Thursday, 6 May 2010

BETRAYED Madeleine Beth McCann by SPAINS Las Mananas de Cuarto

Concha I must congratulate you on your BRILLIANT whitewashing of the Mccanns. 

You had them eating out of your hand, as you told us, 

ALL of your questions were answered,there was NO censorship. 

How wonderful the Mccanns are not cold and distant , not the monsters they have been portrayed. 

Gerry cried REAL tears. 

OK enough Concha ,lets start asking some 'Real journalists' questions that seem to have slipped your mind. I am in full knowledge you had information that would have cast doubt over the McCanns story but you chose not to use. it. 

Mercedes from the blog' Until the truth is known ' sat with you on your programme and told you our wish for the case to be reopened and for the police to be allowed to do their work. 

I know you understood this and this was OUR trust in you Concha. BUT, you have not only let yourself down , but Madeleine...maybe you are still confused. 

Fact..Antenna 3 September 2007...went to PDL with hidden cameras they interviewed a friend of Mrs.Fenn. Mrs fenn is the lady who heard Madeleine screaming Daddy daddy for more than one hour..The friend ,who was happy to let her face be seen said The Mccanns were in CHAPLINS Tues May 1st.

How about checking this out Concha....? Fact...The Cleaner whose name I will not mention..saw WED 2nd May a cot in the Mccanns bedroom , she also saw another cot in the room where Madeleine is supposed to have slept...The only bed she saw used was the bed pushed against the wall...the other bed which claim the Mccanns ,Madeleine was abducted from, was unused...

This cleaner was later fired...WHY? fact most staff who had anything to do with apartment 5a and McCanns were fired from Ocean Club 

And yet Concha...the night of the alleged abduction BOTH cots were in the same room , the room Madeleine was supposed to have been in. How about checking that out Concha. 

No one but no one ever saw the window open...when questioned Gerry claimed he had shut it because the twins would catch cold. 

Charlotte Pennington one of the carers of children first in the room noticed just after 10 pm ...there were NO children in the room....and yet Concha when GNR arrived the twins were in their cots. 

You mentioned you saw no harm in the Mccanns release of the latest video and image of Madeleine wearing make up...really Concha, I have lived in Spain many years and yes I know of is a wonderful time for the children. But, would any mother release such a picture when she insists her daughter has been snatched by a paedophile? What good will this bring in finding Madeleine. 

A lot of the staged photographs of Madeleine are by a photographer named Paul may have heard of him ,he photographs Prime Ministers. The McCanns spent the evening ringing friends telling of smashed and broken shutters Jill Renwick Jon Corner Trish name but a few.... 

Clarence Mitchell had to later make a retraction and said their was NO evidence of a break in. There are waitress witness statements who SAW the Mccanns at the Millenium each morning having breakfast. The Mccanns deny having ever gone out for breakfast...but they were SEEN Concha. 

One final thought as I sign mentioned Amelie and how much she is like Madeleine...well I hope she is not that much like her, according to the Mccanns they were WATCHED that week in PDL...

What happens one day if AMELIE should also get herself abducted? 

And the Mccanns tell the world it must be the same abducter who took Madeleine because they are so alike.

What then Concha ...will you still believe? 

Three years Mercedes ,myself and many more like her have given precious time to try and get the truth out there. 

We had hope and trust, trust in you but you have betrayed us all. 

Thanks to you, you have managed to wipe out three years work in just one hour. 

I thank you Concha. And remember this , there are serious questions the Mccanns need to answer and until that day I will fear for the little girl who is just like MADELEINE... 

Hope you also keep this in mind Concha, as you reputation is now at an all time low. 

The above is the work of any reporter worth his should have been YOUR work 

Concha a sad day for us and a sad day for Spain who for the first time refused to report the truth and chose not to ask 'What REALLY happened to Madeleine?'



  2. Brilliant post IRONSIDE. I had such high hopes of that programme and so, obviously, did Mercedes. As you have said, there was an opportunity to ask serious and challenging questions, but in the end it was just another opportunity for the McCanns to do vomit out their usual lies.


    Part of interview many thanks Palmeras 3As

  4. Nicely written. Don't worry, I've had a couple of people who know nothing about the case, but were prompted to find out after seeing the Mccanns on TV, they've asked me for the true info and I have directed them to your (and others) fantastic work. I believe the truth is getting around to people outside of the Mccann sphere..this is good news for us!

