Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Black Hat Fest

As predictable as rats after peanut-butter, the Pro-McCanns had quite a fest with my previous post “Gonçalo Amaral is a Liar”.

Used as they are to read tabloid junk, and probably writing it, the Black Hatters felt quite satisfied with little more than the title to go and party on their corny little corner of the internet where with all the ignorant, frustrated and malignant smirks, smiles and giggles make Macbeth’s opening scene, witches around a caldron, seem a tale of feathery fairies.

Oh how they gloated over the fact that finally a White Hat had discovered and recognized that the Amaral thesis had more holes than a swiss cheese.

It’s fascinating to see how one can deduce that someone just for pointing out what in my opinion is an INTENTIONAL mistake by Mr. Amaral, has turned his back on him, stabbed him in the back and, for having sensed his downfall, basically had left him as if had the plague.

Let’s get some facts straight. If Mr. Amaral loses tomorrow, he is just beginning. With my total support.

If he wins, his smile will be a reflection of mine. I subscribe almost the totality of his book, because almost the totality of his book is based on fact.

Hard, stone cold objective fact. What I know is not true in the book is reduced to the where, how, when and why Maddie died.

That is a moment that fateful night. All that is written that happened before, during and after that night, days and weeks, exposing the many inexplicable contradictions by the McCanns, I subscribe entirely.

And what is not true, I do understand why he wasn’t truthful.

And so do the McCanns otherwise they would have contested the facts, not the book as an object like they are doing.

 Lastly let me lay out on very simple terms what your “holes in a Swiss cheese” really mean:

- Me questioning the validity of the abduction thesis, highlights the McCann guilt.

- Me questioning the validity of the Amaral thesis, highlights the McCann guilt.

Couldn’t you see this a mile away?

But you couldn't resist riding the wave, could you?

Please, do raise your guard and don’t make things so easy. I would call you dumbasses, but I’ve stopped being cruel to the fictitious animals.

The absence of the UK Press accompanying the Saintly Couple makes me wonder, since we’re on the subject of abandonment, who has abandoned who.

Not saying that Amaral will win, just saying that many already think that the McCanns are LOSERS.


  1. Dear oh dear, how terribly amusing!
    I am the author of the comments about Amarals 'thesis' having more holes than Swiss Cheese. And I stick by what I said - if you have always known that the thesis of caplol and a fall off the sofa was bunkum, why have so many of you 'truth-seekers' clung to it like turd to a blanket?
    His book is supposedly 'the truth of the lie' about how Madeleine died, and yet it's central idea is based on a total pile of a junk, a story so sad and woebegone that children can spot the problems with it. Why publish a book which is based on a lie? He should have called it 'the lie about the truth' it would have been more accurate.
    You were sold a pup, a gigantic malformed monster, and you kept it and cuddled it until finally you looked closely at it and realised your mistake. Then the spinning starts.
    If you have a reason - a proper reason - for supporting a man who deliberately span lies to hundreds of thousand of gullible readers then let's be having it, now, in words of straight English which are plain and unspun.

  2. Plain and unspun: David Payne murdered Madeleine Beth McCann, and her father, Gerald McCann, hid her body with the full knowledge of her mother, Kate McCann.

    The facts stated on the book, based on police files, consubstanciate this. One phrase, an opinion, of the author, has a "lighter" version of facts: an accident.

    For me, and many like me, it was a "door left slightky ajar" so that the McCanns would walk through it. They didn't, because they know how exactly horrifying their crime was.

    About you, I can only define the words you write are written in blood. Maddie's innocent blood.

    Let me put ir this way. One of us is certainly going to Hell for this. Either me, for slandering the saintly McCanns name, or you, for slandering the little girl's memory.

    I can only speak for myself. I'm ready to face Him. Are you?

  3. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/07/kate-mccann-tried-everything-to-frame.html

    Kate McCann has either a mental condition or she is one of the most evil women in the world.

    Where was Mother of the Year when PJ along with diggers dug up Murats mothers garden looking for the body of Madeleine?. Were the parents standing alongside PJ in despair dreading the moment their 'darling' daughter would be found? No read Mccanns blog for that day,this breaking event was not worth even mentioning. PJ are digging for your dead daughter and Mccann wrote 'We had an early night' They would have been able to hear the diggers and yet they slept sound.

    Dr.Amaral in his book was being kind to the Mccanns, an accident was suggested.

    Profiler Lee Rainbow has not been so 'Kind' 'Investigate Gerald McCann we could be looking at a homicide'

    The Mccanns were unable to have children . it should have stayed that way, one would now not be dead and the other two would not be damaged beyond repair as the Mccanns destroy their little minds with lies about Monsters.

    As for you Amusing Anon...you carry on supporting the Teflon Couple...because at the end of the day it is Madeleine and her memory you are spitting on.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAgWLfiJMCU

    Murat questioned for 19 hours.

