Thursday, 7 May 2009

The New Star of the Show

So, we’ve finally arrived at the day that we’re going to see the moving pictures from those famous artists: The McCanns It seems that the casting has found a new star…


  1. So many ugly, pimply, swarthy, creepy men hanging around Praia da Luz yet still they went out and left those children.

    Shocking stuff.

  2. JKH

    Well, it seems that there REALLY was an unusual concentration of disgustingly ugly people between the end of April and May 07 in Praia da Luz.

    It's well documented in the police files. Really, really horrible people. In fact so, so ugly, that they became famous because of it.

    A group that the world knows them today as the "Tapas 9"...

  3. 1 more,by clever Cláudia(proud):

    Burns, patrão do Homer.

    The mc must know that and he must go to the studios(?).

    vexa/maria em portinglẽs.

  4. No twitter de uma Pessoa que prezo muito e acredito,encontrei 1 maldade dos mcs e companhia: havia há 2 anos 1 empregado de balcão,lá no Sul.O desenho está baseado nesse rosto.É o que parece.

  5. Page 800-804, volume III of process 201/07.0GALGS at joana's blog a very important explanation about an e-fit about a british ....




  7. Anon. May 8, 2009 2:23:00 PM

    I've intentionally avoided pedophiliac behavior in Maddie's death. That would make the McC's so inhuman, that only Divine Justice would be fitting.

    The article, however, reinforces the fact that danger to children come mainly from those nearest to them.

  8. "The article, however, reinforces the fact that danger to children come mainly from those nearest to them."
    I know that very well: parents,brothers,neigbours,cousins,uncles,family friends"
    (I think it was this parágrafo que me aborreceu.Porque leio,oiço,não deixo passar estes pormenores e pq. durante 5 anos frequentei 1 curso de psi.)Deixei-me tocar pessoamente,por 1 pormenor o qual senti como se eu fosse ignorante ou o desconhecesse )

  9. A não perder,de todo!
    Principalmente esta foto+ o acneico.


    é de ver


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