Thursday, 30 June 2011

Textusa will be back very soon

Our sister Textusa has been called away to attend to a relative again. We were all hoping for the person to make a full recovery but she has had a setback recently, so this has slowed her progress.
Please keep reading and posting as Textusa will still be watching over her blog even while she is away.
I’m sure our dedicated readers would like to send Textusa and her sick relative their best wishes.
Sina J


  1. Com certeza,Sina J !

    Yes, we stay here waiting and wishing the possible best.

  2. Wishing your relative a speedy recovery Tex, and all good wishes.

    Looking forward to your return xxx

  3. Best Wishes hope your relative gets well soon.

  4. Textusa

    I also wish your relative a speedy recovery and good outcome.

    I know we will all await your return.

  5. All the best Textusa and good health wishes for your relative.

  6. With much love and health to you and your family.

  7. Wishing that strength and health return to your family member who is ill and that we hear from you again soon! Warmest Regards to you Textusa and all who are holding the fort!

  8. Best wishes Textusa I hope all goes well and a very speedy recovery

  9. Lots of love Textusa and good health blessings.

  10. Bom dia e um conselho importante:

    por mais grave que seja a situação não chamem, de modo algum, aquele casal de Rothley. Por favor.

    Don ´t ask help to the Rothley´s couple, please.pois... bad idea, very bad.

    The best to all.

  11. Hope all goes well and your relative soon recovers Tex.

    Blacksmith has reviewed 'Madeleine' and his observations are very interesting.
    Link below;

    He also comes to the conclusion that something was not right about Paynes visit, as you yourself spotted a long while ago. Well done Tex

  12. Your poorly relative is very lucky to have someone like you Textusa, to care for them,I am also in that situation and at times it can be very hard "work",but if we can get them back to good health it will be a "job well done",miss you,but your "little helpers "are doing a good job!!!Take care of yourself. I know Iv,e said it before but I so love the graphics for each subject,so well done to that department!!!

  13. Hope your relative is getting better Textusa, she must feel very comforted and reassured by you. God bless and hope she gets well soon.

  14. "There is an expectation that the organisation will take on high profile cases. In May 2011 the Prime Minister pledged support for the ongoing Madeleine McCann investigation and ordered detectives from the Met' to step-up their investigation. In fact, our source tells us that it will be the CEOP's responsibility to review and carry out the McCann Investigation."- source: Mccannfiles

    Then, the CEOP is the organization really in charged to review/ reinvestigate Madeleine case? What a fraud, if so. Where on that chap goes the 3.5 m offered by Cameron to the metro police? Wonder which excuse they will give in the future for " not finding Madeleine".
    Every day become clear that crime is much more then just a missing child. Something really sinister and horrendous happened to Madeleine and that cannot be done by a stranger. A stranger had no time ( just 5 days) to organize such crime.

  15. 11.53 great comment - looks like another cover up is on its way at least Jim Gamble's gone.

    What a waste of 3.5 million - the mccann case has proved our newspapers print what they are told to print. MP's and editors suck up to the mccanns for fear of being sued what a bunch of hypocrites.

    Cameron will find this additional cover up will go against him it proves he is not up to the job, but happy to waste tax payers money on a useless PR exercise attempting to gain more votes.

    Why can't somebody stand up to the Mccanns and do the decent thing get the case re-opened, once this happens the tapas group will be changing their stories to save their skins and the truth will eventually come out but until somebody does something we are stuck with what we've got PR spin and the mccanns raking in money to pay for a whitewash and good image.

