Sunday, 7 February 2010


I’ve been fortunate to have commenting my blog someone who not only is frank, direct in expressing his/her opinions as well as revealed to be an exceptional internet researcher, or better aid and understood, a net-digger.

 His/her links have been placed on the comments box.

I think they deserved a greater attention.

That way, the articles that s/he found interesting, others can feel the same way and add tem to their favorites. I’ve done so with some myself, and recently added one to my blog list.

This way, we’re contributing for the word to pass around, slowly but surely.

The more people that we can help notice or be noticed, the better.

Welcome then Ironside to this little corner.

Looking forward to this cooperative endeavor.


  1. Oh,yes. Bravo.

    A nice and brave person. Now we have 2 persons who are very special.

  2. Lucky you Textusa!

    Had I know Ironside was looking for a blog to settle in, I'd have offered him a job on mine!


  3. JKH...Don't touch what you can't lol

  4. 7 February 2010
    McCanns' new agony,pág. 29


    Portugal´s new agony.

    e em:

    3 horas atrás - Portal :

    Madeleine McCann's parents should dedicate all their time and efforts

    to the reopening the case.


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