Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beauty Is In The Eye Of Millions Of Beholders

One thousand wounds are incapable to blemish courage. One million masks are unable to hide the truth.


  1. Sorry, but I don't get this. Who is the lady on the left? Tks.

  2. Anon ov 17, 2011 10:34:00 PM

    She's Filomena Teixeira the mother of Rui Pedro, abducted in 1999.

    The person accused of abducting him is currently on trial

  3. Bom dia!

    Quanto ao Caso, tão tardio de Rui Pedro, quero mostrar-vos a nova imagem da Sua Mãe:

    Agora...... estão a acarinha-la e fizeram de tudo para Ela aparecer com novo visual. A anterior imagem relativa à ida ao Tribunal , antes desta, impressionou todas as Pessoas.

    Agora, produziram-na para bem dela; para bem do público.

    ESpero que, estando ela " novamente telegénica" possa continuar a ir às TVs para continuar a lutar.


  4. Digamos que eu tive o mesmo pensamento: comparar a
    BELA SEMPRE FILOMENA ( mesmo quando em estado de anorexia) e a besta:

  5. BRAVO to this blog!


  6. The brave Filomena Teixeira has been living the most horrible of nightmares for the last 12 years. As is painfully visible in the photo this hell has ravaged her health and her looks. She has chronic depression, she has been in and out of hospital many, many times over these years, most of the time she is unable to eat or sleep, she stays many nights in Rui Pedro's room, on his bed, holding his picture close to her chest and it is the only thing that gives her some moments of peace and allows her to get some much needed rest. I read that quite recently she weighted around 40 kilos(80 pounds)!
    She never created a millionaire fund, never asked for money from anybody, her late father spent his life savings looking for his grandson, travelling to places where unscrupulous people told they had seen Rui, paying for information(false), etc., but they NEVER took a cent from anyone!
    She also NEVER used her other child, her daughter, to promote herself. She protected that child from public view, and what a great young lady she has turned out! She is a medical student and is her mother's pilar of strenght.

    Filomena is the face of BEAUTY and DIGNITY!
    My heart goes out to her and her family.

  7. I try to watch any news programme where reveiwers give their own assesments on the headlines of the day,so I was absolutely delighted a couple of days ago,when a picture of Kate which headlined "how I felt mentally raped" when extracts from her diary were realeased for public scrutiny years ago,was completly ignored !.IMHO the only person who has been "mentally raped" in this whole sorry saga.was Madeline herself,and the perpertrator was her sad sad mother when she disclosed her mental vision of her very little girls treatment by her "abductor"!in that money making book! Me thinks the can of worms is easing the lid off little by little!

  8. Filomena's face is the face of absolute suffering and pain. I feel for her.

    No comment for the other woman - the language I would use would be too vile to put to paper !


  9. Martin brunt blog (Sky News) latest article asking if the mccann's phone had been hacked. Gerry saying Kate feels mental rapped when part of her diary was leak to the papers. What this leak has to do with the case of the phones been hacked? Nothing.... The story is just an excuse for the mccann's to get close to the investigation, trying to see what was delivered to the police that could be compromised for them and of course, LOOKING FOR MONEY. THEY NEED MONEY TO PAY THE TRIAL IN PORTUGAL.
    They can't rest.... 30 years after, LA police reopened the case of Natalie wood.

  10. I hope the true grieving mother on the left finds peace,the poor woman looks tortured,unlike the one on the right who just looks demented.


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