  16. JKR send her publisher C. Little away. Only an Harry Potter issue or she was not happy with way Kate McCann tried to involve her on her poor fictional piece of literature called " Madeleine"?
    All hypothetical VIP supporters smoothly get away. The support was so fake as the all stories this pair create.The only ones who stayed at McCann's side, are their lawyers and their pink gurus, ALL GOLDEN PAYED. It is a karma, that the money they dishonestly earn, is going to be spend in social washing powder ( Carter- ruck, lift consulting and mitchellomania) to clean up all the dirty that is filling their days/ life.
    Dear Kate and Gerry, suddenly your interest on your daughter fade... Why are you not questioning the work of SY? For a top police with 3.5 m just to search your daughter, they are taking too much time to locate her. That means they don't believe on your story of an abduction without evidences? God and you Kate, knows why. After all you assume on your book, you know because you have been there. SY knows, you have been there.

  17. I hope SY bring the Mccanns to justice, for four years they have controlled how this case progresses with libel cases and the like.
    If SY wants to gain any credability as a top police force, it needs to identify the corrupt individuals involved and bring this farce to a close it should show us that crime does not pay, and it is a criminal offence to waste police time (and money!!) and criminals, however complex their crimes should always brought to justice.

    Criminals always leave a paper trail, they can't help it, and in the case of the Mccanns it is their fund which will bring them down, who has been paid money from the fund and why, especially in the early days when team mccann and its 'office' were getting established and if Carter Ruck or any other laywers or individuals attempt to prevent SY from fully investigating this case then they too should face the wrath of the courts.

    We all seek closure and justice.

  18. I doubt that Kate and Gerry have uttered a single word of thanks to scotland yard, everything being dealt with through their laywers. This should give scotland yard an indication of what they are up against, but these fraudsters can be brought to justice Conrad Black was sent to jail for fraud as was Bernie Manaluf with his fraudulent schemes, the Mccanns are no exception they have knowingly taken money from the public when they knew all along what happened to their daughter.

  19. Clarence Mitchell, Como SEMPRE um guru oportunista. Desta vez a tentar transformar-se e transformar os sues clientes "mccan" em mais umas Vitimas das "Escutas ilegais do News of the World". Como se alguem acreditasse que Estes 3 nao andassem informados por murdoch sobre as actividades do journal. Provavelmente a pedido dos McCann, alguns suspeitos com interesse foram escutados para alimentar as historias descabidas de muitos avistamentos.
    Mitchell e o unico que se queixa de ter sido escutados sem que a SY o tenha contactado. Se tivesse sido contactado, encheria as primeiras paginas de todos os jornais ingleses. Um oportunista ao servico de 2 narcizistas nao perdia uma oportunidade Tao dourada.

  20. The Sun is facing accusations of perverting the course of justice in Jo Yates case, while making front pages with wrong suspects. They disturb the work of the police. What about Madeleine case, with constantly fake sights and fabricated abductors? Their front pages have a clear hand of team McCann. The paper helping their cover up and feeding their eyes with what they wanted the public to know: PJ an incompetent police and the parents, two innocent victims of the Portuguese police. Madeleine was always irrelevant to that paper and to her parents. It was always a cleaning machine that makes trillions of money at same time with a fraudulent fund, permanently advertised on that paper. I never saw any article related with McCann's without the link at the bottom to their fund or their findmadeleine site. Some journalists earn money from that fraud. It is the only explanation for what the public have seen for more then 4 years. I hope SY catch all the rats involved on what will come out was the biggest crime in Europe in our days.

