Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Murdochs and Brooks Hearing

I, like you, was appalled by the inept inquisitors.

Lawyers and barristers train for years in questioning methods and most of the questions were so lighweight they were neither challenging or even a vague attempt to get to the truth.

When James and Rupert Murdoch sat down the chairman was smiling and making a joke with them. Completely inappropriate. Let’s not fool ourselves; politicians will always be afraid of people like the Murdochs.

These people are dynastic, power passed from generation to generation, whilst politicians know their seat in power depends much on the whims of the people, which, compared with the others, is but a figment of time.

 And a person only lives a generation, so it's important NOT to upset the particular individual that happens to on the "throne"...

When the hearings finished I felt the whole affair was so downplayed that it seemed trivial, the anticlimax changed the matter from gravely serious to a few mischievous people doing what journalists do and a doddery old man that could be excused for not knowing what day it was.

The point of this blog, as we’ve said, is Truth.

On Tuesday 19th , 2011, we, although you miht have not realised it, came as close to it as, probably, ever “The Establishment” will allow.

A distance that should never exist between us, but we know it does.

This blog does to its part in trying only to keep it on the shortest leash possible. Even if, one day, Maddie’s death is clarified crystal clear, you will be further from the truth than you were on that day.

You see, they did “play a role”, quite adequately, but were FORCED to play it. And by whom?

What I saw was that ARROGANCE and CARELESSNESS bowed before those they had forced to kneel before them: YOU.

 Neither the Murdochs nor Brooks (Ms B) were addressing the MPs. Nor the MPs were they addressing those they had summoned. They were communicating directly to YOU.  

Ms B in the role of ignorance, which, if true, amazes all on what they do spend the 10-12 hours they say they “work” daily, and the MPs in the role of “please-excuse-us-but-we-HAD-to-summon-you-here”, evidently hoping that no grudges would be held afterwards.

But the important thing, is that they HAD to play their role. Why? Because of you.

Let me say straight away that nothing moves me against the Murdochs. I wouldn’t pick them over Brian Kennedy or Richard Branson, just mention two names of wealthy people that have allowed their name to be linked with the McCanns.

Nor do I have anything against the McCanns. All I want is that they’re brought, ADEQUATELY, before justice.

And if the outcome results in the sentence being a simple a slap on the hand, I’ll be satisfied.

However, they DO have to be brought to justice, and, I repeat, in an honest (how sorry I am to have use this word in this phrase) and adequate manner.

No legal technicalities such as insanity pleas, for example. A truthful exercise of justice is just what is demanded.

Because what links people like Ms B and the McCanns is exactly that: the absence of truth.

The McCann story, was run by the POWERFUL. The media, led by the British tabloids forced public opinion into one, and only one single direction. No other was allowed, and any and all dissension was immediately persecuted.

The story was so obviously false that it smelled bad from a mile away, but, hypocritical to its core, the media continued to pursue the direction it set out to do so from the beginning, in an exercise of ARROGANCE never seen before by mankind.

And when I say mankind, I mean it literally.

There were very few corners of this world where Maddie’s coloboma didn’t get to.

And that is THE crucial detail in this whole story: it was an worldwide SUCCESSFUL exercise of ARROGANCE.

The so called McCann Story PROVED to people like the Ms B (like other RELEVANT Black Hats) that they COULD.

 That if they WANTED, they COULD, and as they COULD, they WOULD.

That is the phrase that you have to retain: they understood that they COULD. And on a worldwide scale, stepping over, not only the truth, but over Sovereign States and all their LEGITIMACY.

But on the 19th, we, by FORCING them to represent a role, made them see that they that they COULDN?T after all.

At least, not so blatantly. And that was your and our victory on that particular day.

Then and there, the McCann Affair was placed where it belonged and should have never left, nothing but a tragic but IRRELEVANT mishap that befell on an unfortunate child.

Not filled with state secrets nor of sufficient relevance to involve any kind of diplomacy. It was a simple police case, that would have been solved quickly were it not for interests completely foreign to that particular child.

My prediction about the somberness of the McCanns future had yet another two confirmations: the closure of the McCann Facebook page (not taking any more posts), and the shut down of the findmadeleineblog.blogspot.

About the Facebook page, it was closing down last week so signs they were sloping off. Their army is packing their kit up and going home rather than lose any more foot soldiers.

