Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dispose Of, Adequately

Kate McCann apparently has been saying that she felt “mentally raped” by the exposure of her diary by NOTW back in the day.

Apparently people are reacting to this news angrily, as, once again, before their eyes, or in this case, their ears, they see that this celebrity couple just can’t seem to have any sort of limitation to their shamelessness.
People see this episode as an attempt to scam some money from the Murdoch Empire, by sinking their teeth into the hand that has so much provided them
It’s, apparently, a manoeuvre spawned out of pure and evil and greed.

But let’s see if that is so. Let’s recap, and check, for example, what the mccannfiles have said on this:
"On 14 September 2008, the News of the World published extracts from 'Kate's Diary'. (...)
When it became apparent that Kate had not given authorisation for its release, the online article was instantly removed. Both The Sun and the News of the World published apologies and made an undisclosed payment to Madeleine's Fund."

Obviously the money they got was intended to deter other newspapers from publishing these extracts.

So it can’t be about money, can it? The “debt” apparently has been settled, the mistake thus fully corrected.

Objectives fully achieved.

But still on the “greed” topic, could it be then that they NOW want more than what was involved in the “undisclosed payment”?

I can only assume that the News International’s battalion of lawyers did take some sort of precaution at the time, and some kind of documentation was signed guaranteeing no viability of any further “wanting”, no matter how brutally and viciously Kate NOW feels having been “mentally raped”, which she didn’t quite feel THEN.

So, we do have take out the “greed” off the “greed and evil” expression which you thought adequate to the McCann’s claim to have been victims of intrusion of privacy by the British Tabloids (now read this last sentence twice, and do smile like I did when I wrote it…).

But if so, it must be a very recent feeling. Only that can explain why they did, in May this year, allow The Sun, of the group which had “mentally raped” her, to publish extracts from her book. Why not another paper or just publish without serialisation in a paper?

Obviously I’m supposing that the extracts that were published before the book’s publication and the much announced but inexistent serialization that was supposed to follow it, were paid for. A package deal that would guarantee exclusiveness to the The Sun to what was going to be a huge bestseller. I may be wrong on this, but the couple has given proof, beyond any reasonable doubt, that their relationship with money is NOT to be taken for granted… to say the least.

So, no, I’m not seeing all this having to do with money, at least it’s not what it’s all about, as I’ll later explain.
Could be then just pure “evil”, ask you?

Well, it could. After all they’re, as said, biting viciously the hand that has fed them. If Kate and Gerry (and some others) are not locked up today, one of many they can thank for, are the Tabloids.

Not only them, of course, but they do hold one big chunk of responsibility for the couple’s arrogant impunity in these last three and a half years.

But she has already bitten that same hand the day when she published her book, hasn’t she?

Why do you think that since the publication of Kate’s book the Tabloids have practically turned their back on the couple, when the same Tabloids had, before that fact, announced they were going to run a full circus with the couple?

I’ve already written about that, and explained what various humungous mistakes Kate made when she published that thing. I’ll point out just two. The first was to sign an enormous affidavit when silence was recommended, and the second, to point, in that same affidavit, all her fingers, including her beautifully manicured nails, towards an “inside job”.

The couple alone, and their group of "known" friends, by themselves, certainly didn’t have enough power to influence the Tabloids. If one is to just add up two and two, it was probably those same “insiders” that made sure that those Tabloids, and the "serious" Brit Media, distorted the reality according to the desired tune.

Anyone can have a big mouth, but no one can take a bigger bite than the one Kate was able to with that book. And it really hurt the hand she bit.

Explains why, even with this emotional “mentally raped” cry, we practically can’t see the book on sale, a supposed record breaking best-seller. You have to look really hard if you want to buy a copy, and most likely will be able to buy it with a significant discount.

As a side note, do allow me to address just a few words to Kate.

Kate, your recent ageing and sincerely distraught expression, do show real and truthful worry and anguish.

THAT is what we expected to see from you, for 3 whole years: a distraught expression of a mother of an abducted little girl.

Not because we wanted you worried and unhappy, but because it's not an expectation but a certainty that the uncertainty of the fate and the uncertainty of the sufferance of a lost child to an abductor can bring only utter and horrifying worry and complete unhappiness to her parents. Whatever child, whatever parent.

When your child was supposedly abducted, you went jogging. When your book flopped, you aged.

Yes, we both know your recent accelerated ageing has nothing to do with the book flopping. It has to do with worry, real worry.

But that’s all your doing. Back to the readers. 

We’ve now concluded that this “mentally raped” episode was not for the money, nor out of evil. Then why? 

