Saturday, 30 January 2010

IRONSIDE Response, Part III

Sorry Ironside to go on blabbing about the subject. But the previous post was written in quite a hurry and I forgot to convey a very important implication for somebody to choose, or be chosen, to be the McCann’s scapegoat.

I approached the subject, referring to a specific person, but generalizing the whole concept.

But the Maddie case is unique. The day that I’m convinced that there was an abductor, I’ll not only apologise publicly to the couple as I will immediately start the “Maddie Abductor Fan Club”.

And you can be Fan#2, because the #1 I’ve booked for myself.

Only the most brilliant criminal mind could have hidden Maddie away from the eyes of the world for so long.

Only the finest athlete could physically achieve what he is credited for having done that night.

So we’ll be presented with what will be in a single person, the perfect intellect in the perfect body. A living god amongst us. Pity he took to crime. And a heinous one at that.

So, the day he is exposed by the methodical, resilient and professional team put together by the McCanns, be assured that at least one person, myself, will be eagerly awaiting to savor each and every feat that the horrible, but simultaneously awesome, monster was able to achieve.

You see, with all the checking on the children, all the detail-correction (some evil spirits like myself call it contradictions), all the visions, para-visions and sightings, all the publicity stunts with Maddie’s face and Maddie’s eye and all the media coverage from a supporting press worldwide, the McCanns created a monster.

A monster not for Maddie, but for themselves.

No human being is, or will ever be, able to fulfill this role adequately.

Even in this, they mucked up.

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