Friday, 19 November 2010

This, McCanns, is Something to be Explored

McCanns, confess, THIS one not even you were capable to come up with. Just imagine, for £17.00 a piece of "negligence", you wouldn't need to write the book!

Update: Sent in by a reader:

It seems Kate McCann's co-author, Jerry McCann (no, spelled as it is) is also the co-author of the famous book "Girls who rocked the world".

Maybe the The Tapas 5?

Pity, that the book that he 's also the co-author of, "Insane clown posse: The Pendulum (issue #7)" is not available.

I so much love books about clowns written by McCann!

Alone, J. McCann seems to be just another "Fruit Jar" nut:



  1. What? The book is already on sale before been launched?
    Are they going to print the book with the advanced money from the buyers? This guy's and who joint their game to stole money from the public, have no adjectives to describe them. AND THE AUTHORITIES GO BLIND IN FRONT OF WHAT SEEMS TO BE EVERYDAY, A BIG FRAUD.
    The Madeleine Trademark is selling T-Shirts, bracelets, etc, already payed by donations. Now the book fall the same way. And there will be stupid people that are going to waste money buying a rubbish, in many points of view. I hope, not only PJ put a close and open eye on that fraud, but all the international polices, since People from all over the world are being fooled. Who said that only banks and bankers stole money from the public? THE MCCANN'S DO THE SAME TO PAY THE EXPENSES OF ALL FAMILY + THEIR LAWYERS.
    Amazon was reported last week, in some papers, to be selling a manual for Paedos (Amazon sells book offering advice to pedophiles).

  2. textusa

    I absolutely think this is immense - it's been tagged by a chap/chapesse called J smith and I don't know if Amazon can do anything about it except remove the tagging facility.

    If they put it back into the normal genre someone else will do the same thing again.

    It cheered me up no end because I was thinking we have been bashing our heads against an enormous brick wall - Governments Police media and the like - but secretly people are doing things. : )


  3. Madeleine [Hardcover]
    Kate McCann (Author), Jerry McCann (Author)

    Is Gerry using a pen-name?

  4. Anon @ 11.15

    Yes they are pre-selling the book but the picture Textusa has put up has to be looked at differently.

  5. Everyone, complain to Amazon to remove this "product".

  6. Send an email to customer services.
    Sod this

  7. BUTTTTTTTTT they have writed a book already.......

    O primeiro livro escrito pelo casal McCann

    Of course :

  8. You are absolutely right Maria, they've already written a book. Maybe, almost four years later (with Kate as co-author), Kate will shed some light on the case and explain extensively the first very concise rendering.


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