  5. http://littlemorsals.blogspot.com/

    The McCanns have won but only in their head.

  6. Lee Rainbow URGED police to suspect Mccann and suggested a possible homicide. Rainbow also suggested that the twins be gently questioned about that night. If the twins were witness to the death of Madeleine they are a couple of little timebombs. They are also in great danger from their parents.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VlS-gO5Ask&feature=player_embedded

    Madeleine had been missing just 5 days.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEJBq48YshM&feature=youtu.be&a

    Pissed off with the mccanns

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is6yRUA4qYo&feature=related

    Mccann trying to keep a straight face as Kate goes into her act..

  10. Oh, I'm ready to face my maker Textusa. Are you? can you stand upright when questioned why you dreamed up horrible peado scenarios over the disappearance of a small child, couched in baby-speak about 'weeners' but sick as a diseased dog in any case? Will you be able to explain to him why have decided, for perverse reasons of your own, to name David Payne a paedophile and murderer?
    Without so much as a shred of what decent police call EVIDENCE.
    Don't tell me I write in Maddy's blood - it's you and your friends that roll in the gutter with the story, it's you that disgrace her memory, you that betray with every word your own repulsive and twisted view of the world.

    You people have disgraced your country. You have heaped shame, derision and humiliation on a population that never deserved it and the damage you have done to Portugal is far greater than that which you thought originally to prevent.

    Back to the book.
    It's a lie. A stupid farrago of hand-picked factlets and outright fabrications that carefully distort the findings of the investigation.
    And you FELL FOR IT.

    Your 'explantion' of what you meant in the original article, given above, is nonsensical and I shouldn't be at all surprised if even Goncalo is embarassed by it.

    If he told his audience a lie, for whatever reason, then it is utterly unforgiveable.
    Espeically as he charged them for it.

  11. I write His name with a capital letter out of respect, which apparently you seem not to have.

    As I said, one of us is going to Hell. I maintain the statement.

    I'm glad to know that you're as ready as I am. we''l then see who's playing with fire. Literally.

    The remainder of your comment, I assume it's another self-convincing rant that we've all grown used to.

    I hope to find the time to write a post especially dedicated to people like you. If it ever sees the light of day, it will be called something like "The Decisive Evidence".

    Yes, and I'm absolutely aware that for you the word "evidence" has very broad and subjective meaning. Don't worry, intelligent people will understand what I'll say.

    Hugs and kisses.

  12. Horrible paedo scenarios? I thought that was the Mccanns Anon? Surely it is they that think Madeleine is living the same life as Jaycee..Oh, goody Madeleine only has another 18 years to suffer.

    It is a very sick mind, that tells their children their sister has been taken by a monster. An even sicker mind would have them believe that Madeleine held by this monster sends them birthday gifts.

    I would be less concerned about those that know of the Mccanns lies . Think anon and think hard on what will happen to the McCanns when they meet their maker?Somehow I think they will be going much further down than six feet.

    Have a good day Anon and may God give you peace ,for sure you will never find it on this earth.

  13. http://www.abola.pt/mundos/ver.aspx?id=194785

    P:J: Director of Faro died early this morning.R.I.P.

  14. Not one of you will engage with the fundamental question that I asked and still ask - why would a man of principle publish a book that is based on what he knows to be a falsehood? And sell it to people as the 'The Truth of the Lie'?
    It's truly astounding. Not so much that he did it, but that people who consider themselves intelligent and informed would defend it, no matter how ineptly. So don't try to frighten me with your appeals to a higher power. The only thing that matters in the end is that we did no harm - and you at least cannot claim that. The harm you have done is incalculable, but I don't think you have the ability to actually understand it.
    So God may treat you kindly, after all. Like children and idiots, you are not responsible for the awful things you do.
    If you ever manage to formulate a coherent reply to my central question posed above, do post it.

  15. I have no fear of engagement. I do have priorities though, and you rank pretty low on them.

    Although you intentionally pretend not to understand in what sense Amaral lied because, as you know it favor little the McCanns, you hold on to the word "lie" as if your life depended on that, irrelevant of context and meaning. Just like DeCaprio's character in Titanic, and you know what happened to him.

    Just as a side note, just be one tenth as picky with the McCanns about being truthful as you seem to be with Amaral.

    Today, no kisses. Still washing my mouth from the last time.

  16. http://mercedessigueaqui.blogspot.com/2010/02/caso-madeleine-mccann-las-mananas-de.html

    'EXCLUSIVE' Interview with Mercedes . Translation with thanks to Mercedes and help from 'HIMSELF'

  17. Great! Very nice to read Textusa and Ironside. Bravo.And thanks....



  18. Hi Maria and Tex ..Hope you both had a great weekend and this next link does not spoil it too much for you.

    His Masters Voice...speaking at IBA Annual Conference Madrid


  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7542939.stm

    The questions Kate refused to answer


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