Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Jim Gamble's Hearing

I’ve received the following from our reader totallyconfused:

Jim Gamble’s Hearing

Here is a comment, by MM, at Uk.Legal, about it:

I watched the whole of the proceedings of the Home Affairs Select Committee today from just after 11 o'clock onwards. Kit Malthouse, first up, London Deputy Mayor, especially was a model interviewee with precise, comprehensible and comprehensive answers that rarely strayed off the point.

Those that followed him, especially Bernard Hogan-Howe, were also lucid and helpful. 

Then it was Jim Gamble's turn. I watched and listened to Jim Gamble as he gave evidence, but his whole delivery was one long ramble, skittering from one topic to another in a weird mishmash of what I could only describe as jumbled thinking. 

First, he made the committee wait a good 30 seconds before he took his seat after being invited to do so. He sat there, his face sullen, looking like thunder. For the next 30 minutes his mien didn't soften much, if at all. 

Then he wanted at the outset to deliver an opening statement, but Chairman Vaz quashed that, saying firmly that it would be better for the committee to ask him questions instead. 

As the interviews with Mr Gamble passed off, I was becoming ever more perplexed as to what he was on about most of the time. I could hardly believe that he constantly gave the impression that he and only he was capable of heading up the serious job as boss of CEOP. I don't know whether the committee members warmed to him (difficult) or started to wonder to themselves, why this intense confrontational style?  

Gamble now appears to think that maybe there will be moves to have him reinstated before his 4-month notice expires. However, at one point near the end a committee member asked him to confirm or deny whether rumours were true that he had another job lined up already. He denied this emphatically. The man is a total enigma.

TC’s comment to this gentleman’s performance:  

Rambling is right with nonsensical answers. Why the attempt to compare the priorities of policing vs. children? 

"We are no more about organised crime than domestic violence.' 

HUH? What about Gamble's constant bleeting about organised crime running indecent websites? 

"We are not about fighting serious crime'. (around 1 hour 26/27 minutes) 

Why is the relationship between CEOP and SOCA 'tortured'? (Talk about laying into your former boss Jimbo- did you and Hughes fall out big time?) 

Jimbo- if you are all about child protection and 'the big society' why is in run by a cop? 

Jim I loved how you tied yourself in knots at 1 hour 33/34 minutes!!!!!! (Don't think MP Reckless will be joining your fan club begging you to come back- love the MP's name by the way) 

So hang on- IWF keeps the list of 'dangerous sites' but CEOP manages the 'behaviour'. ?????

There's that word 'safeguarding' again....... As for child trafficking....let me get this right......the McCann case should ACTUALLY have been dealt with by SOCA not CEOP? 

'Only 7% of CEOP's work last year had to do with activity for profit.' HUH????? 

Dear Lord Jim- what's wrong? You afraid that your 'culture' if you have to mix with accountable organisations might force you to be accountable yourself? 

CEOP isn't about being 'offender focussed'? But if your job is about regulating behaviour, then it is about stopping offending. 

Is this about saving children or saving face? For you Jim it is all about your face.......  


  1. Hiya Tex.

    I have done the videos and uploaded them here


  2. Quote from Gareth Peirce, lawyer. "Justice dies when the law is co-opted for political purposes". She knows how things worked in N Ireland. Read and note Jim Gamble.

  3. bad people always bad people. Like:

    Nice night


  4. Bren,

    just received this message from a friend of mine "I need sleep now. I can't receive the Gamble video from 'Bren' so may have to wait until morning. The internet seems very clogged up recently."

    Interesting how people are seeking their news here, rather than from the mainstream media. Curious what these will have to say tomorrow, it's a long night tonight to decide what to write... or if to write at all.

    Very, very interesting, and historic night this one is to be.

  5. The traditional Media is more and more a controlled and not independent vehicle to pass some kind of messages under a mask called 'information'. The mission is framing who don't buy their messages and control the mind of the poor 'iliteracy readers' who unfortunatly become the big majority. 'Sensacionalism' and 'desinformation' are strategies to hit the target.
    If we need accuracy and real information, we need to come to the internet or to local small and almost unknown papers.
    The serious papers in the world don't spend a pinch of ink with 'Mccannaria' and 'Gamblaria', they already know the truth and for them this characters are clown jokes to entertain the society. Unfortunatly that behaviour help the perverts, who still fooling and afecting the life of many honest people, without facing any court to get in touch with their responsibilities.

  6. Mccannfiles still reporting the Mysterious death of a soldier related with Madeleine case. The autopsy shows that he died from a combination of high alcohol with morphine. Morphine when deliberately used as a drug, is delivered to the body by injection. No signs of needles in his body, then morphine must enter the body trough another way. His partner said that he was under prescribed medication when he died. That ring the bells. Some medication used as pain killers in terminal diseases have morphine on their composition. When used in a wrong way with wrong dosage and combined with other drugs, can be poisonous and letal.
    Old articles of this soldier at Mccannfiles show pictures of him and his friend in PDL land. Could the guys not be used to search Madeleine but to help hide Madeleine and when one start having conscience problems, the only way to silence him is silencing forever. Who gave him the morphine and why? Only doctors and pharmacists have access to that medications. Gerry or the Tapas? Or a pharmacist related with them? Smell is in the air.

  7. Related with the soldier: Why the guy sold everything he had in UK around May 2007 to head to PDL? How he knows that the search for Madeleine was a long term search in early May 2007? What made is life turn into a disgrace when he return to UK?

  8. The tragic story of "Missing Zahra Baker", so similar to Madeleine disappearence in many ways with a different end- police arrested her stepmother based on inconsistencies, poor cooperation with police and the reliable findings of the trained dogs.
    (Source Mccannfiles latest News)

    Kate, How do you feel with that story?

  9. Gamble's answers were "one long ramble...mishmash...jumbled thinking"

    Humm, that rings a bell...oh, yes, the Tapas 7 rogatory interviews!
    It must be some kind of virus, and Gamble got infected too!

  10. "Gamble flatly denied rumours put to him by Tory Committee member Aidan Burley that he has another “big job” lined up.

    “There is no truth in that whatsoever,” the former Northern Ireland intelligence chief said.

    Gamble did unsuccessfully apply last year for the role of chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Today he repeatedly said he has no job to go to when he leaves CEOP in four months’ time. ®"

    Save these words in your memory, let's see what happens in 4 months time...wait and see.

  11. Mccann's Fund is waiting for him.
    Gamble, a Mutant between a Owl and a Fox.

  12. Anon @ 10.19

    Are you making a guess that JG will become part of the McTeam and work for them directly?

    Wouldn't surprise me if he is offered the role of 'chief investigator' in Lisbon.

  13. Gamble is starting to look very swivel-eyed these days.


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