About the blog there is something interesting to be pointed out. The reason given was “an unavoidable one (decision) due to changes in circumstances”.

How well we understand that.

 But what caught our attention was the following “Donations we will transfer to a selected charity with the same aims to make sure every penny is used as intended and can help other families.”

The McCanns are not named, nor the Fund, which one would expect, would “every penny” go to.

No, instead it will go to where “EVERY PENNY IS USED AS INTENDED”.

Is this a recognition of the obvious, and that is the Fund never funded what it state that it would fund? Like, for example, legal fees against Amaral?

I see no other reading.

But this blog, unlike Rebekah Brooks, we won’t forget the McCanns.

After mentioning others she just forgot to mention the McCanns during the hearing albeit the letter to the PM (signed from David to Kate and Gerry, which is NOT expected protocol from a PM) that made front page in The Sun as well as was this tabloid's intention to serialize Kate's book after being published a little over two months ago (although in the week before it was, it did anticipate, through DAILY articles, the publication), we will not abandon the couple.

I would dare say, that Rebekah's lapse of memory about the McCanns almost justifies her lack of memory on many other issues...

Anyhow, we will not abandon the couple. Not now that the world is PHYSICALLY crumbling around them.

No, we will not abandon them. Nor the Black Hats.


  1. Well, here I am with the complete difficulty understanding his English.

    I'll have to reread very, very slowly because his English is difficult for me. I'll be waiting for comments as they help understanding.

    I am very glad that this blog does not abandon the case of Madeleine McCann.

    Powerfull people never answer; never know; never are guilties; never...never..... They can .

  2. I will paraphrase the late great Frank Zappa. When corperate buissines tells the goverment to jump the political response will always be "how high?"

  3. Anon @ 7.21

    This link may help you translate the comments.

    If you copy and paste the comments it will even identify the language and automatically translate.

    If you need more help please let us know.

  4. We would like to clarify that it is Help Find My Child that is closing. The link to it from http://findmadeleineblog.blogspot.comwill not be available.

    We do apologise for the confusion.

  5. Good Morning! John Blacksmith has posted on mccannfiles, very interesting read, Textusa!

  6. From not anon 7:21 LOL

    Sina J: LOL i use the google translator like You says to me. Believe, sometimes i do not know who translate better: me with noenglish or the google. Translate with G.T. is not easy to understand also. LOL

    LOL about the " translator" neve about You.


  7. Is possible that i read wrong ?

    A good bye ?

  8. Having read Blacksmith, brilliant as always, I could cry for Amaral and his wife and family. I have supported his defence fund on several occasions, but I feel this is too little too late. Does any Portuguese reader know of any sensible way of supporting him - I know from having asked before that he won't accept personal donations but I am really at a loss as to what I can do to help. Sorry to go off-topic a bit, but would really appreciate any advice.

  9. Anon
    Jul 21, 2011 7:45:00 PM

    The post was certainly not a goodbye. But would coincidence have it, my friend has worsened significantly, and I will require my full attention in the coming weeks. It's not a good-bye, its a "see you when I'm able to come back". Thank you in antecipation for your care.

  10. To Anon from Jul 21, 2011 9:44:00 PM:

    Good morning ! And how understand You so well. That is true He dont´t wish a personal support (money). When we, so many, had contribute to Lawyers and expenses to trial, was like a global support against injustice. My blog had his photos to show him that many are with Him and His Family, destroyed by a evil couple- Of course we wish do much more. We anonymous People. But , i ask, and His Country? What have done ? Nothing. No, better, His country together with the evil couple had destroyed Him also. His country submited to the evils ans against a Portuguese Citizen.


    To Textusa:

    I can now feel releived because is not a good bye.

    Of course i am concerned about Your´s Family too.Very.

    Sorry to say this: i am happy because is not a good bye.

    I was in doubt because some " read" like that and i was very sad.

    I am sad also with Your´s problems.

    Like with GA, only i can say to Textusa: i am here. I am here but how to help??????????

    To both, Anon and Textusa my feelings are also very sad.

    Big hugs.

    How i wish do something.......

  11. Sending positive energies to you and your relative, Textusa! Kind Regards!

  12. Please,Textusa, i wish a smile with this:

    Wendi Deng Murdoch thwarts pie attacker

    The Chinese and the news.


