Friday, 15 July 2011

Now What, After NOTW?

This blog is about Maddie McCann, but as I’ve had the opportunity to say, does NOT exist because of the unfortunate demise of said British 4-year child.

It was, and is, an anonymous exercise of citizenship, to show that one doesn’t have to be a politician to exercise politics, as politics starts right at the spot where your feet are standing at any given point of time.

Politics is nothing else than the exercise by citizens of their citizenship, usually delegated upon those who they elect, amongst THEMSELVES.

Politicians are as much people, as people are politicians. That simple, and don't ever let that power be taken away from you.

We’ve also shown, post after post, that what is known as the Maddie McCann Affair is much, much more than about the set of events of a death that occurred in PdL.

Recent events have proved us right. Yes, it was in that particular quaint little fishing town that, just like a novel, all the events related with Maddie McCann, did spark.

But as we’ve been explaining, what followed, very quickly took such proportions that made that place nothing more than a speck of dust when seen where all has happened since.

And what followed Maddie’s death is what is REALLY RELEVANT, as that was what was of criminal nature and not the child’s loss of life, which we continue to believe to have happened in an accidental manner.

But, if PdL is indeed but a speck of dust, Portugal itself, its government, police and justice system were not much bigger than a grain of sand, just so you understand how big the conflict of interests really was, and certainly continues to be.

Ironside was the first to use the expression “White Hats”, that, together with its corollary, ”Black Hats”, became a household expressions in this blog. And now are commonly used in the internet.

I found this analogy with the good old cowboys movies, to be one very fortunate choice of words, as both defined with much more accuracy the two main “camps” around the Maddie McCann Affair, than the “Pro” and “Anti” with which we were presented by the Black Hats.

They had two intentions with this.

The first was to link the negativity that the word “Anti” contains with those seeking to know the truth, while attaching themselves to the positive word “Pro”. Much like what is achieved with “White Hats” vs ”Black Hats”, only the other way around, which we, obviously, do find it to be the correct order of things.

The second was that, by dividing us all into either being “Pro-McCann” or “Anti-McCann” they were limiting our opinion scope to just the McCann couple, which was very convenient as it left out the majority of the Black Hats.

Pretty clever, but then again, we’ve always said that we were up against very clever people.

We’ve been saying, for quite a while now, that the Black Hat Castle of Cards, has been steadily crumbling down. And like any erosion, is going at an exponentially fast rate, as we’re witnessing.

Those who were once allies, have now become foes, and foes are known to fight between themselves.

And in the process for an ally to become a foe, it's mandatory for betrayal, or its perception, to be found somewhere in the middle, and how bitter one becomes when one feels betrayed.

We, in this blog have said that the crumbling began with “political demise” of Jim Gamble, but now, when doing some researching for this post, I came across with a somewhat violent articles by The Sun against Gordon Brown, in November 2009.

Getting a name wrong and not bowing in respect of the fallen in combat is unquestionably reprehensible, but I think it doesn’t merit the thrashing the man got on November 9th, 2009 (1)(2)(3).

For example, I found very much more offensive the fact that Jim Gamble, Gerry and Kate McCann wore in public a poppy on their lapels. That really insulted the memory of all valiant soldiers who’ve offered the UK their life as the ultimate sacrifice.

So, something must have happened around that time. Mr. Brown either stepped on someone’s toes or, knowing him as we know, demanded to have more power than he was “entitled” to.

I don’t know what he did, but he certainly had The Sun after him like a rabid dog during and after last year’s elections (1)(2)(3).

But that is “way-above-our-pay-grade-level-of-politics”, so we’ll stick with Jim Gamble being kicked off CEOP as the catalyst for the beginning of hostilities between the Black Hats.

Hopefully, history books will correct us on this, but now that is an unimportant detail. What is important is that they’re after each other’s throats, viciously.

So hostilities have now escalated, as we predicted, into a full scale war. The Black Hats are now fighting each other; each belligerent using all its power and might.

The outcome is unknown, but this blog prides itself in contributing that it is indeed taking place.

First, we had the “NOTW 168th Air Squadron” being annihilated right in their HQ. It was wiped completely off the tarmac, unable to get a single plane up in the air. All destroyed on the ground. So humiliating. We’ll back to this later, as it is quite telling about what is going on.

