Thursday, 11 November 2010

It Can't Get Any Simpler Than That

After all, it was much simpler than we all thought. This morning, looking at the news, SIC Notícias, to be more precise, I heard my good old friends, Gerry and Kate, about their petition to review the process.

It seems that it had, at the time, 31,000 signatures.

Now, it should be around the 31,200 mark, or over it, I'm sure. Mine is one of them. I really would like this to go forward.

I really, really what to know who the legitimacy to make the decision to reviewt, as we’re talking about involving two different sovereign nations, and what exactly is going to be reviewed that hasn’t been reviewed a thousand times by the requestors.

A request for something impossible. Not because it hasn't been done before, but because, and they know it, it just can't be done.

But let's overlook that bit. They say, with apparent reason, that if you have two separate bits of a something, then the best thing to do is put them together so that you can get a clearer picture of the whole.

So very true, and completely unarguable. Just a question, and sorry to be a spoilsport… what two bits?

From where I stand, I see an investigation done on one side. That’s one bit, and that includes all statements heard in Portugal and all the statements done in the UK, by request. They're all in the PJ files, and as far as I know, that institution belongs to only one of the two said Countries.

So what other bit is there?

I can only see, and I’m not so sure that the McCanns want that reviewed, the forensic evidence that was apparently lost in some dark corridor in the UK. Do you really want to review that?

Oh, also, there’s the question of the missing blue bag, but that we do not know, yet, in which bit, here or there, is it stored.  

Otherwise, what other bit does the UK hold that none of us know about?

So apparently it’s not understandable what is and why is it, being requested at all.

That is, you don’t only if you didn’t hear Kate McCann’s words “… this review is vital for the reopening…

Et voilá!

 “Oh... woe is me, if only would I was able to do that so VITAL review... for without it, I find myself with my hands and feet absolutely tied up and COMPLETELY UNABLE to do what I SO MUCH WANT TO DO and have been so hard fighting and struggling for, and that is to REOPEN our missing daughter's file in the swiftest time possible! Damn the burocrats and their infamous and cruel burocracy!”.

No, neither of them said it… but I heard it loud and clear.


  1. From my understanding of British Law a case can only be reviewed if the court has reached a conclusion. There has to be a decision to appeal, so a shelved/ongoing case could not be considered for review.

    Do you know if this is the same in Portugal?

    A petition of any kind to get a review is worse than useless in UK.
    The PJ have made the offer to re-investigate so once again no petition needed in Portugal either.

    Which bit of clutter is this petition to negotiate around?

  2. A "Mcpetição Review" já é alvo de estatísticas quanto ao número de assinaturas, e as quais surgem à velocidade da luz. "Uma máquina". Estranho , não é ?

    Achei mais estranho ainda foi a tónica diária e constante para o facto de " não terem dinheiro".

    Lá continuo eu a dizer que estes foram turistas de época baixa , num " complexo turístico" com mobília fraquita e, além disto nem investiram uns poucos euros para um serviço de baby sitting.

    Eu fico pasmada comigo própria.

    Sei que há seres absolutamente malvados mas , espanto-me com todas as maldades deles. Penso sempre que param. E, não!

    São eles, são os que os ajudam, os que servilmente se inclinam para eles, cuja ambição é a ascensão social na maldade e na tortura .


  3. E quanto à justiça por cá........ que razões há para confiarmos?

    Tenho tantas dúvidas. É que Paulo Sargento, no vídeo da C. das M, no dia 20.10, se não erro, dizia "olhos nos olhos":

    "é perceber o que é que o senhor Procurador de Évora está à espera para, digamos,

    colocar cá fora as novas diligências que foram propostas .

    Algumas dessas diligências foram propostas

    porque não foram exactamente efectuadas no âmbito do processo."

    Portanto, o que pensar?

  4. Something like "see, we're busy... we just don't do it cuase they won't help us"

    By the way, where are the books you guys rounded up? If you now refuse to return the books, according to you,and your people, GA should have never stopped selling.

    I just hope you destryed them. And you spend the rest of your bl**dy fund on paying an editor to "reconstruct" the book that is going to end with you in the UK!

  5. Hello Gerry, why not a review of the FSS report? Is it on the UK bit. Most of us believe that this report need a review. Quite easy to ask it, since you seems to be so well connected with Gamble. From Gamble to the FSS, just a drop.

  6. The Portuguese PGR openned a Internet page where people, anon or not, could denounce fraud and corruption. Maybe we can start denouncing the fraud and the corruption inside the Mccann's Petition. People signing more then one time with fake names is a Fraud. The destiny of the fraud is the PGR because the Mccann's said in an interview (accusing)that they want a review because UK and Portugal are doing nothing to search their daughter.

  7. Anon@ 10.05

    I think you are right to speak to K & G Mc personally. They obviously read here to judge public opinion in the UK and Portugal.

    I will do so too....

    K & G your life must be a nightmare, a treadmill you can't get off, or the race without a finish line. All these years of fighting the truth, keeping the 'hounds' at bay and people who come to blogs like this to keep the issue alive to plague you.

    This issue of what happened to Madeleine will always be a concern to us even though we never met her. We are the ones who will leave no stone unturned not YOU. We won't go away or take notice of the juvenile insults and behaviour you instill into the people whose blogs you administer.
    These blogs are towing the party Mc Line and we can see they need to hold back from replies to posts until they get approval from you which was glaringly obvious while you were in Portugal. These people are so unintelligent they don't realise how pathetic they are but maybe there is a payment from the fund to keep them representing team McCann to keep them going?.

    It should be hell on earth for you both but I have doubts it is, I don't see the sorrow but I do see people trying to save their skin.
    Maybe you have served your time so why not give up now as in your own words "it's never too late." You may get a lighter sentence now rather than being hauled in to answer the charges.

    It may even give you a little bit of credibility if you admitted what happened without the farce of a re-opening, although I can't see that ever happening. That is either you admitting the truth OR a re-opening. What I see is an arrest.

    You would feel a huge sense of relief if you just gave yourselves up. The public might even support you owning up and accept you have already paid some of the penalty up front and the people who contributed to the fund could be compensated by selling your house. I saw your family did offer to sell their homes too.

    I think we have to accept that the money spent on unnecessary investigations has been lost.

    It's inevitable that the truth will be exposed so why keep up the pretence?

  8. Anon 11:05

    What a dreadful anguished life these two live. Back in December, 11 months ago, when they entered the Court room shying away from an inexistent crowd, I said that I felt Justice had been fully served to these two.

    For them, prison would be the granting of parole, but i don't think the "judges" in their "justice system" can afford o grant them a "reprieve" and have them peacefully to jail.

    But you must also agree, that they, themselves, have done all they could to live in the miserable state they live in.


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