Thursday, 2 June 2011

Our sister Textusa is taking some time out

Our sister Textusa is taking some time out to look after one of her family members so May I and Sina J are going to keep an eye on the blog until she is able to take up the rei(g)ns again. Hopefully the family member is well on the way to recovery now so Textusa will be back soon and on form.
We know she has a lot she would like to discuss as soon as time allows.

Please keep your comments coming , even if they 're not published immediately because we value WH contributions which help to formulate our posts. Behind the scenes, a lot of research is taking place and it is proving VERY interesting,


  1. Apologies to readers. I meant to say reins not reigns, although a certain reign may come to an end soon.

  2. Sina J

    I hope Textusa's relative recovers well. I like the sound of the "reign which may soon come to an end" very much! I look forward to Textusa's return.

  3. Hope Textusa's relative will soon make a full recovery, so we can have her back with her eye-opening posts. God bless her too, for her generosity towards someone in need.

    Now, moving on to another subject, someone called our attention on Joana Morais' blog to something strange on the interview the McCanns gave to Piers Morgan (CNN). Morgan asked Kate to describe what happened at the moment she found Madeleine missing and she told the same old story of listening for any noise, noticing the door "more ajar", the dark bedroom, not quite making out if Madeleine was in the bed, the wind "woosh-woosh" opened the curtains, the blind was up, etc.. Now, what was interesting is what Gerry said when Piers M. asked him the same...Gerry said "she can't be there, she can't be there"!!!
    CAN'T be there??? Shouldn't it be "must be there", "has to be there" or, "she can't be gone"? What is also interesting is that that part of the interview is nowhere to be found, not anymore. at least I could not find the full interview anywhere, not even in Youtube, only excerpts, but the relevant one finishes as soon as Kate finishes answering Piers's question. Odd, very odd...just like in the interview to the spanish tv "Las mañanas de quatro", where he said that "nothing was as bad as when we found her.", that programme was also cut short!
    Kate also put her foot in it, when she claimed the room was so dark she could not see Madeleine in her bed, and then she says that the shutter was up! If it was up the room could not be that dark, the street lamps would lighten it through the window, surelly enough to see the beds and the childen clearly.

  4. Anon @ Jun 2, 2011 11:11:00 PM

    More whoosh clunking?

  5. Because I really like to understand and agree that she deserves and should have time for her and her family.

    It was a very good decision, because they deserve.

    We are and will always be here.

    Amiga ,com xxs

  6. Investigate all, please. The couple can not go unpunished.

    Anyway, the world will never forget this enormous rubbish, the rubbish mccann

    Thnaks to Sina and May.

    x to Text.


    Interesting statistics here.

  8. Para mim o Portugal news é infame porque mostra a Mãe do Rui Pedro e nem fala no Seu Filho!

    Esta Mãe, Filomena, tem bom carácter; é boa Pessoa e , nada disso acontece com os pais da Criança referida no jornal.

    Esta Mãe sempre sofreu e está em permanente depressão desde 1999. Esta Mãe mede 1m e 70 cm e tem menos de 40 Kg.

    Os outros ? Nem pensar,.

    Portugal news insulta mais uam vez os Portugueses.

  9. Keep up the good work until Textusa can return,and thank you,looking forward to hearing whats "going on" behind the scenes!!t

  10. I would also like to thank all those involved, Textusa is an absolutely brilliant website which I visit everyday.
    Keep up the good work Textusa et al and justice for Maddie. xx

  11. Textusa, Sina J and May I your blog is wonderfully analytically truthful well done girls.

  12. I'm not reading Kates book. I decide not to waste money feeding a liar, but I'm following attentively what is being disclosed from her book in some places in the Net.
    Little Morsals disclosed 2 interesting paragraphs- one where Kate mention having a pair of pink trainers buyed before coming to PDL, and another where Kate almost kill the Social worker lady who step at her foot after recognising David Payne from her work in UK.
    Regarding the trainers, was early reported in some papers that a blood footprint matching Kate size was found in the flat and in the Scenic. No more news about that. But because Kate mention her new pink trainers, was jogging everyday and posing for pictures in the Media, I had a look at some pictures available and what I found amazing is I can't see any picture with her wearing such trainers. Could the trainers disappeared with Madeleine? Most of the time she was wearing sandals. They were followed by a squad of journalists and none catch a picture with her, wearing the trainers? I hope the police knows something about that trainers.
    Kate reaction regarding Yvonne concerns is also very odd. If before, we the public, were accused of speculation regarding some issues, now we have dear Kate telling in her own voice how she feel stressed and uncomfortable with Yvonne. She even tries to pass the message that Yvonne could have an agenda behind her interest in talking with Kate. Another strange behavior from Kate, who said to Yvonne that Madeleine was taken by a couple.
    I believe, any mother from a real missing child will hear attentively to any person ( special a British lady, no matter which job she has). Any mother will be open for all information and will pass it to the police, even if the suspiction falls in one of her friends.
    The way the Mccann's kicked their friends out of any suspiction reveals they know what hapenned to Madeleine. There is no other justification.
    What is also interesting is that Yvonne reported that the clothes D.Payne was wearing, match the clothes described in the police photo of the Eggman. Could be their strategy, having more guys wearing the same clothes to discredit the sight of the Smiths? Suddenly, some mens in PDL were wearing a type of uniform to confuse the investigation and any possible witness.
    Then, I can understand why the Tapas 9 sticked the abduction at a foreigner guy, looking out of the place because he was wearing formal clothes. They spread mens with that clothes that night to be sure that at least one person out of them saw a guy wearing that. What went wrong was the Smiths recognising Gerry not only because of the clothes but also because of the way he walks and carries Sean.
    Kate, your book could be used as a new evidence.
    I hope Textusa get back soon with more interesting paragraphs of the book, to be discussed and compared with all information already available.

  13. Anon @ 7.48 totally agree with your post I think they try to create confusion and then have a pact of silence. I would never buy Kates book but I read about it on the internet I hope it can be used as new evidence and the case re-opened.
    The Mccanns have gone very quiet now so I do not think they are pleased about SY getting involved.

    SY will read Kates book - I wonder what they will think of it?

  14. Does anybody know if anything is happening with the Murat v Tanner case or was this more confusion sent out by team mccann.

  15. Just a thought.

    Where is Rupert Murdoch personally, in all of this? Whts, if anything, is in it for him?

    Why are british press not being called off?

    Anyone remembering Gail Wynand from The Banner and asking the same question?



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