    The News of the World hacking hearing was interrupted when a man attacked Rupert Murdoch with a plate full of shaving cream. The attack was foiled when Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng pounced to the defense of her husband. The assailant is a comedian who calls himself Jonnie Marbles. People are curious how he managed to get past security. Meanwhile, hacktivist's LulzSec came out of "retirement" to prank Murdoch. They hacked The Sun's website, posting a fake report of his suicide.

    But Murdoch is still very much alive. Does Wendi regret her decision to save him?

  14. Thank you for everything you have done, Textusa, thank you for not "closing up the shop", we need you, Madeleine needs you! It seems that unfortunately we've "lost" Joana Morais, what would we do withouth this blog too?
    I hope your friend will overcome the difficult time, all the best for both of you!

  15. The possible BFDS !pois...

  16. News alert:

    Also in McCannFiles

  17. experience: the comments are on vacation?

    I know Text. can not.....

  18. To be watched on an empty stomach...

    Yet another reporter who did not bother to do some homework/research on the case!

  19. I think the silence of the MCs is not silence.

    On Sundays we always have a big party.

    If there are articles on some personality known, Madeleine is always there.

    On the other days as well. There are many pages of companies advertising, including this case.

    The Sunday Express carried three articles, one was about the girl. In fact, always about the couple.

    Uk , due to Murdocchio (Pinocchio)don´t need a blatant propaganda, because other sides of the empire R.M. advances. And, you see:


    Old no news and images recycled. But ever more of the same.

  20. Off course, Kates book was McCann's strategy to fade, keeping a source of money. Asking donations, is not working anymore. Again, they have done a mistake if they think they can use the public and the innocence of honest people and just go away, so easily like that. Even ifl they are trying to go away... The public did not let them go. Every day, every where, about any crime, people keep bringing their lies and their crimes to top conversation. Something really serious, surround their lives and madeleine's death. Something that force them to try to run the world and silence all the anti-voices. joana morais posted on her blog a comment from pat brown where she informs that her book about Madeleine case was Carter-rucked at amazon. No surprise...since they have money, the money will be spend on these games by their lawyers. But the money will dry one day while the public will
    remain untouchable, health like on the first day. We will be here, waiting, looking for the truth. For each book silenced, trillions of mouths will be opening questioning why? And there is only one logical answer - because Madeleine was a crime, a fraud and who screens innocence was not innocent at all.
    We know, Murdoch has a lot of power. Together with some lawyers, he is trying to run the world. That's why the parliament become a circus and all the questions posed to him and his son, were ridiculous jokes. He and some lawyers, have most of the politics and business guys tied by their balls. They know too much and they can bring any politic into power one day and destroy it on the next minute. It's a question of business.
    McCann's still a profitable business for Murdoch and carter-ruck, but they will not survive the destiny of other old business- dropped off in a dusty been when they will get tired of all McCann's lies and when their lies could not be translated on Penny's anymore. Don't forget, Kate and Gerry, Murdoch and Carter-ruck knows too much about you and knows exactly how to destroy you in a minute. By the time this karma is going to happen, you have growth a huge bunch of enemies starting by your close friends, relatives and the innocent people who believe you at the beginning and feed your immorality with some donations. They will sat down enjoying your end, while Murdoch will be growing his empire, once again, with very profitable front pages about you- EXPOSING YOUR LIES AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MADELEINE. Let's see what Carter- ruck is going to try to silence Murdoch....

  21. But if is Murdock more power than C_R.?

    This is a lawyer, a servant who serves, receiving money. The boss, " the great boss" must be Rupert.

  22. When will be the #ff put the vídeo

    Rebekah Brooks "Friday" (Rebecca Black Parody)

  23. Pat Brown's book( available at the Barnes & Noble site.

  24. Pat brown is setting a Fund to search Madeleine in PDL. I don't know if is true or not. If so, that means she has the agreement of PJ and Portuguese justice to do a search( police investigation) in portuguese soil? If so, in a practical way, this is the reopening of the investigation. Kate, you can't sleep... Your book, your lies and your desperation to silence the doubts of others, is waking up clever cats who will chase and catch you. Since May 2007, your life is a collection of criminal mistakes. You can fool yourself, but the world is not easy to fool. The money on your Fund is drying and your power will fade with it.


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