Then we had the “SY Batallions” being torn to shreds in the battlefields of the British Parliament.

The very same battlefields that wait bigger and tougher fights very soon. But the decisive factor that will be remembered in this war was the engaging of the “Brown Division”.  

Gordon Brown did try to tell us something on January 24th, 2011, about his phone being hacked, and, in fact, more than a year before, on Dec 11th 2009, the The Sun had already shown an unusual interest in the use he had of his cellphone.

With the “Brown Division” fully engaged there was no more turning back.

It forced the “Murdoch Corps” to deploy into the battlefield, which is due to arrive soon in full power. Rebekah Brooks' troops have done their best to contain damages, but have caved in. and whatever is to happen, will happen, we only know that it will be barbaric and cannibalistic.

And the events are happening at a rate quite hard to keep up pace with. A huge amount of blood is expected to be spilled, as this huge fighting machine will not go down easy, if it will go down at all, although Rebekah Brooks's resignation appears to show that not all is well on Murdoch's "Eastern Front".

On his "Western Front", it seems that the FBI is now investigating possible hacking on 9/11 relatives of victims. A subject to which all Americans are very sensitive about, so, if this proves to be true, that will mean that the US will be engaged in this war, and we all know what happened when America arrived in all wars in which the UK was already fighting…

They came, they saw and they won.

But let’s return to the ongoing fighting. First, back to the destroying of the “NOTW 168th Air Squadron” and then to the engagement of the “Brown Division”.

And just as a side note, while we’re on the subject of “Divisions”, isn’t it deafening the silence from the “Blair Division”? It’s like it’s exercising fully its Miranda Rights, even before anybody has even read them to them…

The loss of NOTW, is, in the least, scandalous. Why close a paper because it was caught up in some illegality? After all, it wouldn’t be the first, would it? And all others before closed down? Shouldn’t just the responsible ones be the only ones accountable for whatever possible illegality, and allow the paper business to go on as normal, as expected? Why close it?

Shouldn’t the eventual dropping sales be the determining factor for such a decision, and not one based on possible criminal behavior of just a FEW of its professionals?

So many questions, a very simple answer, or at least, a simple word to answer them all: CARELESSNESS.

Only utter CARELESSNESS in handling sensitive information can justify such a hasty decision. This suddenness in closure means only that the whole lot of professionals, archives and computers had to be silenced, and silenced at once.

Why? Because they were CARELESS with the information, and it could be easily accessible by inadequate probing eyes if any action wasn’t taken.

It was preferable to take such obvious action as the deletion of files, which basically assumes guilt, than to have what was deleted be seen. Now, we know that to delete an electronic footprint is not exactly the easiest thing to do…

This CARELESSNESS was probably due to the fact that they felt that they had their backs completely protected, and became ARROGANT. Arrogance only leads down one path, that of error.

So, the NOTW had to go, and it wasn’t enemy fire that wiped off 168 years of tabloid, just like that.

Those who made that decision know very well why they made it, and how urgent and needed it was that it was made.

Enough of the NOTW demise.

Because it isn’t important, what is important is that people understood that British journalists published stories in accordance with the needs and requirements of friends and clients, regardless of being real or not.

Doesn’t the McCann name just pop right up?

The engagement of “Brown Division”, brings in one very important Black Hat asset, The Sun.  

The Sun has been clearly nominated to stand up to the “Brown Division”. The hatred between both is evident, and the tabloid has done a very poor job standing its ground.

I found its defensive tactics quite interesting. As per all Black Hat tactics, it reveals CARELESSNESS and ARROGANCE.

After years of living in a self-created fictionalized world, they decide to react in defense by running a ridiculous story about a parent, who out of the goodness of his heart decided to contact the tabloid to help fight a disease.

How noble, how endearing, but being such a good man, why does he need to be protected from Brown? So that his altruism would go unrecognized by his peers? It can only be that, because any other sort of fear can only result from being afraid of having to be accountable for his words, but that would only worry him if he was lying, and we know he isn’t because he did, so says the tabloid, sign an affidavit.

