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This blog is, as of today, REALLY, REALLY breaking for the Holiday Season.  


We leave you with just ONE suggestion for a gift to your loved ones. Then again, maybe not.

If bad taste is your thing, then, by all means, go for it.

Anyhow, although it will only be published on May 12th, 2011, NOW is a good time to pre-order.

There are people on the other side counting. Counting on you and your money:

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers and supporters!


  1. Merry Christmas Tex and Ironside et al and a happy new year xxx

  2. Bom dia !

    Quanto a esta época....... bem..... os outro não têm culpa do que penso acerca disso, portanto:

    " Anonymous said...
    Merry Christmas Tex and Ironside et al and a happy new year "

    Gostei que se lembrassem de Ironside. Muito BEM !

    Quanto à sugestão da máquina de dinheiro, faltando ainda 143 dias para sair............ é arranjar dinheiro já.

    De mim nada levam !

    Porque acredito na Investigação da Equipa da P.J. de Portimão.

  3. Voltei...porque preciso também de saudar a outra equipa:

    - Textusa
    - Sinaj
    - May I

    Mas jamais esqueço a :

    METODO 2
    - Textusa
    - Ironside

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everybody here, but specially to you Textusa and Ironside.

    The business machine still on, always planning ahead how to have a top profite from the tragedy of their daughter. Since the book is about the search, I hope the " kind mother" deliver to her bad informed readers, one reason to explain why she did not search her daughter on the first hours, days, weeks, when everybody was out looking and worried with the destiny of the child at a paedo hands? Was it because there is no reason to worry about the pain? The girl no longer can feel it. Or was it because the kind mother already know where the girl was and how safe she is? Will be easy to compare the truth already available at many papers with the compilation of the lies that the book represent. Personally I will not going to buy any piece. No any of my friends or family will do. But, since I'm a very nasty but not stupid person, I will read it on the Net when become available. I'm sure the kind mother will post it fo free to allow as many people as she can, to be aware of her search. Don't tell me that sweet kate, you are going to apply on the book the same copyrights that you applied on the pictures of your daughter? Used for whatever who want them and for any purpose, if they pay you, but forbbiden to spread if no any money run on your hands.
    Any intelligent person, will boycotte that book and will put on a black list the publishers that decide to sell the book. Kids deserve respect, specially when they cannot react and tell their version of the events. Exploring a disgrace is an insult to all responsible people. Buying the book and feeding with our money that behaviour is encouraging all the perverts to do the same ( desrespect childs and earn money after all). Don't compte on me. I love books not leaflets full of lies. In Portugal, more then 35 years ago, they have a place where that kind of lies were published to enternain people that went weekly to the fairs, it was called BORDA D'AGUA and was full of stories of horror and fantasy.

  5. I see that now the book is to be launched on the 12th May, Maddie's birthday...humm, could the change be due to the questioning from people who found odd the choice of the 28th April, the day the holiday started, over the 3rd May, the day their daughter vanished from their lives? That, that day, the 28th April had a special meaning, not the 3rd May...?
    Do you remember the 12th May in Luz, outside the church? The "grieved" parents grinning like cheshire cats? Come next 12th May I bet we'll see them grinning again, from ear to ear, in some book signing in London...

    I wish you and Ironside, and all your loved ones a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, UM FELIZ NATAL!

    (Go and enjoy at last the festive season, I, for one, solemnly promise not to disturb your private time, no more comments till you come back, it's a promise!)



  6. So the mccanns know madeleine is not going to be found before the book is published next may !!! hmmm they also said their fund will run out in 2012 so presumably she's not going to be found before that date either !!!
    Merry Christmas Tex

  7. A moment of silence because of McCann's unhappiness this Christmas (again) due their wrong choices, causing embarrassment to their families and parents that feel the duty to help them (even if they do not accept the reasons behind it), involving their friends in a such nasty happening, causing suffering to the police both in Portugal and England that have worked for the truth and only the truth. Those that really have searched for their little daughter.

    May God forgive them for sin and may God forgive us to point them again and again.

    A Saint Christmas to all of us with not exception.

  8. Textusa

    Merry Christmas to you and Ironside and nearest and dearest.

    Thank you for all your blogs.


  9. By next Christmas the mccanns book will be for sale in the bargain basement of poundland with all the other badly written cheap fairytale books.

  10. Ooops... they changed the release date. Prob. because of the wedding of Prince William on April 28? The McCanns cannot stand it, when they do not get ALL the attention.
    I wonder, why they could not arrange that the evil Kate goes into the church before the Prince and his bride appear and hold her book to the crowd for all to see, whispering: "Please help us to find Madeleine. WE, her parents, are the only ones searching for her, nobody else does it (inspite of all the media attention we got). Please buy our book, so we can pay our useless PI's who will keep searching for her like they did the past 3 years - better than any police force in the world ever could." (With no result at all, which fits us.) Thought the McCanns were more important than Prince Willy & his Kate? Is this a sign of decreasing power of the Team McCann?
    Anyways, I wont buy this book. This is beyound words.

    Merry Christmas to you Textusa and your loved ones.

  11. The book is an attempt against the nature. So many trees destroyed. They don't respect their childs and now they are showing that they also don't respect the environment.
    I hope the book will be a sale disaster. The publisher, at least, can give them for recicling and let them go to the only place they deserve to be- The toilet as toilet rolls.

  12. The Mccann's are used with Manuals. After the "Manual of concealing a cadaver", their own manual, " THE MANUAL OF LIES".

  13. What a job. To write her book, Kate had to go to all the interviews and statments that she made up to now, to see when, where and how she lied. We all know that without having to go back to some documents.
    But for a compulsive liar, is a job.

  14. When Kate writes her 'fairytale' she should remember ' O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive' and perhaps she will explain to us why she never answered the 48 questions, why she never searched for her daughter, why only her finger prints were on the window or why she washed cuddle cat after Maddies cadaver was detected on it, why cadaver was detected only on items handled by mrs mccann, or why she felt it necessary to delete all her mobile phone messages of the 3rd May and look very uncomfortable in interviews...a very easy 'whodunnit' to solve.

  15. Hopefully this book will be their downfall for far too long mccanns have dictated how this case should be run but once things are written down it is confirmation of what happened that night - comparisons will be made with Sr Amarals book 'The truth of the lie' they tried to ban because it was based on actual police files and it questions their involvement in the disappearance of their daughter - Kate and Gerry have a tiger by the tail...and it really is only a matter of time.
    Thanks Tex et al for your brilliant site and have a good Christmas.

  16. Thank you for all your reseach Tex we log on everyday - justice for Maddie - and our very good wishes for 2011. Best wishes to Ironside.

  17. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Tex


  18. Merry Christmas Tex thanks for all your research have a good holiday and all the best for 2011.

  19. Happy New Year.

  20. Text............ Holiday Season no more............ LOL.


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