  21. Team McCann playing their circus around the News of the World phone hackings . If the paper assaulted their phone calls, Murdoch must know where is Madeleine and what they have done to her. Then the journalists involved on the saga, must be heard by the police because they were helping a cover up for Madeleine and for the fraudulent fund. Interrogated by the police, this ones must break their pact and expose the McCann's.
    I don't believe they ever spy the McCann's or Mitchell, but I believe the McCann's were aware of that illegal activities and sometimes they maybe requested the services of that jpurnalists/ detectives to help them spread the idea of an alive Madeleine, with sights and potential abductors. If not, how they discovered hewlett?
    Other issue that always raised suspicions, was the activities of Marcos aragao correia on his hunt of Amaral. He claimed to know things about Amaral private life and tried to use it to kill the image of Amaral at public eyes.
    Who payed Marcos aragao and why he approaches Leonor Cipriano when she was already in prison with joanas case full investigated and closed?
    The McCann's will be caught in a parallel case. Wonder why they are so quite.... Enjoying the revenues of the book and praying for the public to forget them because their mission was almost accomplished- now they have a money source( the book) to pay their lawyers without being dependent of public donations. Maybe their time is coming more quick them what they wanted or planned. Maybe their dream will turn into a nightmare and finally Madeleine will achieve justice, peace and respect.
    Just a small apart, but I'm very chocked with set of different products having Madeleine face, that are on sale in the USA. Mccannfiles has the pictures of some products. Tshirts of all co ours and sizes and baby bibs. Which mother give a bib with Madeleine face to her baby? Wonder which story that mum should tell her baby or who saw the bib to explain her choice. Abducted without evidences, because she was neglected by her parents( I don't believe on any negligence but that was the fairy tale
    sold by the McCann's) or death due to an accident or homicide? What an amazing subject to tell or discuss in front of a baby. The McCann's and their appetite for money leave them in such disgraceful situation. They don't deserve the respect of any parent with a pinch of brain.

  22. In America a mother accused of killing her child was cleared after three years of allegations that have shocked america with many similarities to the mccann case.
    Casey Anthony was dramatically acquitted her 2 year old daughter disappeared and she failed to report her missing for 31 days and went out partying. Six months after she vanished the childs skeletal remains were found in a swamp minutes from their home 'tripple bagged'. Casey car was reported as smelling of rotten meat similar to mccanns. There was circumstantial evidence pointing to the mothers guilt but because her defence attorneys convinced the jury that there was no murder just an accidental drowning in their backyard and George had stuffed the body in a bag and thew it away. Casey expressed a lack of grief and lies, (similar to Mccanns) the grandparents lied in court even though Caseys computer had internet searches on 'neck breaking' and how to make cloraform at home. She invented an imaginary babysitter (like the imaginary abductor) and claimed the babysitter was responsible for the death of the child.

    This woman lied and knowingly lied but still she was freed this is how corrupt the legal systems are.

    In this case the public had spotted caylee in Alaska and Miami all so similar to Madeleine's sightings.

    If SY conclude the Mccanns are innocent then our legal system is as corrupt as America's.

  23. USA justice is a paradox. Not a good example. O.j.s. Walk free after almost everybody being convinced of his guilt and was caught in a rubbery in the casino. What an irony for the victims.

  24. More dodgy private inestigators!

    Mr Murdoch can complain that the News of the World was not alone in acting illegally in pursuit of front-page scoops. Hacking into voicemails was once widespread. Other tabloids hired dodgy private investigators
    So Mr Cameron’s public inquiry will have to cast its net much wider than News International.

  25. The curse of the Mccanns strikes again...J K Rowling sacked her manager of many years of the world after 168 years closing down. Won't be long now before scotland yard come knocking on kate and gerrys door ...KARMA

  26. The Mccanns have gone very quiet at present, they have not mentioned once how grateful they are that SY will be joining the 'search' for their daughter.

    I hope SY do a proper job and solve this case and do not brush 'everything under the carpet' Sr Amaral deserves the support from the police force that appears to be so lacking in this case. There are so many unanswered questions and misinformation played out by team mccann.

    Justice for Maddie.

  27. Dear Textusa,
    thank you for explaining us what is going on with your relative/friend and consequetly with you. Life can be very difficult sometimes and the only thing that goes above health is love itself. You are showing your love to your friend and that is important.She will get better and my prayers are with her and with you. Be strong.

  28. dear textusa and sick friend,

    it is not nice to be sick but we all are sure that person will get better, whatever her problem might be. Treatments nowadays are very good and keep believing everything will be ok.
    Thank you for explaining us what is going on.
    love also to your relative from a


  29. Perhaps you could tell us what is going on with the McCanns, after the scandal of the phones hacking.


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