It’s a known fact that hard times create bonds between sufferers.

Parents of seriously ill children tend to come together and help each other to surpass such difficult times, if only to gather and join up each one’s fading strengths so that together they become a whole strong unity able to fight, together, such adversity.

There’s no back stabbing, only burden-sharing.

If I had a child with a serious disease, and did happen to find out that on nearby bed lay a son or daughter of a celebrity, my natural reaction would be to start to look at that person with much more humanity, and join him/her in all his efforts in the fight against the disease that had stricken both our children.

Not go, behind his back, and tell a tabloid.

But that’s me.

And I‘m not saying that The Sun didn’t have the Brown’s approval to run the story, nor that it did, as I have no idea and am not interested in having one. I’m just saying that the story that the tabloid has run to justify itself is utter tripe.

So much so, that it lasted less than half a day on the internet.

In fact, what we were confronted with, once again, was with yet another “Maddie-Sighting-Witness”, so common in The Sun, only this time the witness didn’t see a lookalike Maddie in some corner of the world, but saw himself heading for The Sun, in the most benign and altruist manner as we saw.

SKY News, as expected, also ran the story, no surprises there, but to watch that news channel these days is quite painful.

One can sense the total discomfort in every word said, be about what subject it may be, because nobody is listening, just watching. Some, like myself, with a smile on their face. But let us just lose one minute to look at what this parent had to say:  
“The father, who contacted us in November 2006, was stunned when he heard the allegations that The Sun must have accessed Fraser's medical files to discover his condition.  
And yesterday he signed a legal affidavit confirming he was the source of our story, published when Mr Brown was Chancellor.  
He said: "It was difficult knowing the truth, then to hear the lies being put out just to screw the papers. 
"This has taken the focus off the issue and it has now put the focus on blaming people for something they didn't do.“

Now, of the two last paragraphs, I’ll just change TWO WORDS for just another TWO WORDS: “the papers” with “Mr. Amaral”. Just see the effect:
“He said: "It was difficult knowing the truth, then to hear the lies being put out just to screw Mr. Amaral.
"This has taken the focus off the issue and it has now put the focus on blaming people for something they didn't do.“

Fascinating, isn’t it? The Sun whining about what The Sun loves to do onto others. It’s like they have this unique template out of which they write their whole newstories.

But what has all this got to do with the McCanns?

The McCann Story was an ARROGANT and CARELESS story ran in the best classical “NI-Style”.

That style being: “we can say whatever we wish, they way we wish to do so and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your intelligence, so do swallow whole the tripe we dish out to you while we rub it in your face that we can do what we can do, and you just have to put up with it with no complaints whatsoever otherwise we’ll sue your arse right off your pants, are we clear?”

The exact same ARROGANT and CARELESS style that made them close NOTW in a jiffy.

The exact same ARROGANT and CARELESS style that has now made the gigantic “Murdoch Corps” have to fight for its life.

I’ve had the opportunity to remark that although the rats are the first to abandon ship, but to be able to do that, a rope to DRY land is required.

The absence of a rope, or the existence of one that just drops into the middle of the ocean only has one consequence: the rats must stay and fight.

So a rope must then be found, and this is where the McCanns could come in and save save the day.

They’re the ideal sacrificial lambs at this point in time, and they know that, and that’s why they’re so, so silent and quiet. No longer rats, just insignificant white mice in an obscure laboratory.

But are they any good as rope?

On one hand, yes, as the popular wrath would be sufficient to distract the public, although this will only be valid if the US doesn’t pick up on this, if there’s something to be picked up on that side of the Atlantic.

But on anther hand, they’re certainly not. Why? Because of the Fund.

The Fund, unlike lying to the authorities, which is a crime, and unlike any possible sexual scandal which is not a crime at all; it is a SERIOUS crime.

Much, much more SERIOUS than any phone hacking scandal.

What was supposedly a brilliant move to pin down the McCanns and make sure that they had much, much to lose if they one day decided to change their minds about "the truth", has now become a SERIOUS problem to all.

So, apparently, the Black Hats cannot afford to change one scandal for a much bigger one.

As I said, there’s a war going on. I don’t know what the result will be, nor will even venture a prediction.

