Sunday, 7 November 2010

Yet Another Attempt to Cool Things Down


No, I won’t bother to even link it up. “DETECTIVES working on the Madeleine McCann case say they are ready to reopen the investigation into her disappearance.”

Hmmm... weren’t these same words said by Gerry McCann, with a rather unfriendly face taking into account the that issue at hand was his own daughter, besides his likewise unfriendly looking wife, Kate McCann, used outside the Court?

Onlooking, their lawyer Isabel Duarte, who had just before revealed, detailing some, that some details within the files were completely overlooked and, by definition, deserved to be looked at again, thus meriting the reopening of the process?

That was in January 2010, I believe...

That means, mathematically, we'll hear an identical "we're ready to reopen the case...", somewhere in September 2011.

Hopefully, McCanns, you'll be wearing prisioner overalls when that time comes.

Another thing… what is meant by “detectives”? It can’t be Dave Edgar because he has no legitimacy to be reopening any process in Portugal.

It also can’t be Gonçalo Amaral, as, although he has tirelessly sought the reopening, he can no longer be described as “detective”.

Giving that this has come from a British Newspaper, and believing I that NO news coming from British journalist are not published without being revised and confirmed, I can only interpret this paragraph as “the NEW detectives that have joined Dave Edgar’s team, have been studying the case and have today announced that they are ready…”

Now, this paragraph starts to make some sense, doesn't it? It's got nothing to do with the headlines, but who cares? “Portuguese police have indicated they would be happy to work with the missing girl’s parents and their friends.”

The Police is happy to work WITH the parents?!? Shouldn’t the phrase be instead that the parents should be happy to work with the Police? After all, who is supposes to be leading who? Ups, a slip of the tongue here… the McCanns forgot to lose habits here, and still think an investigation is to be run on their terms, and on their terms only. “The couple, doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, are due to fly to Lisbon on Tuesday to consult their lawyers. Legal sources in Portugal say they should use their visit to ask their lawyer to formally write a letter to the Policia Judiciaria and to the Portuguese attorney-general’s office."

How many a gazillion times has this been explained to the infamous couple?

 It has been said so many times that even Bart Simpson is able to write it without a grammar or spelling mistake on the board:

To reopen the process all the McCanns have to do is just request it.

They don’t need to fly to Lisbon

However, it seems that they need to be seen flying to Lisbon. The heat is pilling up and they need to be seen doing something…

A request is a piece of paper, no presence required. I don't remember them flying around to apply for the injunction on Gonçalo Amaral's book.

They just did it, didn't they?

So why is all this fuss for? “If a review was ordered, the Policia Judiciaria would suggest that there should be reconstructions of two key incidents on the evening of May 3, 2007, in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.”

IF”, McCanns favorite word. As I don’t believe in this particular “if” the rest of the sentence is nonsense. and why have we jumped from the "reopen" of the headlines, to the McCann's "review"? Misleading journalism? Couldn't be, could it?

Let me conclude this piece of “news” (journalists out there, be ashamed of your profession). First, there will be no formal unconditional request to reopen the process. If there’s to be anything, it will be a list of condition’s under which the parent’s will ACCEPT that the process is to be reopened.

For example, that they never, ever, ever, even if proof points right into their noses, be considered "arguidos", that THEY’re the ones to pick the policemen that are to investigate and that these ARE NOT allowed to speak with Gonçalo Amaral; and that any reconstructions are to be done under THEIR exclusive control, and only with only those THEY deem think relevant present, etc…  

ANYTHING that will guarantee an excuse for them to use and explain it isn't them to blame that the case won't be reopened after all, but of the uncooperative Portuguese authorities...

In legal terms, it’s called dilatory technique. Or in layman’s language, to buying time.

This is to go as far as it is intended to go: nowhere.

Knowing what you know today, do you think Gerry and Kate McCann would be happy with ANY reconstruction?!?

Only if they knew already that it would lead to nowhere, as is the case, and they know this because they remain in control, or so they think, of the initiative.

Just a side note… if this was true, would this be news in tabloids only? Doesn’t just THAT say it all?

The day I see a face of a furious McCann under the headline “Maddie Case Reopened”, (note the verb tense) then, my friends, I’ll smile.

So what is this? A desperate attempt to shake off heat, just that.

Bad news once again McCanns, I, for one am still hearing a swan crying, They say it’s spectacular.. but nonetheless means the end.

You having not fooled me a single minute, you have deterred me in the exact same time from continuing to expose you with what I think is PROOF of your guilt, because, unlike you, I’m really happy to help the Police WHEN they’ll reopen the files.

So, from where I stand, and according to you, from now on I'm not just helping the general public understand the HOAX you are, I'm helping the Police too!

Pretty cool and highly motivating.

Oh, McCanns, do feel free to prove me wrong.

I tell you what, you request the reopening without any conditions and I’ll apologise, right here, having called you LIARS.

What say you?


  1. I wonder if this guy is using the right 'fire retardant' because some fire extinguishers only fuel the flames.

  2. Hi to all!

    Bom dia!

    Acreditam na notícia do J.M. no ?

    Acreditam que falou ONTEM com GA?

