
    "It is going to be looking at press ethics and media activity in general and they are deemed to be relevant witnesses
    on that basis," he said....." source Mccannfiles.

    Here is the prove of the real intention to get inside that investigation. Controlling and spying what potential witnesses could deliver to the judge.
    What is their experience with media? Manipulation? Brainwash? Meetings with editors to plan which news should be released and when, having in mind that the couple should appear always as the victims of the atrocities of the Portuguese police? Front pages advertising a private Fund and asking the public to make donations? What was the media for that pair, during the last 4 years? A partner on their business. Is the judge going to ask them why all news involving their names had the comments blocked? They are free to deliver their stories but the public is not free to ask some questions and express their doubts? Where was the transparence and the freedom of expression? Any wrong doings by some journalists in the pass, was caused by them. Their continuous obsession for the media and their "closest sources" feed the media with so many ridiculous stories that upset the big majority of the public. That big majority was gagged for 4 years, obliged to watch their stories raining in our TVs.

    "Assuming they get that status, the plan will be that they will give evidence about their treatment at the hands of the press more generally."

  115. ..."This would give them the right to be represented by a legal team, who could cross-examine witnesses..."

    Another legal team? If one day they went to court will be a busy circus. A huge bunch of lawyers fighting for the judge attention.
    Who is going to pay that legal team? The donations of the Fund or the taxes from the British?

    You said numerous guests and employees. How convenient. There was no numerous guests and employees. Few workers which could end up to be only one, and few guests reported on the Tapas list, is that what you call numerous? That's your problem. You fail to argue or fundament well your posts. Spinning, exaggerating, modifying or generalizing didn't give you more credibiliy. That's yes, is insane and needs to be seen by an expert. A psychologist, maybe. A polce , definitely.''

    Let's try to make it a bit easier for your befuddled mind

    ''Anyone who seriously thinks that there were no tapas dinners and that any guests or employees conspired to cover up a death is in need of immediate psychiatric help. I suggest you go and seek it out"

    Is that clearer now? Good.

    Incidentally, someone whose response to a poster whose views do not accord with their is to suggest they should be reported to the police DEFINITELY needs psychiatric treatment

  117. ''Anyone who seriously thinks that there were no tapas dinners and that any guests or employees conspired to cover up a death is in need of immediate psychiatric help. I suggest you go and seek it out" - to post such comment and want others to believe it's the truth, you must:
    - had other source of information which is not available on the PJ files. From the files, what raises the surface is " doubts after doubts AFTER DOUBTS" regarding everything on that dinner. The time, the tables, the amount of guests, the amount of workers ( look at the timetable of the workers, most had their day off on Thursday indicating was not a busy day in the resort).
    - or poster 1:55 must have hit something that annoys/ worries you leaving you without other choice : no valid argument, just an insult. You are not discussing what is in the investigation or what could have happened to Madeleine and who could be involved.... You are trying to divert the attention in to the readers/ posters or the owner of the blog. We are not subjects under discussion.
    Regarding the official information available... yes, all the doubts we have are legitime and were legitimated direct by who experienced the day / night of May 3- the McCann's, their friends, the workers, the guests. Their statements OR THE ABSENCE OF THEM.
    There is no statements available on the disclosed files from all the guests involved in the Tapas list. For me this could mean only 2 things. Or the statements have clues and have a very high interest for the police to solve the case, then need to be under secrecy. Or the police knows already the dinner was a bluff and all those people involved are useless as witnesses for a crime but should be disclosed for the public to understand up where went the cover up. Or they witness part of the crime( the alarm and the out and in of the Tapas 9 during their checking activities) or they were actors playing a special roll to achieve a specific objective.
    That's why the Tapas dinner/ list need to be discussed and are under discussion in many sites. From various discussions, what is emerging is...WAS A BLUFF. Why people got their names involved in a bluff and why some get bothered with bloggers who arrived to that conclusion, to the point of being forced to post ridiculous posts full of insults and lack in contra- arguments, is the point.
    I remark one thing from your comment , " to cover up a death". Since you want us to believe in everything you said, is a must- Maddie is dead.
    The McCann's still insisting she is alive and in good health( nothing hurts her). You, who knows the dinner happen also knows the girl is dead. How you know that? You share with McCann's the dinner as a fact but diverge on the death. That means you have been in the dinner and you know the girl is dead? Don't tell me your source of
    information is the disclosed files.


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