Friday, 27 November 2009

DUMBVILLE LANE - From Rothley to Everton FC

I was "offline" at the time, but was completely surprised and totally astonished with the sad, sad spectacle that the Everton FC fans gave in Lisbon, when their club went there to play SL Benfica.

Still haven't figured if those people really believed in what they were doing or if they were trying a marketing ploy thinking that Maddie is a popular-heart-breaking-heart-warming theme amongst the Portuguese, and thus creating some positive empathy out of the stupid, ignorant "sardine-munchers".

Either case, my opinion is the same: DUMBASS STUPID.

I even thought that God had a finger on that final humiliating result. If angels could be heard, I'm sure Maddie's giggle would have been heard all the way to Rothley.


  1. I think they were trying to pick a fight with the portuguese fans but the portuguese simply ignored them.Why bother with a bunch of drunks? The portuguese tv channels showed them already drunk before the game...

  2. Agree Anon.

    My surprise came because, either drunk or not, these idiots didn't come from the Brady-Bunch-from-Rothley "package". They seemed to be the normal brainless, stupid, everyday hooligan which we're used to. But I thought that even the normal brainless, stupid, everyday hooligan didn't buy the McCann story.

    Seems I was (am) wrong.

    Apparently it seems that the "common" Brit has less brain than that I credited him for, or the Brit Tabloids have a greater power which I've sub-estimated.

    If you could help me out on this one, I'd be mighty grateful.

    (I'm not obviously comparing the "common Brit" to a hooligan, but one, in this case, can't avoid to make some sort opinion from the sample presented)


    "underestimated" was the word meant instead of "sub-estimated"

    I'm getting my languages mixed up.



    How does that song go 'We won't get fooled again'...

    The Mccanns are using conmen to explain away ...100.000...from the FUND....Poor, poor Mccanns...

    People were starting to ask questions about the Fraudulent Fund...the Mccanns needed a story and here it is.

    We are now expected to believe this crap, problem is the Brits will fall for it hook line and sinker...out comes the begging bowl just in time for Xmas.

    Has not one Brit got a brain in their head and ask why did the Mccanns not go to a Missing Persons Agency or better still the police...Lets not forget that Leicester Police released figures that they had used taxpayers money to set up a Hotline for madeleine for the mere sum of 750.000 pounds.
    This also went over the heads of the British Public...Question should hve been 'Why are we giving the Mccanns money when we are also paying from our pocket through Taxes...Duh...

    Apologize forgot to say Good morning Textusa...

  5. As for the Brits at a football match, drunken louts the lot of them. Their brains do not know what their mouths are saying. They were most probably given a fiver to wear the T Shirt.Anything for a laugh.England was a place I once loved and look what has happened to it. So very sad.


    Textusa have you noticed how the PR works...This was big news considering it has come from tax payers pockets. Tax payers who maybe do not believe the Mccanns story.This was not allowed to be digested by the British Public as hot on its heels with in three days to be exact . Along came the most idiotic story of all time...Victoria in Barcelona...However it worked everyone forgot about the cost the Mccanns are causing the taxpayer. Yet still they beg for money...Poor, Poor Mccanns.

  7. Iron,

    A good morning to you too.

    Liked your line of thought. Had just a minor "glitch", its based on the use of "common sense" by the people.

    If that was ever applicable, this wouldn't have got any further than square one, would it? On both Portuguese and British sides...

    Now the "fiver"... that makes all sense.

    Thanks once again.


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