Friday, 5 June 2009


It seems that times are changing. The “McCann plight” is getting ever so more ridiculous with each day. People worldwide just don’t care anymore, because they know how guilty the McCanns are and have, by now, overcome the bemused stage and simply are fed-up of reading the same things about this farce over and over again.

The British, both in-Country and ex-pats, are also getting tired of the same. These have only the added detail that since they are the ones that have been subjected to the harshest of your “puppet-treatment”, they remain curious on when and how will all this sad circus end.

Mr. Gordon Brown descent seems to be on unstoppable crescendo. His fall is hanging in the balance between highly likely and certain.

The support in which that McCanns have so relied upon, seems to be slipping away. Even the latest suspect makes a mockery of all this by demanding money for his testimony. How much lower can this issue go?

NOW is the time to for you all to rethink all your editorial strategies on the Maddie folder. You know that.

Cope with what the future is likely to bring. But before you leave the McCanns out to dry on their own, and throw upon them all the evil and blame for being capable of, shamelessly, fooling ALL, including YOU, let me be the first to please ask you, much in anticipation, to spare me all the forthcoming whining.

Please do not play the victims in a play where you CHOSE to play a decisive role. You were never fooled by them. So please don’t say you were. You cooperated actively and deliberately in having their horrendous lie be kept alive, and, much more serious, to be told as the truth.

Please don’t waste time analyzing how things got so out of control and what measures can be taken to avoid the same to ever happen again. We all know what you could have done.

It was an editorial choice. You were, are and will be entitled to choose to broadcast whatever you wish to. But you were, are and will suffer the consequences, be they positive or negative, of that same choice. In this case, you chose to help the McCanns & friends.

The McCanns & friends, as I’m sure you know and time is to prove, are criminals. When you gave so much more of your airtime and page space in aiding the conveyance of a lie in opposition to whatever tried to prove its falsity, you clearly showed what your editorial choice was.

Yes, you did report about both sides. But it was very clear and consistent which side was emphasized by you. What is completely unclear is the why. Whatever it was, I do hope that it was worth it.

From watching and reading your coherence on the subject, it was a conscious decision. Whoever took it, is, in my opinion, totally soulless.

The day that it will be proved that the McCanns & friends are indeed the foul-doers we all know they are, is coming. Soon.

That day will prove their guilt, but will also prove that you helped these criminals, through your conscious choices; to forfeit the justice they were due when it was due to them.

This time lapse which you helped create meant the creation and existence of a fraudulent fund that deceived so many innocent and gullible people worldwide, used with the sole purpose of paying the expenses of defending those that did not deserve a defense paid for by anonymous citizens.

Your help was significant in that. Not unique but very relevant. Without it, people wouldn’t be as convinced in giving away their savings, wasting them on the human waste that the McCanns & friends really are.

Legally, I haven’t the faintest idea how much responsibility you behold, if any at all, but morally, you know how we all will look upon you. Credibility, was what we expected from you. There two types of media: the serious, and the other.

The first, enjoy a certain degree of credibility, which, in turn, brings in profitable advertising. The latter, well, if trash is handed out, trash is received gleefully. Which also brings in profitable advertising, but not as credible as the other.

You know what I mean. You, theoretically, belong to the first, but on the Maddie issue behaved as the latter.

So, when the McCanns are finally revealed as the monsters they are as you always knew they were, please do refrain to catch the same bus as the other media, which have courageously defended the truth.

I know you will catch it anyway, but will ask anyway.


  1. Certeiro este texto de revolta,à qual(REVOLTA,portanto) me associo.

    Text tem ESPERANÇA/HOPE.

    G.Amaral não a tem já.
    O nosso Governo/PT ignora através das entidades competentes para a continuação da investigação e reabertura deste caso tão feio.

    Ou não se fala ou,neste caso os amigalhaços pro mcs de cá e de lá tb. falam,falam,falam e nem dizem nada de novo.
    Que canseira.Que desgosto.Que mau sabor!


  2. Fantastico texto, muito certeiro. Eu juntava as imagens dos jornais as dos ilustres advogados Marcos Aragao, Pinto de Abreu, R. Alves e Marinho Pinto. Belo cocktail de oportunistas financiado pelo fundo Madeleine e ate tem a ironia de incluir um Bastonario, um ex-Bastonario e um presidente da Comissao de Etica. Pior imagem da justica nao pode haver, e precisamente quando ha poucos dias se comemorou o Dia da Crianca e se avivaram os seus direitos. Para estas 3 cabecinhas, a justica para Madeleine, nao e um direito. A acontecer algum dia, sera um acidente de percurso, que eles avidamente procuram evitar.


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