Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Mr. Aragão Correia, only YOU can STOP a mother and father from suffering.


I'm humbly on my hands and knees and in the name of whatever you hold most precious,

I beg, implore and besiege thee, to stop, once and for all, with the most horrible of pains to which a mother and father are being subjected to and have endured, stoically, to this day. And apparently it’s to go on until nobody knows.

Terrible fate. Enough, I say. Nobody should be subject to such an inhumane punishment, independent of guilt.

It’s cruel and repulsive beyond any human known adjective, and you, Sir, are the ONLY one who is capable to put an end to it. To end this misery.

I know that what I’m asking of you goes to the limit of the human strength, but that’s what separates the strong from the weak, the great from the remainder humanity.

And, Sir, you’ve proven to be one not of afraid of impossible challenges.

Of absolutely ridiculously impossible tasks.

Failure is what most thinks that that is what you’re facing, but I know, that with your tenacity, will and knowledge you will bring victory home.

Let’s hope it’s not too late.

We're all depositing our trust in you, and if you really do put your heart into it, we are sure that you will liberate that mother and father from their everyday doom they are FORCED to face.

No Sir, I’m not talking about the McCanns, but about your own parents.

How ashamed they must be of you.


  1. Que "subtilezas"...tanto das imagens dosebosodebeiçadeitadaabaixo como do texto.

    Mas,"como quem sei ao seus não degenera" quem nos poderá garantir que os progenitores até consigam amar a coisa e à maneira demadeirasebenta e terem orgulho nas beiçasinchadas.

    E se obeiçasinchada realmente não é de modo algum motivo de orgulho parental?

    Será que os coisinhos,aqueles que costumam competir em velocidade para atingir o egg, estavam fora do prazo de validade?

    Só gostava de saber a certeza quem lhe inchou aquilo,a beiçoladescaida.
    Desconfio,pelo arcaboiço.Mas terá sido mesmo quem eu penso?
    Ou os manos? Ou na prisa?

  2. Puxa,Text! Apanhei cá um big susto quando abri a página. Ia caindo para o lado com imenso medo.Tanto sebo,também.

    Devia colocar daqueles avisos:

    "as imagens não são apropridas para Pessoas sensíveis".

    Fiquei "sem fala"! Quando me sentir melhor talvez consiga vir aqui.........

  3. O susto já passou.

    "An inquiry into child abuse at Catholic institutions in Ireland has found church leaders knew that sexual abuse was "endemic" in boys' institutions.

    It also found physical and emotional abuse and neglect were features of institutions.

    Schools were run "in a sever........"

  4. The man has flipped. head the ball comes to mind.....


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