Only about the McCanns.

If the McCanns are brought to justice by the other hands than those of the Black Hats, then they will not only NOT represent any kind of rope, but become one BIG bucketful of nails for so many coffins out there…

On the other hand, the Black Hats are done with them, and really want to tar and feather them up.

Their situation looks really bad. I’m not seeing the deal that the book was to be an endless source of income, to still be in place. I'm sure it is NOT. And the book didn't really sell that much. Only two months have gone, and it's as if it it didn't exist.

After all, dimwit Kate McCann did decide to bite the hand that was feeding her, didn’t she?

Also, I’m not seeing ANY of the tabloids of running another McCann story EVER again. Too risky. With the exception of their arrest, that is. And about that, can I make a suggestion for The Sun headline that day? How about “McScams”? Do use it please, no copyrights demanded.

Their faces are well too known for them to resort to anonymity, and they don’t have the required “friendships” to live a life of a non-working celebrity.

I would say that they’re between a rock and hard place. They chose on May 3rd, 2007, to have to make that choice today. Now, all they have to do is tell all they know. They’ve asked for it, haven’t they?

And what about us?

Well, we’ll continue to force our hand. Even if the McCanns are brought to justice, it will remain this blog’s responsibility to ensure that there’s no mockery about it.

There are still many things to write. I have to explain to you how you can reopen the process, how Kate McCann’s book is proof that she, or whoever wrote the damn thing, reads this blog, revisit our friend Mr. Smith, and explain what the Gaspar’s statements are all about.

May I is finding some interesting biological and business linkages that help understand this whole drama, and Sina J is busy finding so many missing people that were “plucked” from it, and we still have our ongoing Quiz Night, don’t we?
Also “Up for tennis, Doc?” has had only one chapter, with already other two laying dormant for over a year. Then, we’ll start to join dots, and you fill the colours in.

Lastly, as expected, with the smell of victory I see some people already stepping up on their toes, dusting off and trying out their Sunday suits, swelling up their chests already rehearsing for the upcoming medal ceremony.

Please do not invite us for such an event. We wouldn’t miss our late afternoon tea, with scones, watching our grandchildren playing cricket for anything in this world.


  1. K's book not on display anymore at Smiths But as the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam states
    " The Moving Finger writes and having writ moves on
    Nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back
    to cancel half a line.
    Nor all your tears wash out a word of it."

    May I

  2. Brilliant article Textusa, you sum events up so well. The house of cards will soon come crashing down on the Mccanns. Well done.

  3. once again I have to pay respect to Ironside for her intelligent interpretation of the factions. Rather than call people 'pros and anti' the terms 'black hats and white hats' was used and no doubt will be used again and become part of blogging history .

  4. Excellent article - I agree about the Black Hats/White Hats. I never realised that they even wanted to imply that "we" were against the truth with this simple anti stigma!

    I agree there was something really wrong about the "poppy wearing" that it came over as crass. I hope you are correct and they sacrifice the McCanns. SY needs tearing apart IMO so let's see the blood!

    There are also 200 plus loose canons out there.

  5. Angelique,

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't say they would sacrifice the McCanns, although, I'm sure would love to that much more than me and you. I said the exact opposite. I think that no matter how much the BHs would like to throw the McCanns into the fire, they can't, because the Fund implicates too much in terms of consequence. It is the Fund, and the Fund alone, that at this point in time is "saving" the couple.
    What I also said, is that I think their life will, from now on, become so miserable that jail will be seen as a preferable option by these two. However, we must remember that the McCann clan proved to be very solid and united, so it wouldn't surprise me if they literally fed the couple for their remainder days. But that would still be a miserable way of spending the rest of your days, wouldn't it? Added to the fact that their children will become themselves adults...

    Jul 15, 2011 10:56:00 PM
    Thank you for your kind words. They will be, I'm sure, very much appreciated.

  6. Many years ago before the Berlin wall came down I used to visit Eastern bloc countries and saw how the people were fed information through the media. They were only given what those in power wanted them to have so they believed everyone in the West was corrupt, unhappy and being fed an illusion by those in power.