Before proceeding, let me clarify that I’m not saying that money isn’t an issue for the McCanns. It is, and might be the crux of all this. But not out of greed, but of survivability.

As I’ve said time and time again, TIME is McCanns’ greatest enemy and the Black Hats’ biggest ally.

You see, for the common Black Hat, the longer it takes for the truth to come out, the greatest are the odds that s/he (or that parent or close relation) will come out of this unscathed, as time erodes memory, and facts do become myth and vice-versa.

Details will be lost, and guilt will forever lodge solely on the individual minds. Am I saying that this will all go unpunished? No, of course I’m not.

I’m only talking about those who are secondary role players. People who shouldn’t have been involved in the first place, but because they naively agreed to participate in a “sure” thing, their life has become a living hell as of August 2007 (time when truth finally started to surface).

For the big role players, they live in the nightmare that once the truth will surface, their names and deeds will be known, but for the others, each passing day is a blessing.

But the exception for these, the "little BHs", as you know, is this blog.

They visit it daily, directly or indirectly, to check if their name pops up, and will forever be registered in history. They know if it doesn’t appear here, then they’re on safe ground. And I’m talking about many who are today perceived as White Hats, or, at least, as irrelevant bystanders…

But for the McCanns, each day is one day further into oblivion. And they don’t want oblivion. They need the spotlight. Not out of vanity, but of real need.

Each set of 24 hours means that they’ll be 24 hours less relevant than they were just 24 hours before.

Whatever trump they hold, it will have suffered a 24 hour erosion, which means it becomes less powerful each 24 hours. That simple.

Mind you, the McCanns will never fade completely away. Their case will be kept being remembered forever more.

But unlike the BHs, for them each day doesn’t mean that they are one step closer to finally being off the hook, but, quite on the contrary, it means that they are one day closer to being fished line, sink and hook.

Let me explain. Someone has been paying “the bill”.

The Fraudulent Fund did roll in some convenient millions in those first few months, but as of July/August 2007, if not before, the revenue from the general public basically dried up.

Someone has to be paying “the bill”.

Before you think I’m going to reveal here who is doing so, let me disappoint you by telling you that I’m not going to do that. A good reason for not doing it, it's because I don’t know.

Nor do I care to know, sincerely. But I do know that someone, singular or plural, is taking this "tab".

All the millions, and in terms of millions, they weren’t that many, that we’ve been told to have existed in the Fund, through basic mathematical calculation, wouldn’t have been enough to pay what have been known expenditures, which of the many, one the biggest must be having to keep the couple’s, and family, daily existence and lifestyle, as of May 3rd, 2007, to date.

And this is where the TIME factor is decisive.

You see, with each passing day the "tab" becomes harder to be picked up.

For each set of 24 hours that passes, the amount paid seems less reasonable to be paid, by whoever is paying it, than it was 24 hours before. It’s not only the amount that is questioned, but, most importantly, the reason(s) to do so.

If this source of income dries up for the McCanns, it will be disastrous for them.

When it happens, it will mean, in practical terms, they’ve been deemed not to have enough worth to be “kept” any longer.

That day they will have become what they most fear: worthless.

And what is worthless, is best disposed of.

The McCanns with this invasion of privacy claim, epitomized with the “mentally raped”, are fighting back.
Fighting for their survival.

Fighting so that “bill” is kept being paid. Fighting for that at least the “installments” will keep coming.

Reluctantly having to accept that each day the “payment” will be a little less, in amount and will, than it “was” the day before, but hoping that the day it will definitely stop will be a long time from now.

And they're fighting with the weapons little people usually have: little weapons. They’ve convinced themselves that they were big, but they are what they are, always were, and never stopped to be: little.

All they can do is say “Hey, we’re still here!” And hope someone hears. It seems that someone still feels that they're pretending to "hear". Let's wait and see how loud their voices will be next February.

But there will be the day “the bill” will be stopped being paid, and a little bird is telling me that it may be sooner than they would like it to be…

History is filled with little people who’ve been used, that thought they were the ones doing the using, that were deemed worthless and disposed of.

Post Scriptum:
It was just a year ago that this blog revolutionized the public’s perception about this case. We realize that our public is far from being the "general public" (although we've been accused, and threatened because of it, of being too popular when we had, if I remember, 60.000 hits), but is a public so many fear. Because you are intelligent, respectful, cooperative and participative, and above all, commited as we are.

Just a year ago, the Tapas dinners were taken for granted; the Ocean Club, its management and staff, were on our side of the fence; that we knew the British Police did act suspiciously, but we didn’t know, or understand, the full scope of the intent to boycott the investigation from the start; the guests that shared the resort with the T9 were simple bystanders; Mrs Fenn was just a nice and concerned elderly lady…

This was in just a year. We thank you for keeping us motivated.


