Tuesday, 14 September 2010

An Ode to a Fighter

As is known, IRONSIDE has one tough battle to fight, one that so many are fighting so bravely every single day.

In this fight, she’s been a General, leading troops, distributing hope and love so that others maintain their will to fight.

She even started a blog about the subject, triggered by the despair she felt from one of our readers, “Claudia”.

 But a General never ceases to be a footsoldier, and needs all to fight her own fight.

She’s asked me to stop writing in this blog. To stop being IRONSIDE

In the our fight to find the truth about Maddie, she has been one of our most valiant of soldiers and I am tremendously proud to have had her side-by-side in this blog.

Much, much more than a “side-kick”, she has been a full partner.

She’s scolded me so many times, that if I had any shame, I would still beet-red from embarrassment. many compliments directed to me, were her exclusive merit.

She’s a free spirit, and it's a known fact that NO ONE can tame or imprison one. One can only let it be free and enjoy the privilege of its company when it wants to be with us.

And when they spend more than a minute, its joy; an hour, happiness… now imagine what I’ve felt for having had her with me all this time.

I'm second only to her wonderful husband, who she so dearly loves and is loved by.

Metodo 2, will never end. I may write alone from now on, in a much slower pace, as I did before, but Metodo 2, was a relevant mark in finding the truth.

And many a future article of mine will be based solely on findings made by the two of us as the team I'm so proud to have been part of.

She knows she’s welcome to write here whenever she wants, but understandably needs a rest to gather up strength for thepersonal battle to which she knows I’ll provide all the help I can give and muster.

I leave you with her words of good-bye from blogging.

I withdrew them completely out of the context they were in, and, now alone, have gained a whole new meaning.

Like forgetting that roses have thorns and just focusing the attention on the beauty of their petals.

I hope that you’ll agree with me, in saying that the following is a passionate tribute to the time she spent blogging here:  

(…) TEXTUSA invited me to write on her blog. I cannot say how much I have enjoyed working on the blog of TEX especially when she was on holiday , she left it in my hands to write, write and then write some more. This I did with gusto, I think I wrote a new article everyday. I also had to find out for myself how to post a photograph, so proud when I realised how it was done. Textusa, in the beginning had around 40 readers a day but I found a way by posting TEXTUSA on twitter for us to have many more readers… (…) TEXTUSA has a healthy 300 reader stat a day. Many will be happy to know I am no longer poster IRONSIDE, one flea less out of the hair of the PRO’S to bad mouth. If you are one of the good guys, then God help us all. Many thanks for reading this and my best to you all. IRONSIDE

To see how important she is to the discovery of the Truth about Maddie, I’ve put together all those texts written by her, or by other’s she convinced to write here in OUR BLOG, in my trunk in the loft.

God bless you MY FRIEND, and all the beautiful friends you’ve been blessed with.


  1. Hello.My Friends,hello!

    Oh, Yes, when TEXTUSA went to hollidays..well a must !

    I missed Textusa a lot bur i stay with Ironside company! A very Sweet Friend.

    now with google translator= googlês:

    I and Iron writing to each other. Exchanging ideas, talking this and that as only two Friends can.
    Ouch !!!!!! And if Textusa will not like?
    Textusa will like and much because wonder you .You know a lot and have totally confidence in you and in Thy knowledge. Also, know that You are a wonderful person.

    Many kisses to both, My Dearest Friends, Dani, My SweetSide and Textusa.

    Love you both.

  2. I love to Textus, ah ..... But those days of complicity, were so funny.
    Text: can go on vacation again .....................

  3. My Dearest Dani:

    Because you're a person absolutely correct, decent, well educated, with great character and good moral .

    ( Text: you, too, of course. LOL)

  4. I am only a recent follower and have appreciated all your posts Ironside - and Textusa for your site I have learned a lot.

    I shall miss you Ironside - what little time I had it was good to read and know you through your posts.


  5. Ironside, thank you for all you've done. Your passion for Maddie is too great for you to just walk away. Fight for your health to come back, and we'll help Tex continue to fight here. We'll keep a chair vacant for you here, so that when you return you may continue to help this fight.

    Get well soon friend.

    Textusa, the blog with Ironside's post is so peaceful and simple. Very nice choice

  6. All my respect and affection to you, dear Ironside. I wish you all the luck and success in the world in your fight.

    Big portuguese hugs and kisses,
    from Rosana

    (on a side note, and sorry if I'm out of line here, feel free to tell me to mind my own business, and also please do not publish this if you fell it's not ok: Ironside, have you heard about ESSIC TEA? And also MARITIME PINE EXTRACT ot pycnogenol? If not, do some internet search, I think it's worth it, it might be helpful)

  7. Ironside will not appear like IRON ....... unhhhhhhhhh................. semms to me she apears.......

    She had so much to say; to discuss; links; upssss a lot of " trunk in the loft" .

    Nice! Here, anywhere........... unhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. Ironside, you will always be Ironside for me, no matter what other name or nick you may use in the future. Your texts will be used as reference in the future, and will be referred to as "as Ironside said". Fight, fight, fight. We need you


    You're the (WO)MAN! Kick ass and come back to us!


  10. I do not think there is a bowl big enough to catch my tears...so if you don't mind I will cry me a river.

    Dani xx (Ironside)

  11. Thank you for all your research and thoughts Ironside you have enlightened many of us. I wish you a full and speedy recovery God bless you Ironside - au revoir xx

  12. Qual deles o mais bonito ? Todos mas em especial os que dizem IRONSIDE SEMPRE!

    Será sempre IRONSIDE. Sempre o mesmo prestígio!

    A fama já vem de longe, de muito longe!



  13. But Dani = IRONSIDE is with us !

    She do not go anywhere.

    xxs, dani and forget the river. Punky Girl!

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zochPeuCI5Q&feature=rec-LGOUT-exp_fresh+div-1r-2-HM

    gonna miss you man

  15. Thanks to you all for supporting my wife through a very difficult time most of all to Textusa for giving Dani a place to post her thoughts.

    Dani is tired and tomorrow will be a long day as you can imagine.


    For what its worth I think you are all doing a great job.

  16. Stephan,

    You're welcome.

    Now time is for war not sentimentalisms, so go and put on that uniform, with the funny helmet and all, and both of you charge that "hill" tomorrow like I know you will!

  17. A nice night Stephan and Dani ( My Sweet Girl)

    Thank You both because You are here with us, with all.


    Nice answer to S. , Text. YES!

    Onde está a treta da verificação xe........ ai visual

  18. Whatever you will fight against to I'm absolutely sure you will win. You're a natural winner - I can tell by the way you write - believe me!


  19. Iron, Good Luck. We all miss your posts and your dedication to found the truth.
    Espero que nao seja um adeus neste Blog, que seja apenas um "ate ja".

  20. Text- Contact me as more info on my side.

    Will miss you Dani!!!

  21. So nice to see you and Stephan have made up.


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