    I was asked if I really believed what was being said on Radio Luxembourg as they were 'discouraged' from listening, the reason being given that what they would hear was untrue. That they were being protected from evil and decadent people.

    There was no difference between the East and the West as has been proved lately.

    We have been kept in the dark as were those people behind the wall so many years ago. I refrain from using the 'C' word defining the politics of the era.

    Like the East, methods of communication have broken down the barriers and releasing information. We should now expect freedom of information and our media outlets to report the facts and not what they choose to give us.

    There is a positive aspect to what is happening and there have been some sacrifices such as the Dowler family which is terribly sad but their suffering is bringing about change that we could not have imagined.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can look forward to open and honest media? No cover-ups and no egos, not having one person with so much power?

  7. Les Hinton has also resigned after 52 years with Murdoch. It seems that Murdoch's most trusted sidekicks are falling. Now is it them getting some distance between themselves and trouble, or are they "the trouble" themselves? For me, it means that Murdoch's Empire is also at stake in the US, and this could well be an attempted preventive act. If it is, then I think it's pretty futile...

  8. "....this could well be an attempted preventive act. If it is, then I think it's pretty futile..."

    And so was Murdoch's apology to the Dowler family. Those poor people having to listen to his empty words and watch his play acting. What is he sorry for? Being caught out?

  9. Scandalized Britain ponders press reform

    By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA, Associated Press

  10. Murdoch's Fox News in the US s picking up the issue:

    This means it's spilling over to the US!

    If I were a BH I would play the McCann card NOW! It will be played anyhow sooner or later when the american journalism starts to check up on what really are the stories in which this whole hacking thing resulted in, and the McCann newstory will come up then for sure.

    We live in interesting times. And in some homes, sleepless times!

  11. From the link above:

    "Friday's events suggest Murdoch and his son James have realized their damage-limitation exercise has been a massive failure.

    Allegations emerged last week that the News of the World hacked not only celebrities, politicians and athletes but a murdered schoolgirl as well as the victims of London's 2005 terrorist bombings and the families of dead British soldiers.

    The company first shut down the News of the World and then abandoned a bid to take control of BSkyB in a bid to limit the damage to the greater News Corp. empire, which includes Fox News, the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and the three remaining British newspapers -- The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

    The crisis is far from over."

  12. “…but this blog prides itself in contributing that it (the war) is indeed taking place.”
    What righteous words that should make you, Textusa, and all your team really proud!
    The way I see it is that this phone hacking as proved you ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Let me try and explain.
    If the McCanns acted isolated, as you say they didn’t, it would mean that the phone hacking had nothing to with it.
    If they had nothing to do with it, there’s absolutely no reason for the McCanns NOT to appear in the tabloids like the remainder universe of starlets, bimbos and crackpots continue to appear. The McCanns DON’T.
    I’m sure that the tabloids would now be squeezing all juices they could out of this couple’s story, which they so much defended, and get some sympathy out of the general public!
    Plus, if the McCanns had NOTHING to do with this phone hacking, they would have been spending the last two months promoting the book, which, as far as I’m aware was limited to an interview on CNN and very little else.
    The fact that both the McCanns are silent and that the tabloids are silent about them means that these two silences are related, which means that the McCanns were powerful because they had any power, but because they had these big powerful people backing them, just like you say!
    Thank you!

  13. On CNN:

  14. Textusa,

    What a brilliant post.
    There is a lot coming to light now.
    You can empty a puddle,
    you can block a stream
    you can redirect a river
    but there is not a thing that can be done to stop a tsunami once it is underway.

    p.s. rats are excellent swimmers.

  15. We all owe Textusa and her sisters a huge debt of gratitude for their insight into and analysis of this intriguing and shocking case. Do they have any idea why other blogs are so silent at the moment - I am thinking in particular Joana Morais and McCann Files, usually so full of information but disappointingly not updated for days. Maybe they are working on something big - I hope so - but it is surprising when so much is going on.

  16. Textusa

    My apologies for misunderstanding.