    Não será um update? Acho que é. An UPDATE! And with years. Um update de 24 .07 de????? 2007 ?

    updates+ i petitions review= lies,liars,junk

  3. They go to Lisbon not to Pray, not to reopen the case. They go to meet their lawyers and see what could be done behind stage to frame Amaral and make sure that nobody can reopen the case. Later, they will show up again, on their tabloids to fool the british readers, saying: 'We tried but the bangler portuguese police did not open it to avoid exposing their incompetent work. See, searching Madeleine is our commitment and to do that we need the suport of the public'- money, money, donations, donations. DISGUSTING THIS PAIR OF LIARS.
    Amaral must pay attention to the movements of that team, because their desperation could lead them into more crimes.

  4. Doh!
    I was briefly fooled by today's press coverage.

    But of course, again you are right Textusa. Thank you.

    However, like you, I hear the swan's cry.

    Pity the little children left.

  5. Not a good time for Mccann's. Their tabloids are allowing comments on articles related with them. And the comments are not sympathetic at all. Just a copy and past of one of the interesting comments today in the Daily Mail:
    "Kate and Gerry McCann - I have some very simply advice for the pair of you in finding those responsible for your missing daughter, it will not cost you or the tax payers one single penny - each morning go to your nearest mirror and the reflection will show you who is totally resonsible for the loss of your child - no one else, just the reflection in the mirror will confirm you, and only you two are responsible.

    How shameful you should feel for leaving a little toddler of three and two babies on their own whilst you preferred to party. Why now do you expect the tax payer to pay for your shameful mistakes.

    I feel so sorry for your two remaining children, I really do.

    Now please go away and stop begging and trying to blame everyone else other than yourselves. In any doubt, just return you your largest mirror, and there is the answer looking back at you"

    Read more:

  6. Of course they don't want the case re opened, but what they do want is full access to all of PJ's evidence against them.

  7. A peticao e uma manobra para esconder o que tentam fazer nos bastidores, em Portugal- corromper, pressionar quem possa ter em maos a decisao de reabrir ou nao a investigacao. Resolver na secretaria o que deve ser resolvido em tribunal, e o forte deste par de mentirosos e do seu team de advogados e 'spin-machine'.

  8. O meu receio é o mesmo do anon- Nov 8, 2010 4:57:00 AM.

    Bom dia.

    A nice day.

  9. A polícia está preparada: mais um crime adicional ao conjunto de crimes já praticados e alguém vai preso - desta vez.

    Eu sempre defendi, que o caso Madeleine McCann, será resolvido através de um outro crime paralelo mas relaccionado com o primeiro.

    E que a queda do casal virá de dentro do Reino Unido...Portugal será um segundo enterro...

    Ninguém terá pena quando este casal cair, porque o mundo inteiro foi solidário com a sua perda, contribuindo de uma maneira incondicional até que a verdade veio ao de cima e a indignação tomou forma e continua a crescer a cada dia que passa....

    A mesma facção que apoiou o casal, está agora do outro lado à espera que este crime IMPERDOÁVEL seja punido.

    Somos pacientes, não estamos numa corrida contra o tempo. O mesmo já não se pode dizer dos McCann, será insustentável manter a sua posição nos próximos 5 anos. Imaginem, por isso, o seu desespero....

    Vão cair sim, e a sua queda ficará tão presente na nossa memória como as fotografias da filha que correram mundo... para que todos saibam que há crimes para os quais ainda NÃO HÁ PERDÃO!!!

  10. Textusa

    Take heart - yes the Police Chief said "We will re-open the case". And so they will- when the Mccanns finally ask them. This has been the position all along as you know.

    But this will push them to ask - because it's now been printed for all to see. The trouble was the media didn't print it - but now for some reason they are.

    If they refuse and don't accept the offer, they can't continue to keep making the request for a review of the case and consequently ask for donations for the Fund to search because no one is looking for Madeleine.

    If the Portuguese reopen the case - they will look and make enquiries - but the Mccanns will be required to answer questions again.

    They can't have it both ways - Insist on a Review and refuse to have the case re-opened.


  11. Talking about cooling thngs down- cast your mind back Gerry, many years ago to an operating theatre where a water fight broke out. You were the anaesthetist in those days- water up the nurses skirts, ceiling tiles coming down; only one of the nurses didn't find it so hilarious ad remembers it for the unique happening of her operating theatre experience. Still, some people have no sense of humour.

  12. Take a look at this!!!!
    This is from a blog in support of the Mucks that posted 'the' petition.

    I was expecting to see as many comments of congratulation as there were on the petition. Oh celebration ...NO comments whatsoever! What on earth had happened to their supporters?

    As for the British press, let's hope by their lack of reporting will stop the Mucks from declaring they will not get a fair trial when they are brought in for questioning. In fact the Mucks have received support from the press which will blow that line of attack out of the water. Every cloud has a silver lining so maybe we should accept the news blackout is in a good cause in the long run.
    Just like the petition which is working against them, the support of the press will too.

    "Madeleine petition joy
    Sunday, 07 November 2010 08:10 Dr Stein Madeleine McCann
    E-mail Print PDF
    Madeleine McCann's parents were yesterday "delighted" at the huge support for their petition calling for a review of the case - with more than 24,000 people signing.

    Kate and Gerry McCann launched the petition on Wednesday - exactly threeand-a-half years after their daughter, then three, disappeared in Portugal.

    Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It's fair to say they are delighted. The petition is tangible evidence of the public support that they know is out there.

    "Hopefully both the Portuguese and British governments will take notice and there will be a review."
    The petition now stands at 26301 signatures so far, please take a moment to sign it here
    Write comment (0 Comments) "


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