  1. Hello All!

    Read GM at the Leveson inquiry:

    So Rebeka Brooks instructed the British PM to fork out 3,5 mln pounds for a non sequitur review?

    Who gave her that right/might?


  2. Nasty words seem to roll off Kate's tongue and I think she must have been advised to tone down her language because at the inquiry she used the word 'violated'. I think someone must also have warned her how badly she comes across in her book and she blamed it being translated into Portuguese and back into English for printing. She wasn't 'fed up' as published in the press, she was 'upset'.

    Doesn't she realise devastated would be a more appropriate word to use by someone who has supposedly lost a child?

    It was a twitching perormance yesterday and Gerry McCann looked uncomfortable and spent more time of justifying their actions than giving information about press intrusion. That would be the press they had a spokesperson for as they were going to use it for their own agenda.

  3. I was most taken by their comment 'the allegation that there were cadaver fluids in the car is an outright lie' - where is the challenge to this allegation.
    To me it was a platform to once again scream their innocence.
    No one from the other side comes forward to correct this and thus Eddie and Keela's findings are dismissed publicly the day Prout's husband is sentenced.

  4. Lembro-me de ouvir ontem, em transmissão directa via Guardian que o Lev lhe perguntou como ele sabia qq coisa...... RESPOSTA arrogante:

    " porque fizemos investigações privadas e isso não é proibido, pois não?"

    Hoje já vi notícias em inglês a brincar com um jornal ter violado K8!

    Fala-se(falou-se já há tempos) que em Fev. será à porta fechada.

    Ontem eles e o Lev. apenas " formalizaram " a não ida de journos de Uk para Pt.

    Não querem de todo que se saiba o que lá vai ser dito.


  5. One day, someone "inside" will grow tired of the arrogance of these two. Then the rug under their feet will be pulled and they'll see how hard the floor is. They seem to forget that whoever set up this whole scam to protect themselves, are able to come up with something else to protect themselves once again but this time the McCanns will be at the receiving end of the stick...

  6. You are more hopeful than me,i don't think there will ever be justice for Madeleine McCann,they can say what they want with impunity,the British media will NEVER bring any other facts into the public arena,the only 'truths' they will put out will be what the Mccanns allow,i sincerely hope i'm wrong,but after watching the farce yesterday at the Levenson enquiry where this pair smirked and arrogantly blamed everyone else for their predicament without any opposition,showed me they are home and dry.

  7. Brilliant article Tex, you sum it all up so perfectly I agree that sooner rather than later the Mccanns will face justice, this Leveson enquiry is just one step too far for the Mccanns they have courted the media from day one.

  8. Textusa, you forgot to mention that a year ago, NEGLIGENCE was THE key word. Thanks to and your teams that bluff has been called!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Deixem estes dois pousar ...vao cair de maduros. O D. Lima tambem reinou e quando julgava que podia dar frutos doces e maduros, puff..caiu

  11. As we've said, we will not tolerate abusive language. This comment published at Nov 24, 2011 7:44:00, and now deleted as can be seen, has, accordingly, been censored:

    "Only that can explain why they did, in May this year, allow The Sun, of the group which had “mentally raped” her, to publish extracts from her book. Why not another paper or just publish without serialisation in a paper?"

    If you (censored), you would have heard the answer to the question quoted above which the McCanns themselves gave to the Leveson inquiry.

    Nov 24, 2011 7:44:00 PM

  12. A friendly holiday from Hell
    Left with so many lies to tell.
    Darkness in the Place of Light
    Carefully hidden in plain sight.

    Unseen powers soon took hold
    Ensuring truth would not be told.
    The tale of a proud nation traduced
    A mockery of the case reduced.

    Serpentine words slither and slime
    Cynical contortions concealing crime.
    Conspiracy's such an easy word
    To cow the narcoleptic herd.

    If she ever was, she has gone.
    Yet still the dance macabre rolls on.

  13. Hello Textusa and sisters,

    I wrote the poem last night out of frustration - sometimes the poetic form is more eloquent I find. However it was very (very!) late when I'd finished, and I should have waited until morning to post because on awakening I realised there was a missing verse. Perhaps you could be so kind and insert the following second verse and scrap the rest of this post.

    Of scribbled lists and secret pacts
    Of cold black hearts and evil acts.
    Of favours called and favours won
    Of innocence lost and lives undone.