  17. Angelique,

    Apologies NOT accepted, because NONE were required! You made the most honest mistake that most of us are tempted to be making, and that is to fill up our nostrils with the sweet smell of victory, while there's only a slight scent out there... I sometimes have to curtail my own thoughts and say to myself, hold on, these people are THESE people, so, as su as so rightfully pointed out, rats are very good swimmers! In combat, there's one fatal flaw that will bring you certain defeat, and that is emotion. If you get too emotional towards your opponent, either through hatred, or through exaggerated elation, as we're now tempted to become, you lose focus, and once you lose that, you've lost all. So let's remain concentrated and focused, toast with a glass of your favorite drink each time we leave yet another stone unturned, but after that sip and smile, do put the glass down and look for the next stone to turn.
    Hope you understood why I haven't accepted your apologies.

  18. Textusa
    Well done!! excellant as per usual

    Sink! Ship! Rats! and the McCanns silence!!

    Joana is posting on Face Book but not on her own Blog


  19. "Joana Morais and McCann Files, usually so full of information"

    It is true that those two blogs are always on the news.

    In Portugal there are none. Notice that not only Gonçalo Amaral remains silent and without receiving the books, as his closest friends, in this case, Sergeant Paul Hernani Carvalho and also they were ordered shut, to be processed by Carter's website here.

    The final decision of the Court of Évora retains the punishment of 18 months. I see nothing of laws and not know which is the date that matters.

    We think that only 18 months from now GA can speak or publish, is another book, are opinion pieces ....

    All they can no longer write or speak .......

    Here in this corner of Europe only "more equal" may all, even if they are shameful acts.

    "The less equal" are annihilated: they have no money or power with them.

    I wish to thanks to ALL that never forget Ironside, because the reaction from Iron. was " is so nice feel loved"

    Here Ironside words

    " How wonderful to feel loved....BUT I do not see justice for Maddie...too many involved and of course your own country and Goverment involvement in Portugal. A confession from Russell O'Brien needs to happen allowing him complete immunity from any charges."

  20. There are bogs with the news that arise but also contains criticism or disassembly, better said:

    Joana Morais; Astro and Paulo Reis (remember him? I did. I will always remember)

    Then, for me, there's this: The blog of deductions, which investigates and confirms several hypotheses.

    It is a blog that advances; a blog intelligent and constructive.

  21. Hasta que se sepa la verdad com Mercedes e Mila, em espanhol, outro blog com notícias mas sempre com bons " incisos " "à partes críticos".

  22. Textusa, well done this is a marvellous article and the silence of the mccanns and the media as a previous poster states is not looking good for the mccanns. With the final edition of TNOTW they could have given the mccanns a blaze of publicity especially with Kates book recently being released, but they did not, were things getting too hot for the mccanns now and clarence is telling the papers to back off because they do not want to be associated with this phone hacking scandal, too late they are in the midst of it, they are the reason our tabloids have printed such tripe over the past four years thanks to their fund.

    SY must do their job properly and investigate the mccanns and the fund if they do not they will face being accused of yet another scandal.

    Textusa et al you have been so thorough and accurate with your posts, mrs fenn, the big table, tapas dinners, the stroller etc pointing out all the parts that did not add up and that had been overlooked by others well done.

  23. Thankyou Text, I find your blog interesting and it opens my eyes to look this case with different eyes. I admire all the work that you and your sisters have put in.
    I am sure the McCann Files are busy preparing new posts but Joana Morais, I do not know it has been quite some time since it was last updated, and has been slow in updates since the New Year, this is a shame as it was very informative, but maybe there are things (like Carter Ruck) going on in the background, very rarely does Joana post these days, let us hope all is well with her.

  24. I would also like to say a big thank you to Textusa and co this is an honest, open blog regularly updated, with a variety of posters.

    I visit here everyday, in fact we are off on our holidays today and it is 4.30am in the morning so I thought I'd do one last post and have a read of the other posts before we go, see you soon Tex xxxxx

  25. Brooks arrested today at 12 o clock.

    Now Cameron is in a very uncomfortable position allowing himself to be persuaded by her to take on Andy Coulson despite his advisors warning against it.

    How tenable is his position?