  5. Hi Anna...Cinco have purchased Quatro...and we all know who the Queen is there..Anna Rosa and her side kick Nacho Abad...remember... they had the EXCLUSIVE 'Why didnt you come when we were crying'

    Not finsished yet Anna...e.mails are on there way to certain people in the know.

  6. Iron,

    To my enemies I say be welcome as from thee there be no betrayal.

  7. Hi guys, I wrote somethng here but it seems to be lost in cyberspace. I am sure all your efforts are not lost though. I've recently had chats with people who know nothng about the Madeliene case but are interested after the recent news. I've directed them to yours (and others) sites so they can get the whole picture. You see the truth is sort of spreading, which is what will win out in the end!


    Daddys little girl.

    A mother has put together her husband and daughter having fun. She has also been playing 'Dress up' and her face is painted, but there is a big difference. This child looks truly happy..I have yet to see a photograph with Madeleine and her mother laughing and looking like they are having fun. Of course they could be keeping it for her eighth birthday.

  9. Thank you for letting us know the background to this, Ironside.

    I'm certain that when the truth is finally told, there will be many people who will be exposed as having betrayed Madeleine (as was done in this case).

    One thing I am absolutely certain of is that YOU will never be counted among those who betrayed her or abandoned the quest for justice.

    Thanks, as ever, for all you do.

  10. Concha G. C. seduziu-se pelo mais fácil.

    Até poderei dizer que agiu traiçoeiramente ao deixar-se enredar na cantilena , mais que estudada, daquele casal.

    E, mais grave ainda tentou enganar Pessoas bem intencionadas que jamais atraiçoam a memória de Madeleine.

    Concha G. Campoy queimou-se.

    Mais ninguém.

    Foi obrigada a interromper a " propaganda" descarada à qual, afinal, se tinha proposto e ao serviço de quem não precisa.

    Assim, terá ainda mais críticas em determinada Imprensa Espanhola do que aquelas que já tive oportunidade de ler .

    Enganou-se. E enganou ! E isso é um acto grosseiro e grave: o engodo.

    Mª do Carmo

  11. Resta saber se ..... "alguém"...... impediu a totalidade do programa , por causa dos debates e de alguns intervenientes , incómodos ao par.

    É que se chegou a ouvir declarações de arquivo de Pessoas " non gratas" ao couple......

    Por " magia" o programa parou de falar no assunto.

    Medo de " voz off"; medo das vozes em arquivo?

    Medo de que ali fosse dito por alguém o que muitos de nós calculamos mas eles não querem a todo o custo a sua divulgação, a nível mundial?

    Porque esta, só "eles podem" e fazem.

    Globalização é com "eles" mas não pelos que lutam pela Justiça ,Verdade e REABERTURA do caso .

  12. Trish name but a few....
    Do you mean the Prime Minister wife?

    How can two doctors that came to Algarve with a low cost travel are so well related?

    What is missing here?


    Trish Cameron was Madeleines aunt...Samantha is Davids wife...but you are correct just look at the names involved in above article.

  14. There have been TWO comments made, one by Mccann and one by Mitchell

    Mitchell quote

    The Mccanns are not responsible for Madeleines DEATH.

    McCann quote

    There is NO evidence to implicate US in her DEATH.


    No one EVER uses the word DEATH as a SLIP of the tongue

  15. This is an excellent article, and I applaud all that is done on this blog.

    However, if the programme had not been made I would not have had my attention drawn to the massive gaffe Gerry makes at the end of the Tuesday (2nd) video. In English, he says that nothing is 'as bad as the night we found her'. I was stunned to hear it and listened to it many times to make sure. He says it, there and then, (no doubt to be written off as a 'slip of the tongue').

    I think this is highly significant and despite what the makers or interviewers say, or what the thrust of their programmes are, the more that are made the better. The more opportunities for them to make mistakes. And they do. This is the long game, and the evidence mounts, albeit circumstantial.

    I think the PJ or Goncalo Amaral should get an uncut timed copy of that video. To prove no words were added/cut after what we hear him say.

    Their day will come. It will, because they ARE lying.

  16. Fact..Antenna 3 September 2007...went to PDL with hidden cameras they interviewed a friend of Mrs.Fenn. Mrs fenn is the lady who heard Madeleine screaming Daddy daddy for more than one hour..The friend ,who was happy to let her face be seen said The Mccanns were in CHAPLINS Tues May 1st.How about checking this out Concha....?
    is there a link for this? thanks

  17. No, but there is TV footage and we are searching for it...It may take sometome but we WILL find it.


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