    Thanks, and thanks to you all for your dedication. Personally I don't think there will ever be a satisfactory conclusion to this farce, it's a sort of (im)morality play being played out as part of a much, much deeper and very dark agenda, but to quote Voltaire "For evil to flourish, it only requires good men (and women!)to do nothing." So kudos to you all. With love and best wishes.

  14. Ross,

    All your words merit publication, and I'll certainly, as you'll see, give your poem the adequate visibility.

    It will be our next post. Meanwhile, I'll put it in one of our columns.

    What a brilliant and meaningful choice of words to sum all up so adequately!

  15. Ross ,congratulations, I really enjoyed your heart felt words,and reminding me of "for evil to flourish" ....thats why I am still looking for that little piece of the "puzzle" that will get justice for Madeleine,I refuse to believe thay are going to get away with the last 4 lying conniving years,the sickning cover ups , from the political interferance from GB, right down to friends who must know the reason why the curtains in that apartment required washing after how many days?Kate doesn,t strike me as a woman who would wash her own hankie ,let alone a mere holiday apartments curtains,if a "menial" was at hand to do it for her,I still think their male friend whos little girl had been sick enough for HIM to wash the sheets,didn,t in fact wash sheets ,but IMO he did wash "those blood splattered curtains? only a thought,but it does bug me Tex xxxI,m sure on questioning said fathers admission in washing the sheets , staff at MW confirmed replacement sheets, were never asked for?or have I got that wrong/ Its just that ,although I couldn,t and wouldn,t put up with "dirty "curtains in a holiday apartment,I would be just making the most of the good times we were ALL having as a family".but then I ve never ,ever put my needs before my childrens.Keep up your amazing work Textusa,xx

  16. Estes dois a explorarem uma audiencia a qual nao pertencem, tal e qual como cortejaram os media quando precisaram deles, ou os ingenuos dos portugueses que sacrificaram dias de trabalho ou de ferias para procurarem a crianca. Sao 2 hipocritas, 2 cinicos. Quem nao se lembra das entrevistas que deram aos media, ainda na PDL, onde agradeciam o apoio dos portugueses classificando-o de " incredible" e o excelente trabalho feito pela policia.
    Duvido que haja quem nao saiba, mas todas as 5as feiras, a Pj os informava do andamento da investigacao atraves de "meetings" directos com eles, ou com o embaixador. Uma situacao excepcional.
    So depois de terem passado ao estatuto de arguidos e que a policia piorou e os portugueses tambem. Haja paciencia para aturar um casalinho ridiculo que ninguem com 2 dedos de testa percebe porque e tao protegido e "porque nao se calam". Esta-se lhes a acabar o dinheiro e apesar das cartitas intimidatorias e das perseguicoes camufladas que fazem a quem publicamente assume nao acreditar neles, sabem que nao conseguiram mudar a opiniao de um unico membro do publico denominado "anti". Para grande pesadelo, este publico joga no campo da Maioria em todos os paises. Basta olharmos para a amostra que constituem os comentarios dos leitores, nas noticias dos jornais que a eles dizem respeito, e extrapolar. Que condenacao... Fugistes da justica de um pais mas nao conseguis fugir da justica do homem/ mulher comum. Daquele que e Pai e Mae e conhece bem o sentido e a bencao desse dever. E por isso que envelhecestes em progressao geometrica na aritmetica linear que foram estes 4 anos. Coisas que nenhum dinheiro de nenhum Fundo consegue contornar.
    Foi o que ficou do vosso testemunho. Um sombrio envelhecimento que nao parece feito de dor e ausencias, mas de medo e incertezas. Mas foram voces que escolheram o caminho torturoso dos depoimentos dubios e contraditorios. E em 4 anos nada fizeram para alterar a situacao.
    O que e feito da tia Phill e das outras " fontes proximas" que nos ultimos tempos tem andado evaporadas? Ja nao servem para ajudar a cortejar o publico?
    Aqui entre nos, o que foi em termos pratico/legais aquele assalto feito pela Tia Phill a imprensa no dia em que Kate foi constituida arguida, dizendo que a PJ lhe tinha proposto uma reducao da Pena em troca de uma confissao? Violacao do Segredo de Justica, difamacao ou um falso testemunho? Tantos telhados de vidro e ainda ha um juiz e um governo a desperdicarem o dinheiro dos impostos com um caso destes. Que insulto para os milhoes de cidadaos que fazem uma ginastica diaria para poderem pagar bens essenciais.

  17. The more the people are angry with the McCanns the bigger attention they will get, the more important they remain. Ignore them like they deserve, and they'll stop appearing in the news. Then one day who knows? Understand that the press are in on this up to their ears, so they will never concede to the truth, unless they can find a way out for themselves. Noticed that Tex«s favorite tabloid has ignored this totally? Or did I miss something?