  26. Anon
    Jul 17, 2011 2:09:00 PM

    Agree. Let's not forget Murdoch's saying that Gordon Brown was his friend until NI stopped supporting Labour and went fully Conservative. There are no free lunches, they say, so I expect that this "help" had to have a "price tag" attached. I don't think Cameron will be able to come unscathed out of this. He'll play the "betrayed spouse" role has much as he'll be able to. This has now become too big. If Murdoch's Empire crumbles, and if UK's political structure shakes, with the lack of agreement on the US Debt question plus all the European Debt issues, we're set for global disaster. In the late nineties, global warming was the fashionable "doomsday" theme, but I think that the misuse of democracy by the Western Democracies in the first decade of the Millenium, to be a much more worrisome factor for humanity. May these idiots understand how serious this all is.

  27. I'm excited but I will absorb it as motivation to go on going on :) Are heads rolling or what? OK! I'll hold back! but it is hard not to jump in the air

  28. I'm betting on J Murdoch next!

  29. I agree @ 5.18. I'm expecting to hear James is next. Also to hear R Murdoch to be struck down with some illness that renders him incapable of testifying on Tuesday.

    Do you remember the Guinness guy who suddenly got Alzheimers when hauled to account but managed to recover from it fairly soon after? A medical first but never mentioned again!

  30. Like Pinochet who died very, very old and in bed.

    They are all so friends.... but some go to the jail; others stay ill...

    About JoanM: i will say better She had the litlle carter-ruck from here. Litlle but screams very loud.

    Litlle carter-ruck from pt is evil also.

  31. Met police commissioner resigns.
    Wow! Things are escalating. Parliament will have to cancel summer break now!

  32. Anon
    Jul 17, 2011 7:24:00 PM

    Let me say upfront that Joana Morais can count with the full support of this blog and whatever help we can muster.

  33. It is very depressing to think that the little witch is still hanging on to Amaral's books after the judgment of the Portuguese court. Do Carter Ruck rule the world now, that no one can even mention anything to do with their ghastly clients any more? Poor Amaral and poor Maddie - they both deserve so much better.

  34. Textusa speaks for me. Joanna has worked hard and has made history with her blog.

  35. Apologies for mis-spelling Joana's name.

  36. Textusa ( em portuguûes):

    JM foi alvo de chatices já há muito tempo da ID. Não sei se houve continuidade mas, lembro-me que JM teve de fazer uma cópia de um ditado.A pequena carter- ruck nacional obrigou-a a isso.

    In another message TO NOT PUBLISH i will send to You mail mail.

    Thank You.

  37. Anon
    Jul 17, 2011 7:24:00 PM & Jul 18, 2011 8:55:00 AM

    Issue clarified. Thank you so much for explaining it. Fortunately we read your words the wrong way. Sorry.

  38. LOL.

    I am and all are lost in my nottranslation because or by my noenglish.

    Thank You by asking to me.

    You have done very well.


    Lost in translations......upssssssssss

  39. So I wanted to say that JM was also under tremendous pressures and threats.

    I hope this is well with google translator; sometimes also not a good help. pois....

  40. Hopefully it will all come out now, and the pressure will be removed from these good people. Tweets about mccanns are quite encouraging if true.

  41. Maybe Joana Morais is getting trouble from the McCann portuguese lawyers, but, even so, in Portugal we do not have super injunctions (thank God!) and any that would come from the UK are not valid in Portugal, so if Joana was/is legaly prevented from blogging there is no reason why she could not tell us that's the motive behind her silence. She might be forbidden to blog about the McCann case but she is not forbidden to say why, unless the portuguese laws have changed and "someone" forgot to tell us about it"

  42. Anon
    Jul 18, 2011 2:28:00 PM

    Just to clarify, Anon Jul 17, 2011 7:24:00 PM & Jul 18, 2011 8:55:00 AM has explained that s/he was referring to facts that have happened quite a while ago, around about the time of the McCanns trial in Lisbon, whereby Joana Morais publicly apologized to Isabel Duarte. That is now completely behind our backs.

  43. Thank you Textusa, for the clarification on the Joana Morais subject. But now I fear that her silence might be due to some serious health problem or family issues. Let's hope I'm wrong and all is ok with her and her loved ones, maybe she's just enjoying a well deserved break!
    Fingers crossed!

  44. The official McCann facebook page has been closed down.


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