Friday, 7 August 2009

Maddie's Aussie Woman Found!

Police believe she now lives in Leicester, and has VERY VALUABLE information about the case.

However, they're still awaiting for approval to question her.


  1. Leicester? Around?Near?

    The eyes,the nose and the hot lips?
    Will be?
    Perhaps, we must do, with ours hands, a circle to watch the e-fit.

    Now in portuguese:

    uni as minhas mãos em círculo para que ,através do espaço conseguido,quebrasse a luz a mais.

    Text: isso é enorme perspicácia.

  2. Quem sabe,sabe. E quem sabe montar bem,melhor ainda.Peritos, é o que queremos, daqueles que saibam como e bem.
    As legendas, no joanamorais, também estão deliciosas.

  3. This is not an insult to anyone.
    They are stupid people,hoping the the public will believe them.
    The know the whole world knows this is not true.


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