  18. Hi,

    There is so much about this case that does not make any sense at all, especially people covering up for the Mccanns the more I read about those involved it appears to go much deeper than a child having an accident and her parents hiding her body and friends covering up, they would not have got away with this if they had not had some sort of official assistance, Gerry belonged to COMPARE and those two blokes that went out with that inflatible didn't fit in, the inflatible could have been flown out and then pumped up why drive all those miles with it fully inflated? and Murat rushing to book his flight in the middle of the night and then crying to his wife and asking if their daughter was alright, his connections with Malinka all these people have been paid vast sums of money by newspapers from libel cases and now the Mccanns are after more compensation but they have already settled, money paid into the fund so what are they all up to. Why did the Tapas group stay silent just what were all these people really up to.
    Talk is that SY will do nothing more than a whitewash, but why? why let these criminals get away with these crimes.
    Kate book is nothing more than a pack of lies.
    Gerry is so arrogant and sure of himself, Kate does not like the limeslight as much as he does, is it all getting to her she looks drawn and thin, he looks a bully.
    They have targeted social networking sights like facebook etc, I have never known anything like this, why does someone not stop them?

  19. Post @ is as you say mind blowing regarding the huge support they still receive from all media outlets,what still riles me more than anything though is that responsible discussions are STILL beginning the their programmes with K & G McCaan,parents of the ABDUCTED little girl Madeleine,WHY are they allowed to say that without one iota of proof ?if the sentimental public were to just open their closed minds and read the real evidence provided in abundance,we could then move forward in getting them in a court room,only chance I can see that ever happening is if the SY now involved in the inquiry,which is costing taxpayers obscene millions,has amongst them,policepersons who will rise above the temptations put their way by those who would benefit from this turning out to be nothing but a "government whitewash"

  20. Lynn, I watched the Leveson inquiry live and was horrified that a top judge and barrister introduced the McCanns as the parents of an ABDUCTED child. Is that what we can expect of our British legal system? Heaven help people who find themselves in their courts!

    It feeds the BHs when such words are spoken by people at their level and is it meant to convince those who are inclined to believe the McCanns? It comes across that they condone lying and perjury.

    The cover up obviously well established and the McCanns must feel protected to be able to be watched by millions spouting their drivel. It was cynical to have them speak out about press intrusion when they used and abused it more than anyone.

    My opinion is Kate wrote her diary specifically to be put in the media ans she probably was the person who 'leaked' it. There was talk of books and films from the beginning quite apart from good marketing ploys and campaigns that relied heavily on the media.

    The whole point was that they controlled the media from day 1 and when true facts emerged they lost that control despite their best efforts and they are still trying to do it by appearing at the inquiry.

    I also find it cynical for G McCann to say their phones weren't hacked, how are we supposed to believe that especially when they say the press took so much interest in them? Why would journalists leave then off the list, the ones who the McCanns say went to the extent of harassing them?

    That was a crazy lie. Lying in the face of the obvious is a psychopathic trait. Not that I'm saying G McCann is a psychopath as I'm not qualified to do so. What I do find odd is neither of the McCanns have cracked under pressure like normal people would so what gives them that fortitude?

  21. In the book Faked Abduction,the author states that in the christmas appeal of 2007 the McCanns show film of them all including Madeleine from 2006,and if you look at it frame by frame you can see a man sitting in the McCanns house,and this man is apparently the then foreign secretary David Miliband.If this is true then clearly they knew/know influential people,perhaps they all enjoy the same pastimes?????.

  22. Anon,
    Nov 26, 2011 6:10:00 PM

    Yes, I saw that image and the man definetely looked a lot like D. Milliband! I think I saw it in the 3Arguidos forum, it was discussed there.

  23. Public sympathy for the McCanns, which was their lifeblood, has long since dried up.

    They are now badly exposed & vulnerable as the playing field they once knew & enjoyed has changed beyond recognition.

    There are three reasons I think they will see justice of some sort:

    A Scottish & Liverpudlian couple brazenly pressed a newly elected TORY PM into spending £3.5 million of public money on their review. I can almost hear Cameron muttering: 'You want a review? You'll get your review.' Cameron will expect & want a conviction.

    Scotland Yard's reputation was equally damaged by the phone hacking scandal. They will be thorough & professional.

    Trying to bite the hand that feeds you, as they did at Leveson Inquiry, was a bad idea (ask Sky Sports Broadcasters: Andy Gray & Richard Keys). Bruised from the phone hacking scandal, NI will be desperate to repair their battered image. What better story than to run with a 'Gotcha' courtesy of the new Sun on Sunday.


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